Colombia Bachelor Party Planning: Itineraries & Packages 2023

A Colombia Bachelor Party is the ideal celebration plan if you are looking for an original, affordable and amazing destination. Colombia is definitely a different experience full of the Caribbean and latin taste.

This is an amazing time to remember and you shouldn’t play the DIY (do it yourself) game. If you don’t know how to plan an epic event like this abroad, our Colombia Bachelor Party planning team will help you of the groom or groomsman easier by finding the nicest and best activities and vacation rentals deals across Colombia, including Medellin, Cartagena de Indias or Bogota, either for big or small size groups looking for top-notch fun.

About the Cartagena Colombia bachelor party 2023 experience:

If you really want to go big, luxury and different Cartagena Colombia is the right bachelor party destination for you and your bachelor party group, here you will definitely experience an unforgettable lads weekend trip with your best friends.

Our Cartagena Bachelor Party Experience has nothing to envy any famous party cities in the USA at all. Indeed, costing a third of what those costs, here in the Caribbean you will feel really special and better attended than in any other place, you would be able to spend the same budget and perhaps get even 3X times more Fun, Luxury and Debauchery.

In a Cartagena Colombia Bachelor Party trip like this, you’ll stay in luxury mansions or big party colonial houses just a short walk away from the beach and the very best of the city, day & nightlife scene, restaurants, coffees, nightclubs and many tourist attractions.

Cartagena Colombia has a lot of exciting things to do, adventure tours and stunning natural landscapes  waiting for you, and our bachelor party planners are ready to make you experience the best Cartagena Tours.

Choose from many options that we put available for you, and once you are satisfied with your Cartagena tours selection our Cartagena bachelor party team will put everything together to make it happen.

About the Medellin Colombia bachelor party 2021 experience:

Bachelor Parties in Medellin are the dream of every bad-ass single man because of many reasons. This city is Colombia’s sin city, it will definitely encourage you and your bachelor party group to experience a wicked Colombia bachelor party weekend.

Enjoy exciting boat and pool parties (yeah in the company of beautiful Colombian women, only if you want, of course), do unique and fun things beyond the typical men getaway itinerary, take the best adventure tours this city has to offer, and prepare to be astonished by the gorgeous bodies and faces of the Paisas (Medellin women) every time you go out to enjoy the most incredible nightclubs and strip shows across the amazing Medellin nightlife scene.

Party, Eat, Drink and Sleep Like Kings! The most Luxurious Bachelor Party Friendly Mansions, Villas, Penthouses or Country Villas can be your stag party headquarter while you all are enjoying this last hurrah of the groom, here in Colombia.

Medellin offers many other Things To Do Than Just Going To Nightclubs, strip clubs and Casinos. Here you can have Your Adrenaline Going For An Unforgettable Bachelor Party in Colombia taking some  of these Exciting Adventure tours and fun activities.

Let us help you organize your last vacation in freedom:

Basically, we handle all the logistics and worries of your Colombia party weekend. We will include everything you want in a full Colombia bachelor party itinerary and you just focus in enjoying with your buddies, risk-free.

One of the great things about Colombia bachelor parties is that here, you are all VIP guests getting much more attention from girls and general people than you would get in your city or country.

We also offer digital contracts and “Individual Payment Solution”, this allows your party guests to pay separately into one account. They can easily make payments on their desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone from our payment portal via paypal, bank transfers amongst other options.

About Our Colombia Bachelor Party Planning Services.

We handled the worries, you bring on the debauchery. Just, like that, our experience includes a carefully tailored itinerary for men, leaving you nothing else to enjoy to the most, worry-free.

Our Colombia bachelor party packages get you covered with VIP party services for transportation, security details, luxury party accommodations, day & nightlife activities, adventure tours, yacht parties, VIP treatment and entries to the best restaurants, nightclubs, stripclubs and all the food and drinks you can handle.

Enjoy the very best of Medellin Antioquia and Cartagena de Indias, whether you’re planning your bachelor party weekend for a huge group or simply a Colombia getaway vacation for a few friends, we are ready to make you experience Colombia like never before!

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Bachelor Party Panama & Bocas Del Toro

Bachelor Party Panama: Another Hot Bachelor Party Destination In 2023

Get To Know The Bachelor Party Panama Experience:

When it comes to bachelor parties, everyone goes to the same place. They end up in Las Vegas, doing what everyone does, spending a lot of money and repenting. You probably won’t want to ruin it by planning another typical stag party like that. While it is true that Las Vegas is an eccentric city with many fun options, why try such usual and overrated things? Why not go further and enjoy a tropical and amazing bachelor party in Panama, for example? A long weekend of uninterrupted fun on a sunny beach and surrounded by beautiful Latin women, in a party destination where tourists are coveted and where their money will pay much more fun and debauchery, that’s what you should expect from farewells of single in Panama.

The stag do Panama experience will surprise you with it’s own party style mix of great luxury, beaches, natural landscapes, exotic women and all this at a more competitive price. If you thought that tropical paradises were only possible in the movies, you will see that Panama is one of those paradises in real life.

Panama & Bocas Del Toro Bachelor Party

Probably or not, you’ve already heard about Panama bachelor parties, what you may not know is that many of the great attractions in this bachelor party destination are located in the magical archipelago of Bocas Del Toro, so keep calm and forget Las Vegas Bachelor Parties because those are oldy, monotonous and even today expensive!

Chances are this is the last time this groom can enjoy a weekend as a free man before marriage responsibilities kick in, so what a better idea to be irresponsible and go wild in a remote party location in Central America?

Now that you are getting serious about throwing an epic event, you will find next everything you need to plan a perfect Bachelor Party Trip:

This is the most complete set of resources for planning a Panama Bachelor Party that you will find out there, so check it and enjoy it.

A Bachelor Party Panama Planning Guide

An Easy To Read, Step By Step Guide to help you Planning an outstanding Bachelor Party In Panama City And Bocas Del Toro. After you and your stag party team read and complete these steps, you will be ready to build and an ufforgetable Panama bachelor party itinerary ridiculously easy and fast!

Stag Do Friendly Vacation Rentals

Find the perfect stay in Panama City or Bocas Del Toro where you can enjoy the most of your VIP Panama Getaway. Stop thinking about hotels or resorts, if you want real debauchery, extreme fun and bikini girls jumping everywhere you must rent a 100% bachelor party accommodation.

Panama Bachelor Party Ideas & Things To Do

Get to know ahead what to do in Panama to boost your VIP party trip with this list of the best bachelor party ideas in Panama, day and nightlife activities, city tours, adventure tours, and the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs and strip clubs where to eat, drink, and party hard like local experts.

Panama Party Yacht & Luxury Boat Rentals

Enjoy the best Panama luxury Yachts, Catamarans or Speed Boats and sail with your party crew to explore the most beautiful Panama & Bocas Del Toro landscapes. Have epic private all-included Panama boat parties during your or your friend’s last single weekend to make it unforgettable!

VIP Party Services

Hit Panama like a pro and come risk-free with our Top Quality Panama VIP Bachelor Party Services. From 24-hour transportation service to VIP city concierges and infamous pool parties planning services. A 5-star party experience in Panama is guaranteed for the groom and his squad!

Stag Party Packages

Although tailoring your own Bachelor Party Package would be ideal, for many, planning an event like this from scratch in a trendy but unknown destination can be a cumbersome and challenging task, that’s why we have built these All-Inclusive VIP Party Packages to make your decision much easier and bulletproof.

Panama Bachelor Parties are becoming year after year one of the most demanded bachelor party trips close to the USA. Many bachelors even say it’s definitely a smarter and much more original option than an expensive and monotonous Las Vegas bachelor party event. Here we tell you some of the key points which make a Panama Bachelor Party a really great and attractive choice!

For A Full Panama Bachelor Party Planning Guide, advice & Packages Click Below To Visit Our Panama Partners:

And if you are looking for great bachelor parties destinations near U.S, remember to check the  outstanding bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia experience here:

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Bachelor Parties In Cartagena Colombia Versus Vegas Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties In Cartagena Versus Vegas Bachelor Parties [Review]

Bachelor Parties In Las Vegas: The Great!

When most people think of a bachelor party, they think Las Vegas – and for good reasons. Las Vegas bachelor parties offer something for everyone, from gambling and parties to wild adventures and activities that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s called the Entertainment Capital of the World and in fact, few cities can hold a candle to the grandeur and energy of Las Vegas. And it’s not just about the glitz and glamour. Vegas impresses in all aspects, from its shopping and fine dining to its gambling and outdoor adventures.

In Vegas, if money is not a problem, at least the groom, can fly a fighter jet, drive super sports cars, and at night, go out with the entire team through a few casinos and nightclubs! Sink your teeth into a piece of delicious dry-aged prime beef, or become a high-roller at the craps table. When it comes to a Las Vegas Bachelor Party, you really have two options: go big (only for a few very rich guys) or try to stay in Vegas and go back home with your pockets totally empty.

Bachelor Parties In Las Vegas: The Ugly!

A bachelor party trip to Vegas is undoubtedly an expensive one. Once you think about all the costs of the air tickets, accommodations, transportation, food, drinks, and tours, you don’t even want to add up the extra costs that a city like Vegas requires! It’s really bad to start planning your bachelor party event with so many charges and extra hidden fees flying around your head. Not only is the fact that they charge an unreasonable amount of money for stupid things at events, pools, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels, there isn’t even free parking on the strip. There you are more focused on what is the next bill or extra charge you are going to pay than enjoying life like you and your best friends really deserve.


The really ugly about Las Vegas is that it is damn expensive, and people complaints a lot frequently about nightclubs, strip clubs, and girls. The party starts late (a lot of doors don’t even open until 11) and for a large teams, bottle service is the only way to go (unless you have personal connections). There are a lot of “VIP front of the line” type passes for sale, but typically, they’re really not worth it, some will still have you waiting in a line for an hour, and that’s actually the reason why we don’t recommend club hopping in Vegas.

Dressing up is not optional, leave athletic wear, ripped jeans, anything with holes, you must look like mommy’s good boy. And about the girls, well, being into Vegas, the so famous adult playground and after paying so much money for a strip show, you would expect the hottest girls on earth, but that won’t happen, most girls are the same blondy hair, thin body and pretty face of the general American prototype you are used to.

Bachelor Parties In Cartagena: The Great!


Cartagena Bachelor Parties have become so famous now since luxury tourism in Cartagena exploded about 5 years ago and many young guys and bachelors that experienced the Cartagena party style spread out the voice to the world. Cartagena de Indias, the full name of this dreamed Caribbean city, hosts every year hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, music stars, elite sports players, business magnates, and even royalty family members.

For that reason, the already natural beauty of the city has been powered by the best VIP services you can enjoy in any top travel destination around the world. The most luxurious party mansions, party yachts and a vibrant nightlife scene have made Cartagena Colombia the perfect bachelor party destination for those looking for an alternative and more exclusive VIP weekend getaway trip. Now is so common to see everyday bachelor/bachelorette party squads across the finest Cartagena spots that you can easily believe that Cartagena is truly the most trendy bachelor party destination in 2019 and so will continue in 2020, being a true fact that Las Vegas bachelor parties are not anymore the bachelor party dream once was.

Cartagena Bachelor Party packages Colombia

If there was only one reason for me to choose bachelor parties in Colombia over Las Vegas or any other place in the world, it would be definitely for the Women. Colombian girls are second to none, and really the Sexiest Women on earth! Most of the really stunning and more expensive girls you can see in a Panama bachelor party, Costa Rica bachelor party and even in Las Vegas are from Cartagena or Medellin Colombia.

If the above reason wasn’t enough, well, I can say that the price you will pay for transportation, food, booze, smoking stuff (if you or your friends love marihuana, cocaine or vaping, well you must head to Cartagena my friends) and nightclubs covers are ridiculously cheaper than las Vegas. The exchange rate will play to your favor in most of the basic expenses.


And of course, if you enjoy paradisiacal islands landscapes, turquoise and crystal beaches, a clean and blue sky with a tropical wind in your face Cartagena will make you taste the real flavor of the Caribbean sea.

Here in Colombia, you will all be foreign tourists treated like kings! Girls will be always looking at you and you will have special attention that you wouldn’t expect in Vegas unless you are some kind of a Brad Pitt or Dan Bilzerian prototype.

Therefore, Bachelor Parties in Cartagena are definitely the smartest choice if you are planning a bad-ass bachelor party event, a really different one!

Bachelor Parties In Cartagena: The Ugly


Cartagena Colombia may be considered one of the 2019/2020 top bachelor party cities in America’s continent and in the world, the truth is that Cartagena isn’t as big, modern or luxury like some cities in the USA. The entertainment atmosphere in Cartagena can be more relaxed but definitely much happier, and the truth is that if you don’t like the beach, the sun, and tropical weather, you won’t be really happy here. Also if you are not interested on wild yacht parties with women aboard, marihuana or cocaine, well this destination will just be one more beautiful and sexy beach city.

About the most ugly side of Cartagena, is the fact that here you can see a lot of contradictions and social injustices, I mean, this is the most touristic city of Colombia, and while you can see the best hotels and restaurants chains, luxury yachts, expensive cars, and top-notch nightclubs and bars, you also can see really poor people and misery if you go I little further than the Old City Area (also called the Walled City). So even though Cartagena is clean and safe in most of the cases for a bachelor party team, we think it is ugly and bothering to see so much poor people trying to make the day selling you something.


For example, at the beach can be a little annoying the number of informal sellers around you (some trying to scam you). Being aware of some places late at night is important too, you don’t want to find your crew walking in a bad or dark street. But truth be told, tourists are always an easy target for local crime everywhere, so to avoid any of these ugly things about Cartagena you must hire a VIP city concierge that is always with you and knows very well the best and worst of the city.

Also, some may complain about the weather in hottest days of the dry season, especially if you are not used to tropical or sunny beach weather, not really just for the hot but the humidity can be high and make you sweat pretty much if you don’t’ wear fresh clothes.

We all have an idea of what can happen in Las Vegas Bachelor Parties but… What can you really expect of Bachelor Parties in Cartegna?

Bachelor Parties In Cartagena Review

One of the best things about Cartagena’s bachelor parties is the diversity of activities and exciting spots that you can’t experience in Vegas, or at least it could be more affordable in price here than going to Miami or New Orleans for example. Also, in Cartagena you will be surrounded by really gorgeous women everywhere you go and, that’s something you can’t experience in many of other best bachelor party destinations in America (Las Vegas, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Montreal).

Even the most luxurious vacation rentals, nightclubs, strip clubs, boat parties and adventure tours in this beautiful beachfront city with a mix of history, luxury and the happiest people of Colombia, can be enjoyed in an all included amazing VIP party package and still be cheaper than you would expect in North America.

So, what else is apart from better prices, dazzling women and the finest (and also cheap) weed could you find in this playground called Cartagena de Indias?

Experience A Lot Of Exciting Activities:


During a VIP bachelor party weekend in Cartagena, you can enjoy from outrageous Party Mansions and Renewed Colonial Houses specially equipped for bachelor parties, the best beach hopping tours where you can experience Kate Board, Jet skies, Flyboard machines, Renting Luxury Speed Boats to go on Island Hopping Style to the archipelago of Las Islas del Rosario and have your own private Yacht Party in the famous Cholon Inlet, enjoy a night of Casino Gambling, Nightlife Pub Crawl Tours the most incredible Private Pool Parties at your luxury party accommodation in the company of stunning girls, music DJ, a BBQ chef and your own Private Bartender. Only the most Exciting Bachelor Party Activities and the highest quality in VIP treatment you can imagine we’ll be at your fingertips if you choose Cartegana bachelor parties instead of Las Vegas.

Eat and drink at the best spots of Cartagena:

Best Restaurants And Bars In Cartagena Colombia

Taste delightful food and spend a very enjoyable time the Walled City, Getsemani and Bocagrande best restaurants. Depending on the type of food and the environment your party squad wishes we have an endless list of the best places to eat near you in Cartagena.

Some of our favorite places to eat in Cartagena are:
The Cevichería (seafood, ceviche, lobster, etc) a classic in seafood. La Mulata and Carmen Restaurant are probably the best in Colombian and international food in Cartagena. Also 1621, The Governor and Bohemia (seafood and international) are gastronomic legends. Zaitun Cartagena Restaurant (Mediterranean food) is perhaps one of the most trendy in 2019. Moshi (Sushi, Ramen, Asian and Colombian Fusions) an authentic flavors madness. Casa Della Pasta and Andante Allegro Vivace (Italian food), the latter perhaps the best from Italy in Cartagena. Arab International (Syrian and Lebanese cuisine) a true classic after 50 years in Cartagena. Quebracho (Parrilla Argentina, BBQ Grill) one of the best meats in Cartagena. Rosa Mezcal (Mexican Food), Bourbon St (American Food, Burgers & Grills) an amazing atmosphere and excellent food at Must in Cartagena! Burger Bar District, Vacamoo Hamburgers and La Tumba Muertos (Colombian Fast Food) the best burger places in Cartagena!

About Cartagena Nightlife Scene, Nightclubs, Stripclubs & The Girls!

Cartagena bachelor party concierge

Cartagena de Indias is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene, maybe the best of Colombia, in part because of the amazing pub & bars inf front of the beach and of course really good gentlemen’s clubs and strip clubs. In these places, you will understand why people say Colombian women are the hottest and sexiest of all. If you and your friends are looking for a Girlfriend Experience in Cartagena, you will meet the most beautiful and kindest escorts visiting the infamous Pley Club, the Angeles Bar Club, or the Isla Del Caribe Club. Cartagena is a true bachelor’s paradise, so when being here, all of you must remember and be aware of Colombia’s slogan “Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay”.

So, Why Bachelor Parties In Cartagena Beat Las Vegas Bachelor Parties?

No Lines, No Covers, No Hidden Fees, Less Money For Really VIP Features and Treatment, More Stunning Girls & Unbeatable Weed = A Much Better & Original Bad-Ass Bachelor Party Event!

Well, obviously we don’t forget Las Vegas has been the most famous bachelor party destination in the world of all times. But times change and people get bored of doing all the same things that others have done a lot of times before. We are not telling you anything you didn’t already know. However, while there is no denying that Las Vegas city has a time and place, there are different (and some would say better) ways to celebrate your last party weekend as single with your best friends

So, in Vegas, not only are you going to wait in lines outside every club (in heels for at least an hour) you will also pay a lot for it before you even get a ridiculously priced drink! Also, you have to wait a while for that as well. Bartenders typically serve their friends and locals first, they are tip hungry and you’ve already annoyed them with your party’s requests for shots. Here in Medellin, there are so many things to do for free or with minimal/no cover charge! Nightclubs don’t typically have a cover charge and if you’re foreign, prepare to get super special attention! General people and especially paisas girls love having guys from all over the world visiting Cartagena to celebrate their last blast with their friends!

Cartagena The Best Bachelor Party Destination

Perhaps the best thing about Cartagena is that while Las Vegas bachelor parties are typically associated with gambling, luxury, and debauchery, Cartagena bachelor parties are associated with the Dream Caribbean Vacation plus the hottest Latin girls on earth plus more affordable top-notch VIP Services and that’s a lot to say when you are talking about an unforgettable bachelor party package.

Forget about planning another boring bachelor party in Las Vegas Nevada or a bachelor party in Miami, those destinations are overpriced, over-advertised and in fact, are for guys whose mothers don’t allow them to live!


You better come to Cartagena Colombia and enjoy life like never before! Plan now your unforgettable Columbia bachelor party in Cartagena or Medellin with our awarded bachelor party planning guides:

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Limo Rent Service Cartagena Colombia

Why You Should Rent a Limo for your Cartagena Bachelor Party?

Just imagine for an instance the face of your friend (the groom) once in Cartagena Colombia, when all of you get off the plane, get their luggage, and find that the vehicle that will pick you up has not arrived, and after faking that the logistics have failed and you will have to take a bus or several taxis… ¡Pum!.. Suddenly, a huge limousine (Hummer, Navigator, maybe a Camaro) appears and gets closer and closer… parks right in front of your squad, the door opens and a couple of gorgeous girls shout out “Hey Papasitos, Bienvenidos a Colombia! Vamos entren ya!” something like (“Hey You handsome Guys, Welcome to Colombia! Hop In, Now!)” XD.


That would be funny and unforgettable for the groom, isn’t it?

During the ride, aboard one of this amazing Cartagena limos, you can enjoy a toast, great music, party lights system and the company of a couple of hot Colombian girls hosts that will make the experience even more memorable.


Another advantage of renting a limousine in Cartagena to receive your crew at the airport or for a classy party night out, is that it will help with the transportation requirements, since all the friends can travel together and enjoy with a lot of class.

Party Limo Rent In Cartagena Colombia

Bachelor Party Cartagena and our partners Bachelor Parties Colombia are ready to give the groom and his best friends this and many other fun surprises to make this bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia an epic and unforgettable experience.

No matter the size of your group, we have large limos such as Hummers, Navigators, Lincolns and some smaller ones such as Camaros and Chryslers.

Ah almost forgot, you can also opt for a somewhat cheaper option and also very fun as a Party Bus!

Limo Party Bus Rent Service Cartagena Colombia

Don’t think it anymore, if you want us to contact you and help you plan this bachelor party in Medellín Colombia with this limousine service included, bachelor party friendly vacation rentals in Cartagena, the best Cartagena Tours, luxury boat rentals and the best places, activities and plans in Cartagena Colombia, get in touch now!

Do you want more ideas for an
unforgettable Cartagena Bachelor Party?

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Need Some Ideas For Your 2023 Cartagena Bachelor Party?

Cartagena, located on the Caribbean coast, is the most beautiful city in Colombia. It’s one of the most hottest, vibrant and mind-blowing cities in South America and the world. A Cartagena Bachelor Party almost resembles a Miami bachelor party or Las Vegas bachelor party because it has superb weather but really thats the only comparison. Vegas and Miami don’t have the freedom you will have with a Cartagena Bachelor Party. Vegas and Miami do not have the sick rooftop pool accommodations in remodeled 400 year old 10000 square foot Spanish mansions affordable for many guys from USA! Cartagena is sparkling stretch of the Caribbean with nice skyscrapers in the background and a plethora of tropical fruits all round not to mention the stunning beaches. Lots of History can be found around this place with extraordinary preserved colonial old-town mansions, amazing museums and fine dining.

Cartagena, Best bachelor party destination in 2023

According to Lonely Planet, the world’s largest and perhaps most respected travel guide, named Colombia the 2nd best country to visit in 2017, next to Canada. Really who wants to go to Canada for a bachelor party? I guess if you like maple syrup. A Cartagena bachelor party is second to none Although Colombia is the second most bio diverse countries in he world, its mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitality is an experience worthy for all. It has a wide range of influences including Caribbean, African and Spanish tastes and sounds. It also has popular beach resorts namely Bocagrande and El Laguito where you can find modern high rise luxury hotels at the seafront. The action is in the old city or ciudad amurallada, this is where the best night clubs, bars and restaurants are. This is where almost all of the Cartagena Bachelor Parties happen. 

A Cartagena Bachelor party in Colombia is a playground for friends who come to have a good time and will provide a mix of memories and experiences you will never forget. The women in Cartagena are known for their alluring beauty which makes the nightlife scene in Cartagena an all complete package. This is the most or one of the most important factors of a Cartagena Bachelor Party. We can make anything and everything happen unlike our competitors.

Noches de nightclubs en Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena Night Party

It’s going to be you our your friend’s last bit of freedom before jumping into marriage. You need to make sure you or he has a night he will remember for the rest of his life. All the times you had spent together as brothers are memorable but now you have to let him go and get tamed for the rest of his life. Like they always say, good things don’t really last forever. There’s no better way to solemnize this than by having the last hoorah as a bachelor, by spending it in paradise in Cartagena, the Caribbean way.

VIPs Only!

Will Smith in Cartagena Colombia

What better way to celebrate a bachelor party than by doing it in style? There are VIP bachelor party services we offer in Cartagena that will leave you wishing you could rewind back time and do it all over again. The experience is phenomenal and there are a number of activities you can take part in. You will randomly bump into celebrities from all over the world kicking it in Cartagena. The main activities to do are;

Pool Partying

Girls in Cartagena, Bachelor party Cartagena

 A Cartagena Bachelor party cant be called a Cartagena Bachelor Party without a pool party. Cartagena Bachelor party private pool parties with us are the best pool parties without a doubt. First of all, the beautiful ambiance, the food, the music, pool basketball, pool volleyball, and of course, the beautiful ladies in bikinis all in the highest quality luxury spanish colonial mansions. Imagine one of your cartagena bachelor party pool parties with a nearly Olympic size pool inside the property. It’s literally like what you would imagine paradise to be like. It also wouldn’t be a complete Cartagena bachelor party pool party without a DJ. From celebrity DJs to locally hired Cartagena DJs, it all depends on how your crowd is and what kind of dancing vibes you want to get down to.

Cartagena specializes in VIP services in the capability of handling big, small or medium-sized teams with ease. VIP treatment involves arrangement of limo services or other means of transport to and from your pool retreat of choice, arrange top notch bottle services for your squad, and get you exclusive access to private VIP areas, booths, cabanas, and adult-only pools as well. The fun doesn’t stop with impeccable service, your drinks will always be full, food will be readily available for you and your friends, spa treatments and massages can be arranged, and you’ll be treated to some awesome live music from renown DJs and possibly be able to catch some celebrities hanging out by the pool as well.

Imagine a Cartagena bachelor party where topless swimmers and gorgeous women are abundant and everyone can just hang loose and relax in comfort. Booking one of many types of pool party packages may be right up your alley.

Cartagena Yacht Party


You know you are rolling in luxury when you have a yacht party with your mates. Nothing can be as grand as this, and Cartagena offers the best state-of-the-art yachts to suite all your accommodation. Whether it’s the day charters, luxury yachts or party boats, Cartagena have got you all covered. Whether you are in the mood for an intimate evening of dinning and cruising or something a little more fun and wild, there will be services to help you organize the perfect Cartagena bachelor yacht party.


The party boats are fully designed to entertain you and your guests and offer a large menu selection for you to choose from. Most of the boats are fully equipped with state of the art sound system that can be heard to the other side of the continent. If it’s something a little more intimate in nature, any of the Luxury boat rentals or Private Yacht Charters will be value for your money. All vessels are fully crewed and remember, what happens on the Yacht, stay on the Yacht!

Cartagena Nightclubs

Cartagena Nightclubs​ For Your Colombia Bachelor Party

Do you really want to enjoy the bachelor party? Are you looking for a vacation spot or do you want to have a night worth to remember? Do you want a VIP reservation at the best club or restaurant in Cartagena for your bachelor party? Then you have found the exact place because the nigh comes alive in Cartagena. There are many nightclubs in Cartagena. Some have the old, beautiful, thematic colonial style while some have the new, modern look to it. Here are 6 cool nightclubs that offer VIP Bachelor Parties that you should definitely look into;

La Movida Nightclub


If you are looking to make some acquaintance with the IT crowd of Colombia, head on to La Movida every weekend, for a classy meet up with the city’s upper echelon.

This is where you will get the city’s fashionable society and hooked up gringos (it’s the word they use), sorting the early evening thirst with a truly fruity Hendrick’s G&T or revving it all the way up with a couple of shots of Don Julio.

The music vibe usually encompasses of breezy beach house music, and it is almost traditional for the DJ to play a popular trumpet playing sidekick. The back end has a cool restaurant and more local reggaeton vibe while the front has an international spicy touch.

Packed to the rafters on Fridays and Saturdays, the only way to get ahead of the queues is to reserve a table and dress to kill. Colombians are classy and would never dream of donning a shorts and flip flops combo on a big night out, especially for the VIP lie you!

Café Havana Nightclub


This is the epitome of Colombian culture. Mojitos and Salsa is the order of the day at Cafe Havana, which was here long before you existed. If hot, sweaty vibrant salsa is what you desire to have, the world critically acclaimed Café Havana is all where you need to be.

This nightclub pulls crowds from all over the world. Even presidents have been here. Like former president of the United States Bill Clinton with his aspiring wife Hillary Clinton. This is a club of the heavyweights, and if you are looking at heavy some VIP treatment and raising your clout, this is a place to be at.

A seriously salsa ambience is filled i this club and live band comes on an hour just before the clock hits midnight which gives you ample time to get some dangerously potent Mojitos or smooth whiskey down your gullet before you start getting your groove on at dance floor.

Demente Bar


If you like that old colonial style ambience, then Demente is the right club for you and your team. It is popular for its pallet that mostly includes delicious plates of tapas, brilliant drinks, and upscale design. The nightclub is often of a cool vibe. Cool music, cool people, cool furniture with cool designs and finishes, and oh, did we mention the food?

This place has a very nice quiet vibe but vibrant at the same time. The bar has literally no roof and you can have a good time at night gazing at the stars above. When you get there, or rather, if you ever get there, make sure to try the sour green mango margaritas, stone baked oven pizzas and cultured soundtrack, all best enjoyed under the stars of the hidden outdoor terrace out back.

Bourbon Street

Colombia Cartagena Restaurants Bourbon

If you are looking for a place to feel more at home, then Bourbon is the place for you. It is a French quarter inspired old saloon style that reminisces that New Orleans look. Even the pallet here is a bit Americanized. The menu includes burgers, chicken wings, fries and ribs and the music is definitely upbeat owing to the young crowd that keeps the party going from sun up to dun down.

Crazy Salsa Nightclub


This is a one of a kind jazz haven. VIPs who like the jazz ambience will never be disappointed with this venue. Famous celebs have been seen one or few times at Crazy Salsa maybe because of the great dancing spirit in this club.

Every Thursday night the salsa kings come out in their numbers at Crazy Salsa to rock their jazz hats and host a fabulous night filled with music, dancing and good times with the talented Zarabanda orchestra. Proving popular with locals and foreigners alike, these guys have upped the game with the lineup that keeps coming, inviting some renowned international guests over for the fun.

Fragma Nightclub

Cartagena Nightclubs​ For Your Colombia Bachelor Party

If you are not sure what kind of a night you want to have, or your team has different opinion on the kind of music and environment they want to be around with, then why not go to Fragma? A mixture of parties under one roof.

It is popular and located near Café del Mar and just upstairs from Restaurante Plaza Las Armas. The club has three different rooms to choose from. Each one of them plays different music, from Vallenato, Reggaeton to house music.

Cartagena has so much to offer. The culture makes it one of the best places to meet, exchange and interact with the friendly, beautiful and hardworking people of Colombia. You never know, you might just be meeting your life partner who is also there for a bachelorette party. Yeah! You thought they only have services for bachelors alone? I’m telling you, Cartagena is the place to be! Come check it out!

Bachelor Party Cartagena and our partners Bachelor Parties Colombia are ready to help you plan an outstanding bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia, don’t miss it out!

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Jaco Costa Rica Bachelor Party Vs Cartagena Colombia [2023 Review]

Costa Rica Bachelor Party Vs Cartagena Bachelor Party

If you are planning a truly epic bachelor party, you are interested in reading this versus review between a Jaco Costa Rica bachelor party and a Cartagena Colombia bachelor party, which are right now probably the best 2 destinations for bachelor parties in the world, or at least those which are growing more and which are giving more to talk about in 2023!

In this comparative based on the opinions of several groups of friends and customers who have been in both destinations, reviews on sites such as Reddit, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and other blog sites specialized in bachelor parties, we have collected the following material to help you figure out which destination Jaco or Cartagena, matches better your wishes.

Jaco, Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Jaco, the most popular beach town among singles in Costa Rica, has been growing in popularity since the last few years, with the establishment of several bachelor agencies that increasingly add more and more VIP services to their vacation packages.

So, Jaco has been specializing very fast in creating a different experience of what you are used to seeing and enjoying at bachelor parties in Vegas, Montreal, Nashville, and others, using for this its paradisiacal, wild and natural touch.

Considered today as the second most recommended destination for bachelor parties in 2023 by many independent lists that you can find on the internet, it undoubtedly makes gala of this honor position, only behind Cartagena, Colombia.

Its amazing wet forests and beautiful beaches have made Jaco grow very fast in the tourism sector not only in Central America but also in the entire continent. People get attracted mainly by being a very affordable destination for tourists of mid-range budget and its wild nature, but Jaco also has the advantage of not needing a tourist visa if you are coming from the United States.

Local women are pretty kind and some attractive, although it can be kind of difficult to see some stunning girls, so be aware, if women are one of the main decision factors in your bachelor party, you should low your expectations.

Even though, you can find a couple of strip clubs where you can enjoy some exotic beauties.

When and How to travel to Jaco, Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a very rainy country, so the rainy season should be avoided to fully enjoy Jaco beaches and other adventure tours.

Perhaps the best dates to plan your trip are between January and April, even early December, which is the beginning of the dry season, but try to avoid the Christmas holidays because prices will increase during the high season and can be also hard to find a nice vacation rental.

You will land at the Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) in San José, Costa Rica’s capital city, then you must go by car (in a private van or bus) up to Jaco for about 1 hour and 30 minutes more.

Where to stay during your Jaco Costa Rica bachelor party?

Very few hotels in Jaco Costa Rica allow bachelor parties, this means that those are not places where you can make a lot of noise, get drunk, smoke everywhere, and you can’t receive visits from ladies friends late at night.

Instead of trying to enjoy a holiday resort, the ideal is to get a party house or a bachelor party friendly vacation rental in Jaco Costa Rica. These are not cheap and there are not many options, but it is really the best option if you want to take the most of your Costa Rica bachelor party.

What to do in a Costa Rica bachelor party?

Truth be told, Jaco is a very small beach town with just 142 km2 and less than 20 thousand inhabitants, although very nice, cozy and quiet facing the Pacific Ocean, which is why it is an ideal destination for adventure travelers that enjoy surfing and other extreme adventures, being basically a town full of surfers and enthusiasts from many countries who were trapped by the ideal beaches for their beloved sport.

Therefore, a must in any Costa Rica bachelor party is, of course, go a full day to have fun on the beach, chill out, drink nice “Imperial” beers and eat tasty seafood, all of this usually in Playa Hermosa which is the most recommended beach in Jaco.

For the less extreme or skillful in the water, the Costa Rica bachelor party experience offers some other hobbies very demanded as the zip-lining across the forest and exciting ATVs rides.

At night, the quiet town of Jaco lights up and although the variety and quantity of good bars and clubs are limited, there is always a place to go and have a great time. Even more reduced is the list of really good strip clubs that worth visiting, but if you want to save the night, don’t’ miss Centerfolds Gentlemen Club for your Jaco Costa Rica bachelor party.

How expensive can be a Costa Rica bachelor party?

This is one of the great points of a Costa Rica bachelor party. Jaco is an affordable tourist destination for most of the young people living in the United States and Europe, as long as the idea is to spend a few days to enjoy without too much waste or extravagance, if that is the plan, Jaco will be kind with your pockets.

National food and drinks are not expensive but stay aware that most of the bachelor party friendly vacation rentals can be kind of expensive because prices are adjusted to US tourists looking for extreme fun and debauchery, mainly.

Some conclusions about bachelor parties in Costa Rica:

Jaco, Costa Rica seems to have become so popular in recent years due to it original and tropical bachelor party experience in a destination that mixes the beach lifestyle with a lot of wild nature and adventure to enjoy, creating a unique and memorable experience for many bachelors at a very affordable budget to many.

But the truth be told, everything in Jaco looks to be focused for groups of friends looking for an adventure weekend in a wild and beautiful beach to chill out and have fun without draining the bank accounts, and of course, not expecting to have a legendary bachelor party full of madness and stunning girls everywhere.

So, if your bachelor party squad is not a mad one, Jaco and Costa Rica is a great place where to have a lot of fun and relax, so come with confidence to Jaco for a great Costa Rica bachelor party and get the experience you are looking for.

Talking about the money, people assure that with a $ 1000.00 per person budget you could spend a great time in Jaco, maybe a weekend or a couple of days more, leaving perhaps something extra to spend on women and other exclusive things that you desire out of basic (accommodation, food, drinks, and transportation).

Cartagena Colombia Bachelor Party

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, the madness of bachelors in 2023! This city was already considered one of the favorite tourist destinations of the Caribbean for family vacation trips and honeymoons but, since early 2017 Cartagena exploded and started to climb all positions in the top lists of the best bachelor party destinations around the world!

So, facing the reality, the Cartagena Colombia bachelor party experience is the king of bachelor parties in 2023!

But what makes Cartagena the No. 1 city for a sick bachelor party full of extreme fun and lust in the purest style of King of Instagram @danbilzerian?

A short and easy answer would be: It’s the Caribbean, Dude! Stunning Women, Sun and Paradise Beaches!

The truth is that Cartagena already met a number of conditions to be so popular among bachelors looking for something beyond Las Vegas and Miami for their last crazy weekend.

Watch this video with Will Smith enjoying like many other celebrities in Cartagena, Colombia.


In a few words, in 2023 many bachelor party Cartagena planners are trying to replicate and adjust their bachelor weekend itineraries based on the travel experiences of some famous people in the Walled City, Cartagena de Indias.

So, the big promise of bachelor parties in Cartagena is to enjoy the most amazing all-inclusive luxury VIP party weekend that you can imagine. And when we say all-inclusive, we mean it, Mansions, Party Yachts Tours, Private House Parties, Stunning Women in Private Pool Parties and VIP Services as private Dj, Chef, Barman and the best alcohol and cigarettes of the world, only for you and your bachelor party crew.

When and how to get to Cartagena for a bachelor party?

When is the best time to have a bachelor party in Cartagena? is something that you need to take into account to avoid high prices during high seasons and avoid difficulties to book a nice vacation rental.

Basically, the hard dates that you should avoid would be the high season in Cartagena: from December 15 to January 15, since many families are going to receive the new year to Cartagena and will stay until January. Also from June 20 to July 20, you should avoid Colombian school vacations and collective vacations.

You can get a direct flight to Cartagena Colombia, for example, from the United States and Mexico with American Airlines, COPA or Avianca. All international flights will land at the Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG). From there a UBER or taxi takes 15 or 20 minutes (5 km away) to the center of the city (the old town or the walled city) where you will find most of the nicest accommodations, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that can be recommended for your Cartagena bachelor party.

Where to stay for a bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia?

The best bachelor parties in Cartagena have as headquarter, luxury old mansions and restored colonial houses, where you can enjoy all the amenities of a 5-star hotel and at the same time all the desired privacy for the most insane private parties full of beautiful Colombian girls.

Cartagena de Indias preserves very well its cobbled streets, forts, and architecture of the 16th century that have consecrated to the city the recognition of UNESCO as Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For this reason, luxury tourism has given more value and prestige to stay in colonial restored mansions instead of the classic 5-star hotels, which of course you can find many in Cartagena.

Here you have a great list of the best stays for bachelor parties in Cartagena:

Best bachelor party ideas for a Cartagena bachelor party:

The best bachelor party Cartagena itineraries include as main activities the enjoyment of the sea, tours across the best Cartagena beaches and islands such as Playa Blanca in Isla Barú, the Rosario Islands, Boca Grande, La Boquilla, El Laguito, Castillo Grande, Playa Linda, Boca Chica in Isla de Tierra Bomba, and the Cholón inlet.

A must in all Cartagena weekend getaway plans is a VIP catamaran/yacht party, with music, food, alcohol and beautiful girls on board for hopping island style across some of the mentioned places above, without a doubt an unforgettable experience for bachelors visiting Cartagena, Colombia.

Others recommended day activities are related to aquatic sports or water attractions, such as flyboard machines, scuba diving, jet skis, kitesurfing, deep-sea fishing, visits to the Rosario Islands aquarium, among others.

Also, another highly recommended activities outside the water are the visit to the impressive San Felipe de Barajas Castle, the Medicinal Mud Volcano Tour (Totumo Volcano), and the Cartagena Old City historical tours.

In the afternoons and evenings, you can tour through several cafes and outdoor bars where you can admire the beach, enjoy some nice “Águilas” (one of the best national beers), snacks and nice music.

When the entire night falls, Cartagena exposes one of the best nightlife scenes you can see in the world, bars, and nightclubs bursting of rumba/party lovers.

Depending on your group likes about dancing, some nightclubs will be better than others to have a great time meeting and flirting with some Colombian beauties.

For explicit fun and sensual pleasure, Cartagena offers a handful of excellent strip clubs, being one of the most recognized Pley Club Strip.

Another key activity in any great Cartagena bachelor party itinerary is to leave at least one night to enjoy a crazy private party at home, with the best of the best, alcohol, snacks, Colombian grill, music, cigars and a pool full of beautiful babes partying in thongs.

How expensive is Cartagena Colombia for a bachelor party?

Cartagena, being a coveted tourist destination in the Caribbean, may be slightly more expensive than usual cities in Latin America, but still cheaper than an average USA/Las Vegas bachelor party, and for that same budget, you could get more than twice the fun, luxury, and exclusivity in a bachelor party Cartagena.

Even an amazing 18th-century mansion and a party yacht can be affordable by many middle-class American bachelor party groups who plan ahead and save money a few months before.

Certainly, it is money well spent, and it’s not a lot of money, with around a $ 1000.00 per person budget, you could have an epic all-included VIP Cartagena bachelor party.

Some conclusions about bachelor parties in Cartagena Colombia:

Without a doubt, bachelor parties in Colombia (Cartagena bachelor party & Medellin bachelor party) deserve all the notoriety and prestige they have achieved in 2020 and 2021. The high quality of tourism services, the kindness of its people, the beauty of its women and the massive amount of exciting things to do, makes Cartagena at a glance, a pretty attractive bachelor party location.

But if you also consider the sunny and fresh weather of this Caribbean city, it’s great colonial and luxury party vacation rentals, the paradisiac islands, and beaches, the remarkably cheerful and party spirit of its sexy women swarming everywhere, Cartagena really becomes an unbeatable bachelor party destination!

But truth be told, Cartagena de Indias is not for every bachelor group, because most of the Cartagena bachelor party packages are planned to be true VIP parties, unforgettable dense experiences, but still, reachable for some average North American young men employees.

In short, if you want to make the most of this epic life moment before you get married, and want to give yourself the life of the rich in the Caribbean for a few days, taste delicious lobsters, ceviches and other exotic seafood, taste exquisite rums and nice cigarettes, enjoy luxury yacht parties and crazy pool parties while intimate with the most stunning women on the planet, do not doubt it, Cartagena Colombia is the absolutely paramount destination for your bachelor party.

Final thoughts about a Jaco Costa Rica bachelor party versus a Cartagena Colombia bachelor party

Jaco Beach is the ultimate destination for bachelor parties in Costa Rica, receive every year hundreds of bachelors from different places of the world, and most of those groups claim to have chosen a better bachelor party destination than the classic Las Vegas, Nashville, Miami, etc.

Now you must meet and discuss as a group, which of these two amazing destinations for bachelor parties, Jaco (in the Pacific) or Cartagena (in the Caribbean) offers the best experience according to your personalities, interests, likes, and desires for this special event of the groom and his best friends.

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Despedida Soltero en Cartagena Colombia Versus Despedida Soltero en Jaco Costa Rica

Despedida de Soltero en Jaco Costa Rica Vs Cartagena Colombia [2023]

Despedida de soltero en Cartagena Vs Despedidas de Soltero en Jaco

Si te encuentras planeando una fiesta de despedida de soltero realmente épica, te interesa leer esta comparativa entre una despedida de soltero en Jaco, Costa Rica, versus una despedida de soltero en Cartagena, Colombia probablemente los 2 mejores destinos para despedidas de solteros en el mundo en estos momentos, o al menos los que están creciendo más y que más están dando de qué hablar en 2023.

En esta comparativa basada en las opiniones de varios grupos de amigos y clientes que han estado en ambos destinos, opiniones en sitios como reddit, tripadvisor, airbnb y otros artículos de blog especializados en despedidas de solteros, hemos recolectado el siguiente material para ayudarte a conocer más y decidir cuál destino se adapta más al estilo de viaje de despedida de soltero para ti y tu grupo.

Despedida de Soltero en Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco, el pueblo costero preferido para las despedidas de solteros en Costa Rica, sigue creciendo en popularidad desde los últimos años, con el establecimiento de varias agencias de despedidas de solteros que cada vez agregan más y más servicios VIP a sus paquetes vacacionales.

Así, Jaco se ha ido especializando cada vez más en crear una experiencia mixta entre lo que estás acostumbrado a ver y disfrutar en las despedidas de soltero en las Vegas, Montreal, Nashville y otras y su toque paradisíaco, salvaje y natural.

Considerado hoy en día cómo el segundo destino más recomendado para despedidas de solteros en 2023 por muchas listas independientes que puedes encontrar en internet, hace sin duda gala a su nada despreciable posición, por debajo solo de Cartagena, Colombia.

Sus increíbles bosques húmedos y playas hermosas, han hecho a Jaco crecer muy rápido en el sector turístico no solo en Centro América si no en todo el continente. Atraídos principalmente por ser un destino bastante favorable en cuanto precios y costos para turistas de varios rangos de presupuestos de viaje y sus atractivos naturales, Jaco además cuenta con la ventaja de no necesitar visa si vienes desde los Estados Unidos.

Las mujeres locales son muy atractivas, aunque no es muy común ver verdaderas diosas con mucha frecuencia, por lo que si las mujeres son unos de los principales factores de decisión de su destino de despedida de soltero, deberán tenerlo en cuenta.

Aún así se pueden encontrar un par de club de striptease donde disfrutar de algunas bellezas exóticas.

¿cuándo y Cómo viajar a Jaco?

Costa Rica es un país muy lluvioso, por lo que la temporada de lluvias debería ser evitada para poder disfrutar plenamente de las playas y los tours de aventura.

Tal vez las mejores fechas para planear una despedida de soltero en Costa Rica sean entre Enero y Abril, incluso comienzos de Diciembre que es el comienzo de la temporada de sequía, pero tratando de evitar los días festivos de Diciembre donde todos los precios se disparan por la temporada alta.

Aterrizarán en el aeropuerto internacional de Juan Santamaría (SJO) en San José, la capital de Costa Rica, y desde allí deberán ir por tierra (en una van privada o bus) hasta Jaco a 1 hora y 30 minutos aproximadamente.

¿Dónde alojarse durante su despedida de soltero en Jaco?

Realmente muy pocos hoteles en Jaco permiten grupos de despedida de solteros, esto significa que no son lugares donde puedas hacer mucho ruido ni estar recibiendo visitas de amigas a altas horas de la noche.

En vez de estar tratando de disfrutar en un resort vacacional, lo ideal es conseguir una casa de fiesta o una casa vacacional que permita tu despedida de soltero en Jaco, no son económicas ni hay tantas opciones, pero es realmente la mejor opción si quieren aprovechar al máximo su estadía en Jaco.

¿Qué hacer en una despedida de soltero en Jaco?

La verdad sea dicha, Jaco es una ciudad/pueblo playero bastante pequeño con apenas 142 km2 y menos de 20 mil habitantes, aunque muy bonito, acogedor y tranquilo de cara al mar pacífico, razón por el cuál, es un destino ideal para viajeros extremos que disfrutan del surf y otras eco aventuras extremas, siendo básicamente un pueblo lleno de surfistas y entusiastas de muchos países que se quedaron atrapados por las playas ideales para su deporte.

Así, entre las actividades de día que no faltan en un fin de semana de fiesta en Jaco, está por supuesto ir a divertirse en la playa, por lo general a Playa Hermosa que es la playa más recomendada en Jaco.

Para los menos extremos o habilidosos en el agua, Jaco ofrece como pasatiempos muy demandados el zip-linning (tiro-lesa / cable polea / canopi) entre el bosque y divertidos paseos en cuatrimotos.

En la noche, el tranquilo pueblo de Jaco se enciende y aunque la variedad y cantidad de bares y clubs buenos es reducida, siempre hay lugar para rumbear y pasarla bien en la noche.

Aún más reducida y difícil es la lista de buenos strip clubs que valen la pena visitar en tu despedida de soltero en Jaco, pero si quieren ir a la fija no olviden visitar Centerfolds Gentlemen Club.

¿Qué tan costoso es Jaco para una despedida de soltero?

Una despedida de soltero en Jaco tiene muchas ventajas, es un destino turístico alcanzable para muchos de grupos de jóvenes que viven en los Estados Unidos y Europa, siempre y cuando la idea sea pasar una pocas noches y disfrutar sin mucho derroche por las noches, donde las fiestas suelen ser en clubes y bares no muy elitescos.

Tanto la comida y bebidas nacionales tampoco resultan muy caras a diferencia de los hospedajes especializados en despedidas de solteros que si pueden llegar a ser altos por ser precios ajustados a los turistas de Estados Unidos principalmente.

Conclusiones acerca de la despedida de soltero en Jaco, Costa Rica:

Jaco parece haber crecido tanto en popularidad los últimos años por ser una especie de destino para fiestas de despedidas de soltero que mezcla el estilo playero de Miami con un toque de aventura y naturaleza salvaje a un precio más alcanzable para muchos.

Pero la verdad sea dicha, todo en Jaco está un poco más orientado a grupos de amigos aventureros y que realmente buscan pasar un fin de semana distinto, relajado y divertido sin drenar las cuentas de banco y sin buscar tener una fiesta épica ni muy alocada con mujeres demasiado exuberantes.

Por lo que si tu y tu grupo de viaje son bastante tranquilos y solo quieren desestresarse en un bonito lugar playero y rumbear con moderación, una despedida de soltero en Jaco sin duda les dará la experiencia que buscan.

Tranquilamente con un presupuesto de $1000.00 por persona podrían pasarla muy bien en Jaco un fin de semana o un par de días más, dejando tal vez algo extra para gastar en mujeres y otras cosas exclusivas que quieran fuera de lo básico (hospedaje, comida, bebidas y transporte en general).

Para una Guía Completa de Planeación de Despedidas de Solteros en Costa Rica + Paquetes Visita El Siguiente Link:

Despedidas de Soltero en Cartagena, Colombia:

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, la locura de los solteros en 2023! Si está ciudad ya era considerada uno de los destinos turísticos favoritos del Caribe para viajes de vacaciones de verano de familias y para lunas de miel, desde 2018 Cartagena explotó y escaló todas las posiciones en todos los top list de los mejores destinos para despedidas de soltero en el mundo!

Siendo directos y claros, la despedida de soltero en Cartagena es la reina de las despedidas de solteros en 2019. Pero qué hace a Cartagena la ciudad N.º 1 para una despedida de soltero, full de diversión extrema y lujuria al más puro estilo del rey de instagram @danbilzerian?

Una respuesta corta y contundente sería: Es el Caribe, Loco! Mujeres Exuberantes, Sol y Playas Paradisíacas!

Pero vamos, la verdad es que Cartagena reunía ya un sin número de condiciones para haber explotado tan rápido en popularidad entre los solteros del mundo que buscaban algo más allá de Las Vegas y Miami.

El crecimiento turístico de Colombia después del fin del imperio del amo de la droga, Pablo Escobar, ha sido inminente, en especial la última década Cartagena se volvió un destino súper cotizado, siendo el destino habitual de grandes personalidades como actores de hollywood, cantantes, presidentes y otras celebridades del mundo.

Para la muestra un botón, aquí en este video Will Smith disfrutando como muchas otras celebridades en Cartagena, Colombia.

En pocas palabras en 2019, muchos planificadores de despedidas de soltero en Cartagena Colombia han intentado replicar y ajustar sus itinerarios de fin de semana para solteros, basados en estas experiencias de los famosos el la Ciudad Amurallada, Cartagena de Indias.

Así es, la gran promesa de las lujosas despedidas de soltero en Cartagena es tener el fin de semana de fiesta – Todo Incluido – más loco e increíble que puedas imaginar. Y cuando decimos todo incluido, lo decimos en serio, Mansiones, Yates de Fiesta, Fiestas Privadas, Mujeres Exuberantes en Fiestas de Piscina Privadas, solo para ti y tu grupo con Aj, Chef, Barman y lo mejor en alcohol y cigarrillos del mundo!

¿Cuándo y cómo llegar a Cartagena para una despedida de soltero?

Cuando es la mejor temporada para tener tu despedida de soltero en Cartagena es algo que debes tomar en cuenta para evitar sobreprecios por temporadas altas y evitar dificultades para reservar el alojamiento.

Básicamente los meses problemáticos y que deberían evitar sería la temporada alta en Cartagena: del 15 de Diciembre hasta el 15 Enero ya que muchísimas familias van a recibir el año nuevo a Cartagena y se quedan hasta Enero. Igualmente del 20 de Junio al 20 de Julio por ser vacaciones escolares.

A Cartagena se llega en vuelo directo por ejemplo desde Estados Unidos y México con American Airlines, COPA y Avianca al aeropuerto internacional Rafael Núñez (CTG). Desde allí un UBER o taxi toma 15 o 20 minutos (5 km de distancia) al centro de la ciudad (el casco histórico o vieja ciudad amurallada) donde están la mayoría de hospedajes, restaurantes, bares y clubes recomendados para tu despedida de soltero en Cartagena.

¿Donde alojarse durante su despedida de soltero en Cartagena?

Cartagena de Indias preserva muy bien sus calles empedradas, murallas y arquitectura del siglo 16 que le han consagrado a la ciudad el reconocimiento de la UNESCO de Patrimonio Histórico y Cultural de la Humanidad. Por esta razón, el turismo de lujo ha dado más valor y prestigio a hospedarse en casas y mansiones coloniales restauradas y modernizadas en vez de los clásicos hoteles 5 estrellas, que por supuesto también hay en Cartagena.

De hecho las mejores despedidas de soltero en Cartagena tienen como cuartel de operaciones, lujosas mansiones coloniales restauradas, donde se puede disfrutar de todas las comodidades de un hotel 5 estrellas y a la vez de toda la privacidad requerida para las fiestas más locas en compañía de numerosas bellezas Colombianas sin incomodar a nadie.

Una larga lista con los mejores hospedajes para despedidas de soltero en Cartagena la pueden revisar en el siguiente enlace:

¿Qué hacer en una despedida de soltero en Cartagena?

Los mejores itinerarios de despedidas de soltero en Cartagena incluyen como actividades principales el disfrute del mar, tours por las mejores playas e islas como Playa Blanca en Isla Barú, las islas del Rosario, Boca Grande, La Boquilla, El Laguito, Castillo Grande, Playa Linda y Boca Chica en Isla de Tierra Bomba, y la ensenada de Cholón.

Un deber de todo plan de fin de semana de solteros en Cartagena es una fiesta VIP de yate o catamarán, con música, comida, alcohol y hermosas chicas a bordo, recorriendo varias de las playas e islas mencionadas arriba, sin duda una experiencia de lujo inolvidable para los solteros que visitan Cartagena.

Otras actividades de día, están relacionadas con deportes o atracciones acuáticas, como alquiler de flyboard, buceo, motos de agua, kitesurfing, pesca en alta mar, visitas al acuario en islas del Rosario.

Otras actividades fuera del agua muy recomendadas son la visita al impresionante castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, el Tour del Volcán de lodo medicinal (Volcán Totumo), y los tours históricos por la vieja ciudad de Cartagena.

En las tardes y noches se estilan recorridos por varios cafés y bares al aire libre donde se puede apreciar la playa, disfrutar de unas Águilas (la cerveza nacional más popular) bien frías, tapas y música muchas veces en vivo.

Cuando la noche total cae, Cartagena exhibe una de las mejores escenas de vida nocturna que puedas ver en el mundo, las discotecas y clubs revientan de gente apasionada por el baile y la rumba. Dependiendo del nivel de gusto por el baile de tu grupo uno u otro nightclub será el ideal para pasarla bien y conocer o coquetear con algunas bellezas colombianas.

Para diversión y placer erótico literal y directo Cartagena ofrece un puñado de excelentes strip clubs, siendo de los más reconocidos Pley Club Strip Club.

Algo clave en el itinerario de una despedida de solteros en Cartagena, es dejar al menos una noche para disfrutar de una loca fiesta privada en casa, con lo mejor de lo mejor, alcohol, tapas, comida, música, cigarros y la piscina llena de hermosuras brincando en tanguitas.

¿Qué tan costosa es Cartagena para una despedida de soltero?

Cartagena por ser un destino turístico en el Caribe tan codiciado puede llegar a ser algo más costoso que el promedio de ciudades en latino América, pero por lo mismo que gastarían en una despedida promedio en las Vegas, obtendrán más del doble de exclusividad y diversión si vienen a Cartagena.

Incluso una increíble mansión del siglo XVIII y yates de fiestas, pueden ser pagado por muchos grupos de jóvenes clase media que planeen con antelación y ahorren unos pocos meses antes. Así que sin duda es un dinero muy bien gastado y tampoco es demasiado dinero, con algo más de $1000.00 de presupuesto por integrante podrían tener todo incluido para una fiesta exclusiva de élites.

Conclusiones acerca de las despedidas de soltero en Cartagena, Colombia:

Sin lugar a dudas, las despedidas de solteros en Cartagena de Indias merecen todo el renombre y prestigio que han alcanzado en 2023. La calidad de los servicios turísticos, la atención de su gente y la cantidad de actividades divertidas para hacer en Cartagena y alrededores ya serían un gran justificativo para ser catalogada como un excelente destino para escapadas de solteros.

Pero lo cierto es que si sumas a lo anterior, a la hermosura y clima de esta ciudad costera, su arquitectura colonial y muy moderna a la vez, las playas e islas, el espíritu súper alegre y caribeño de su gente y las mujeres más sexys en el mundo pululando por doquier, Cartagena se vuelve realmente el destino definitivo de fiestas de despedidas de soltero imposible de superar.

Ciertamente, Cartagena no es para todo grupo de solteros, pues allí los paquetes de despedida de solteros son planeados para ser verdaderas fiestas VIP, experiencias inolvidables de lujo a todo dar, pero aún así, son alcanzables para el trabajador promedio norte americano.

En definitiva, si quieres aprovechar al máximo esta oportunidad casi única en la vida antes de casarte, y quieren darse la vida de ricos en el caribe, degustar increíbles ceviches, langostas y otras comidas exóticas del mar, los mejores rones y cigarrillos, casas de fiesta de lujo, yates de fiesta, e intimar con las mujeres más espectaculares del planeta, no lo pienses más, Cartagena Colombia es el destino ideal para tu despedida de soltero.

Conclusiones Finales:

Ambos destinos Cartagena y Jaco, cada uno con su estilo original de despedida de soltero, reciben cada año cientos de solteros de diferentes partes del mundo, y todos o la gran mayoría suelen afirmar haber elegido un mejor destino que el clásico las Vegas, Nashville, Miami, etc.

Ahora deben reunirse y debatir en grupo, cuál de estos dos destinos increíbles de fiestas de despedida de soltero, Jaco (en el Pacifico) o Cartagena (en el Caribe) ofrece la mejor experiencia según la personalidad, intereses, gustos y deseos de ustedes para un evento especial como este.

¿Quieres Más Información De Estos Destinos de Despedidas de Solteros?

Para una Guía Completa de Planeación de Despedidas de Solteros en Cartagena Colombia + Paquetes Visita El Siguiente Link:

Para una Guía Completa de Planeación de Despedidas de Solteros en Costa Rica (Jaco) + Paquetes Visita El Siguiente Link:

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5 Cartagena Restaurants To Visit On Your Cartagena Bachelor Party

So, the groom has decided to throw his epic bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia right? Absolutely a great decision by the way! With so many beautiful beaches, islands, adventure tours, day/nightlife activities and of course stunning girls everywhere, all you will need for sure is energy! So here you have a nice list of great Cartagena restaurants you can visit to refill your energy while you get a great food & drink experience.

BTW: This Cartagena Restaurants numbered list has no relevancy order, so let’s get to it.

1. Bourbon St / Cartagena Restaurants

Bourbon St is a restaurant and bar with a concept and decoration inspired by the famous street of the French Quarter of New Orleans and its Carnival Mardi Gras. The authentic dishes Cajun & Creole food, typical of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana in the United States, are made prepared with the proper ingredients of the original recipe.

At Bourbon St. you can enjoy evenings in a unique atmosphere, accompanied by excellent cuisine, over 40 types of beer, variety of spirits, and live bands every day.

Open hours
Everyday: 05:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Contact information

Address: Calle 35 #3-30 2do piso, Plaza Santo Domingo

Phone: +57 5 660 0479

2. Kokoa Sushi / Cartagena Restaurants

A new restaurant is bringing the flavors of Asian food to the neighborhood “Getsemani”, exactly on San Andres street. Kokoa Sushi Wok specializes in sushi rolls and wok-prepared dishes.

In just a short time, Kokoa has been delighting the hearts and palates of tourists and locals. Being one of the best Cartagena restaurants that offers this style of food has helped Kokoa make a name for itself, but what has really set it apart is the culinary style that manages to fuse the best of Caribbean and Asian cuisine, plus the beach-style atmosphere.

Open hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 2:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Contact information

Address: Carrera 10 | #30-40

Phone: +57 6431509 / 301- 3239577

3. Red Knife / Cartagena Restaurants

Jonatan Gómez Luna was the creator of Red Knife restaurant in Cartagena, the 65th in the international chain of hotels and resorts of Gourmet Inclusive®.

Red Knife is both a trendy Cartagena restaurant and a gourmet pub that combines local produce, meats and the best of the sea to make a wonderful fusion of tastes. It offers customers a select list of wines from a range of labels from California, Chile and Argentina.

In addition to great food and wines, there are original cocktails and the house specialty: raspaos with liquor, which makes it a must when talking about great Cartagena restaurants.

Open hours

Everyday: 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Contact information

Address: Getsemaní, Calle Larga #8B-58

Phone: +57 660 5831- 312 277 7430

4. 1621 / Cartagena Restaurants

In one of its mythical rooms, old dining room of the nuns clarisas, is 1621 considered by many one of the very best Cartagena restaurants.

Located in the Hotel Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, which was formerly a convent, full of legends and mysteries. Beautiful and sophisticated, loaded with the strength of its history, it has clear orientation to the wine culture and its close relation with the food.

It has a varied menu, full of French recipes that work with ingredients typical of the region.

Open hours
Everyday: 06:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Contact information

Address: Calle Del Torno 39-29, Barrio San Diego, Cartagena

Phone: +57 650 4700

5. Rosa Mezcal / Cartagena Restaurants

Rosa Mezcal is a Mexican restaurant with a charming and captivating decoration, where its employees are characterized by an attention that makes you feel at home.

Find delicious tacos, a variety in tequilas, mezcales and cocktails of author out of the ordinary. Discover Mexico in Cartagena!
Chef Christian and crew give the Rosa Mezcal a nice twist of Mexican food in the Caribbean- the flautas are not on the menu but well worth the order.

The Guacamole is great (I added a bit more lime and salt- that’s just me though) I say well worth the stop- just a block away from The University of Cartagena…

Look for the Mexican flag!

Open hours
Everyday: 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Contact information

Address: Calle del cuartel 36-11 centro, Cartagena Colombia

Do you want more ideas for an
unforgettable Cartagena Bachelor Party?

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Cartagena Nightclubs​ For Your Colombia Bachelor Party

Top 5 Cartagena Bachelor party Nightclubs

Cartagena, Colombia: The Best Destination for the Ultimate Bachelor Party in the World!

Finally, you set eyes into Cartagena, Colombia, as the final destination to throw your Bachelor Party, not a bad choice at all. Beautiful beaches, sun & sand, and girls, lots of hot girls. In this episode, we will be showing you the Top 5 Cartagena Nightclubs for dancing, drinking and of course meeting exotic girls in Cartagena, so as to complement the intel you may have already gathered about the Hottest City in the Caribbean. If instead, you were looking for the best nightclubs in Medellin, Colombia, you can find them in this link.

With no further adieu, and in no particular order, here you have our Top 5 best Cartagena Nightclubs!

1. Misti-K Club - Cartagena Nightclubs

Misti-k Club is a kind of new, high-end nightclub, with an usual mixture of locals and tourists alike. Music is a cross between Latin, EDM, House, and Reggaeton. They claim their purpose to be “to offer unparalleled overnight experiences, not found anywhere else in the city of Cartagena”, and they do a pretty good job at it.

They offer a delightful variety of both local and international liquors, the stars being definitively the cocktails. The sound quality is great, and the music selection is varied enough not to get bored in the first hour. Misti-k is located in the historic part of the city, the so called Old City is the home for the best Cartagena nightclubs, making it in a safe spot to party at night. Their specials vary from time to time, and conveniently, there is no cover.

Misti-k is one of the nicest places we have seen in Cartagena. Don’t miss it.

2. Fragma Club - Cartagena Nightclubs​

Enjoy great party at Fragma in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Fragma has three rooms with different settings. The first one plays crossover music, and rhythms of all genres that are combined in this room, framed by historical architecture. The ideal place if you want to enjoy the Latin tunes of the moment, mixed with the classics of always.

The second room, the Indie Lounge is now dedicated to the Deep House universal genre, and for new sounds, although in the past they use to have it for contemporary and modern music proposals.

The third room, the Hip House, has hosted the best National and International DJs. It is considered the best electronic space in the city and one of the best Cartagena nightclubs with the usual presence of DJ and resident producers Alfonso Padilla and Brannigan Lorduy.

They recently remodeled its lounge, so if familiar or new you should pay a visit either way. On Thursday, they have 2 x 1 in selected drinks and no cover for the ladies on Friday.

3. Eivissa Cartagena - Cartagena Nightclubs​

Great club with awesome staff. Some people feel intimidated by the security, but they’re incredibly accommodating. If it’s not a holiday, Monday and Tuesday nights can be pretty slim pickings in Cartagena.

This place gets packed late, around 11 PM local time, if you arrive beforehand you’ll find it mostly empty. Afterward, it gets insanely packed. If that’s not your thing, we’d recommend choosing another club from the list. It only goes wilder and crazier until closing!

Cartagena Nightclubs​ For Your Colombia Bachelor Party

There’s a stage that showcases professional dancers, and a DJ who also acts as a pyrotechnician. There are fair drinks at fair prices. The music is cross-over with leanings towards electronica and songs that seemed to have been a big hit in Latin America during the 90s.

If you want to find an instant party, any night of the week and get caught up in madness. Check out the photos above and you’ll get an idea of exactly what you are going to get.

4. Taboo Disco Club - Cartagena Nightclubs​

One of the most luxurious Disco-Clubs of Cartagena, it is located at Arsenal Street in the center of the city, Taboo Disco Club, has an array of 3 thematic rooms, the best VIP attention, digital sound, open bar, Live DJ shows and much more.

They open every day from 8 PM to 4 AM, so no one can say they are not taking things seriously. They have specials until 11 PM every day, no cover, -20% on national liquors, 2×1 on cocktails.

If by chance a special occasion or your birthday or one of your attending friends matches your bachelor party, you can reserve for a BIG celebration. You will have tons of liquor, a special cake, a professional photographer, VIP exclusive decoration, all inclusive for you and your friends.

5. Café Del Mar - Cartagena Nightclubs​

Café del Mar is not a nightclub per se, although it is indeed a recommended visit if you are coming to Cartagena, just for the views. It opened its doors in 2002, and since then it has established itself as the most recognized Bar Restaurant in Cartagena de Indias and throughout Colombia, due to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its facilities and its excellent service.

Located within the impressive walls of the historic center of Cartagena, with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and its sunsets.

Decorated with an elegant taste, Café del Mar (which translates coffe of the sea, if you mind) welcomes customers from all over the world to enjoy delicious cocktails, while feeling the breeze of the ocean under the moonlight. It is a great way to start the night.

Call us or Whatsapp us now to plan it, so we can offer you the Best Accommodations, VIP, Yachts, Everything!

+573004678389 or +13052804185

Learn more about our services, plans, and packages for a Multi City Bachelor Party in Colombia, by visiting our main website above.

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How to Find a Cartagena Bachelor Party Friendly Vacation Rental

You are planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party. You search some online, to get a few ideas and some bachelor party friendly vacation rentals in Cartagena Colombia. All you see is encouraging, no hustle and bustle promises. We’ve written many times about how great our services are (which are actually excellent, we are in no way diminishing them) and about what you can get for your money, activities, accommodations and all of that but, for a group of foreign individuals, on an unfamiliar country, with a particular focus in mind (Bachelor Partying, obviously) what happens if something goes wrong after you are here? Is there any fail-safe or plan B?

Why would something go wrong, you wonder? Well, cases vary from some agencies offering properties while having no legal license to host people, for instance, which means at any time local authorities can come and shut your party down, to middle-man coordinators with no actual permissions from the property owner, who could ultimately come and kick you out ruining your entire planning. You should also watch out for fake reviews if you’re going to book through any of many sites out there. Most of them state on their rules and regulations that in case of any inconsistency between your planned activities and those the property owner actually allows, even after having your Bachelor Party booked and already paid , will give them the authority to cancel your reservation (with all it implies) and you might as well lose your money. 

Don’t be panicked now, let’s carry on.

You have more than a couple of options here. If you are the DIY type, you will want to plan everything yourself, starting by booking a house you find in craigslist for example, directly through the “owner”. The downside of this is you will have to ultimately do that sweet leap of faith into the darkness by your own, pay in advance, trusting blindly whatever this “owner” promises you will get. You may have noticed we quoted twice the word “owner” before (three times now), and the reason should be crystal, 95% of the time you don’t know if this person really is who they claim to be.

If you made more thorough research you might have come across a few names, Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO to mention a few. The main focus of these sites is to offer the widest variety of accommodations and vacation rentals in the world. Regardless of how good they are at what they do, the properties these sites offer are pretty much like grabbing from a mixed bag, you’ll find some that are bachelor party friendly, but some of them are not. Let’s be honest here, the most important part of planning your bachelor party is your accommodation, and if you fail to find a property that is bachelor party friendly, you will not be able to enjoy either your party as you thought you would’ve nor anything of the best of what the city has to offer. Regrettably, you will be literally shit out of luck.

The properties you will see on our site, we own some of them so you just have to call us to know if they are available in the time frame you want to book. With the rest of the properties we offer, after more than eight years in the market, we have achieved unique agreements with each owner with which we guarantee, not only the best deal but the ultimate experience for you and your friends, with the highest standards of quality and customer service.

In the end, it is all a matter of choice. You could and should do some things on your own, but if you want everything to go smooth and according to what you are expecting to get, book it with a specialist in the matter, like Bachelor Party Cartagena, Bachelor Parties Colombia or Bachelor Party Medellin. This network of partners will be able to honor the deal, and most importantly, shift the tides realtime to guarantee you will enjoy this trip, no matter what.

You can consult us anytime for more information or advice on anything you need, we will clear all doubts and will assist you the best we can. Additionally, you can also get in touch with us if you see a property we don’t currently have on file, and this is like the one you want. Not only can we tell you if this property is Bachelor Party friendly, but we can even give you a better price guaranteed!

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Celebration Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 5 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Istambul
  • St Johns
  • Round-trip airport transfers in a spacious SUV
  • Dedicated security personnel for your peace of mind during the stay
  • Culinary Delights
  • Concierge VIP Service
  • Indulge in a group massage session
  • Catamaran Excursion: St Johns

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Cool Guys Package

3 Nights
$ 1500 Per Person
  • Group: 15 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Marble Mansion
  • Elegant airport pick-up and drop-off in your choice of a shuttle or limo
  • Dedicated security personnel to provide peace of mind throughout your stay
  • Three gourmet meals daily prepared by a private chef
  • Concierge VIP Service
  • Yacht Excursion: Roma
  • Jet Ski Adventure
  • Relaxation & Leisure
  • Alternative properties: (pricing represents final package pricing choosing these options):
  • 45 Sleeps Mega Mansion= $1833 PPL
  • San Diego= $1400 PPL
  • La Mansion de Cartagena= $1600 PPL

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Host Luxury Package

4 Nights
$ 1500 Per Person
  • Group: 12 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • La Dukesa
  • Dawn
  • Exclusive Transportation
  • Security Detail
  • Gourmet Experience
  • Refrigerator Supply Service
  • Yacht Excursion: Roma
  • Wellness Retreat

Book Your Free Session Now

Ideal Package

4 Nights
$ 1571 Per Person
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Davy Jones House
  • House party with food alcohol and dj
  • 2 Daily meals prepared by our professional Chef
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 Concierge VIP
  • Daily maid service
  • 1 Round of Massages
  • City tour
  • Yacht day with food alcohol and DJ
  • Yacht Cuna
  • All necessary transportation

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Cartagena & Medellin Package

9 Nights
$ 2156 Per Person
  • Group of 16 Guests
  • Cartagena Segment:
  • Accommodation: Celeste Blue House
  • Airport pickup and drop-off in Cartagena via shuttle or limo: Celeste Blue House
  • Additional transportation for city tours and activities
  • Daily breakfast prepared by a private chef, with options for local and international cuisines
  • One day yacht excursion around the Rosario Islands with food alcohol and dj
  • Yacht Viking 70
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP concierge service for restaurant and nightclub reservations and extras
  • 24-7 Onsite Dedicated security detail to ensure safety throughout the Cartagena stay
  • Medellin Segment:
  • Accommodation: The Cult 444
  • Access to local nightlife and cultural spots
  • Transfer from Cartagena to Medellín (flight not included in the base price)
  • Airport pickup and drop-off in Medellín via shuttle or limo
  • Daily breakfast by a private chef, showcasing Medellín’s rich culinary traditions
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP concierge service for planning exclusive experiences, including coffee tours, city tours, and nightlife access
  • Private city tour highlighting Medellín’s transformation and vibrant culture
  • 24-7 Security
  • Pablo Escobar /City tour
  • ATV Tour

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Itinerary Package

3 Nights
$ 1299 Per Person
  • Group: 22 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Celeste Blue House
  • High House
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off: SUV
  • 24-7 Security
  • Professional Chef Meals: two meals per day
  • Boat Party Excursion: Tyler
  • Food alcohol and Dj
  • Jetski day and Lunch on the Beach

Book Your Free Session Now

Groom Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 15 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Marble Mansion
  • House party with food alcohol and dj
  • Private Chef 1 meal per day
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Round Trip Airport Transfers
  • Yacht Party at Roma:
  • Food alcohol and Dj
  • Cigar and rum tour
  • Beach day with transportation chair tent lunch and drinks

Book Your Free Session Now

Singles Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 6 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Bruno
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • Concierge VIP 24-7
  • 24-7 Security
  • Round-trip airport transportation
  • Yacht Party:
  • Jim Yacht
  • Beach day with lunch on the beach, sun loungers and transportation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily cleaning service

Book Your Free Session Now

Beach Day Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 6 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Bruno House
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • 24-7 Vip Concierge
  • 24-7 Security
  • Airport Transportation
  • Yacht Party:
  • Jim Yacht
  • To the islands with food alcohol Beach day with lunch on the beach, loungers and transportation

Book Your Free Session Now

Caribbean Package

5 Nights
2125 Per Person
  • Group: 8 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • El Che
  • Zeus Temple
  • Chef Services: Yes, for 2 meals per day
  • Concierge VIP Services
  • Boat Party Excursion: Yes (Boat type)
  • Killer Chicken Fights: 5 duels
  • Cigar/Ron Tour: Yes
  • Golf Day
  • Fishing Tour
  • Island Tour
  • Alternative housing options:
  • Fortress Mansion= Total package Price $2000 PPL

Book Your Free Session Now

Epic Package

6 Nights
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Gourmet Experience
  • 24/7 Concierge
  • Yacht Extravaganza:
  • Yacht Cuna
  • Round of massages

Book Your Free Session Now

King Package

4 Nights
$ 2071 Per Person
  • Group: 8 Guests
  • Bachelor Parties Rentals:
  • King George V
  • Emperatriz
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • Daily cleaning service
  • 1 Daily meal prepared by Chef
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • 24-7 Security
  • 2 Chicken fight
  • Cholon Party Island Catamaran Tour:
  • Atlantis
  • Food, Alcohol and DJ
  • Beach day with tent rental, chair and massage
  • Transportation during your stay included for our group to go to bars, restaurants, clubs and back home within the city
  • Transportation to the boats is included

Book Your Free Session Now

Roma Package

4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Group: 16 Guests
  • Your choice of the following Accommodations:
  • Marble Mansion
  • Skycraper
  • The Mansion od Cartagena
  • Airport transfer
  • 24-7 Security detail
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP Concierge
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Daily professional Chef breakfast and dinner
  • Pre-stocked property with premium alcoholic beverages
  • Pool party
  • BBQ with dj and premium alcohol
  • Guided City Tours
  • 24/7 Transportation
  • VIP Club Access
  • Luxury yacht island hopping
  • Yacht Roma
  • Your choice of the following additional activities:
  • Golf, paintball, Jet Ski, mud volcano, and $2k PP
  • Smaller Property- $2-4k

Book Your Free Session Now

Islands Package

4 Days / 3 Nights
$ 1299 Per Person
  • Group: 10 Guests
  • Transportation: SUVs for airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodation: Bachelor Party Friendly with in the old city:
  • Casa Crypto
  • Concierge VIP Service: Included for personalized assistance and event planning
  • Boating Excursion:
  • Catamaran Day Trip: Aboard the Lagoon 440
  • Destination: Day trip to the islands
  • Inclusions: Food, alcohol, and a DJ onboard for an exclusive party experience
  • Water Activities:
  • Jet Ski rentals for 1 hours for 8 guests
  • Beach Activities:
  • Lounge Chair and Tent Rental
  • Beach Massages
  • Lunch on the beach
  • This package offers the ultimate bachelor party experience with a high-end catamaran trip, complete with a DJ, food, and drinks, ensuring a memorable and exciting trip in Cartagena!
  • Additional property options ( prices below represent total package pricing with specific property):
  • Cascade House
  • Dawn
  • Mansion Amanda
  • Casa del Sultan

Book Your Free Session Now

Greek Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 10 Guests
  • Accommodation: Greek House
  • Day 1: Arrival and Welcome:
  • Arrival at Rafael Núñez International Airport; transfer to the Greek House
  • Check-in and welcome lunch
  • Evening relaxation; dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 2: Leisure and Pool Party:
  • Breakfast at the Greek House
  • Pool party with food, alcohol, and DJ
  • Dinner at the Greek House
  • Day 3: Yacht Excursion:
  • Breakfast and departure for yacht excursion
  • Yacht excursion to islands with Cartagena Yacht Rentals
  • Return and dinner at the Greek House
  • Day 4 : Relaxation and Nightlife:
  • Breakfast and leisure time at the Greek House
  • Massages and lunch at the Greek House
  • Night out in Cartagena
  • Killer chicken duel and lunch
  • Farewell dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 5: Adventure and Farewell: Additional day
  • Breakfast at the Greek House
  • Check-out and airport transfer
  • Additional Services:
  • Daily maid service
  • 24-7 Concierge Service
  • Alcohol included for house party and yacht day, food included for meals at property
  • Restaurants and nightclubs are to be paid by you

Book Your Free Session Now

Cartagena Yacht Package

4 Nights
$ 1285 Per Person
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Bachelor Party House: Casa Luz Quero
  • Daily breakfast prepared by our professional Chef
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Daily cleaning service
  • A round of Massages
  • City Tour
  • Day on a Catamaran with food, alcohol and DJ
  • House party with food, alcohol and DJ
  • All necessary transportation

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cartagena bachelor party group package

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