Cartagena Bachelor Party Guide


Cartagena Bachelor Party Guide


Our Best Cartagena Bachelor Party Planning Guide (Dummy Proof)

Read carefully this cartagena bachelor party planning guide and will realize that everything will be easy to organize. What we want is to relax from the beginning and we take care of everything for you.

Step 1


For Accurate pricing you will need to know exactly when your coming. Start your Cartagena bachelor party planning by scheduling a date that works for everyone. Check pricing and availability of flights and accommodations ahead of time to make them work in your favor. Although we reccommend booking in advance we can still make it happen last minute!

Step 2


Your friends and colleges are almost as important as the bachelor. Knowing the size of your team, getting people to commit ahead of time can save alot of headache and money. $$$ Planning in advance gives you access to properties at a better rate. Tip: Create a Whatsapp Team to get everyone to commit, people who are undecided can ruin everything.

Step 3

Define How many days you want to party

Most Cartagena Bachelor Party Packages are based on a 4 Days And 3 Nights itinerary (Just To Give You An Idea)

Step 4

Set An Aproximated Per Person Budget

Everyone's budget is different figure out who is willing to pay what to see what you have to work with. knowing your budget will save you lots of time!

Step 5

Choose Your Bachelor Party Vacation Rental

Find a Cartagena bachelor party friendly accommodation where you can have all the dessired fun (trouble-free) and rest like kings. beware of airbnb! airbnb does not allow bachelor parties and or guests so you will be succeptible to being kicked out or worse without a refund!!!

Old City mansions and Luxury Restored Colonial Houses are the most recommended stays for a Cartagena Bachelor Party (Not Penthouses)

Step 6

Choose your activities and tours

Find out the activities and tours you would like to enjoy in Cartagena. We especially recommend you renting a Party Yacht to go on Island Hopping excursion with Music dj, food, liquor and Any Other Special Request.

Step 7

List the VIP Services you Desire

A VIP City Concierge is key to take the most out of your days in Cartagena (without getting in troubles).

All you Could need, whenever you need it, The Concierge Can Get It For You. you can Also get a private Chef, Music DJ, Bartender, Body Guards...​

Step 8

Now Get Your Free Quote

Get in touch with us, call or whatsapp us (Tap The Whatsapp Icon On The Bottom Right) or fill Our quote form and we will answer you back quickly.

Step 9

Pay an advance on your booking

All bookings will be confirmed only against half (50%) payment in advance. For your comfort, security and ours, an Electronic Contract will be The Guarantee of your reserved package and the payment thereof.


We process online payments with PayPal Payment Gateway. Paypal Is Backed By Buyer And Seller Protection, No Worries When Booking With Us.

Step 10

Fly to Colombia

Hit Cartagena Colombia like a Pro and let this Dreamed Caribbean Destination and our Bachelor Party Team Amaze You!

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