What a Cartagena VIP Bachelor Party Is About?

Cartagena De Indias, is located on the Caribbean coast, and is definitely the most beautiful city in Colombia.

It’s also one of the most hottest, vibrant and mind-blowing cities in South America.

It almost resembles Miami owing to the fact that it has superb weather, a sparkling stretch of the Caribbean with huge skyscrapers on the background and a plethora of tropical fruits all round.

Chunks of History can be found around this place with extraordinary preserved colonial old-town mansions, amazing museums and fine dining.

According to Lonely Planet, the world’s largest and perhaps most respected travel guide, named Colombia the 2nd best country to visit in 2017, next to Canada.

Colombia may not have the best wonders of the world, but its mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitability is an experience worth to have.

It has a wide range of xix including Caribbean, African and Spanish tastes and sounds. It is also a popular beach resort along Bocagrande and El Laguito where you can find modern high rise luxury hotels at the seafront.

All throughout, Cartagena is a playground for the rich and famous who come to enjoy a good time with the Colombian mix for memories and experiences worth to remember.

The women in Cartagena are known for their alluring beauty which makes the nightlife scene in Cartagena an all complete package.

And if anyone is planning a bachelor party, this is the place to get down gentlemen!

It’s your friend’s last day of freedom before jumping the broom, you need to make sure he has a night he will remember for the rest of his life.

All the times you had spent together as brothers were very memorable but now you have to let him go and get tamed for the rest of his life.

Like they always say, good things don’t really last forever.

There’s no better way to solemnize this than by having the last night as a bachelor, by spending the night in paradise at Cartagena, the Caribbean way.

 VIPs Only!

What better way to celebrate a bachelor party than by doing it in style? There are VIP bachelor party services in Cartagena that will leave you wishing you could rewind back time and do it all over again, but not ours.

The experience is totally phenomenal since there are a number of activities you can take part in.

You will randomly bump into celebrities from all over the world kicking it in Cartagena.

The main activities to do are;

Pool Partying

Is it really party time without a Caribbean pool party? I’m afraid not. Caribbean pool parties are the best pool parties without a doubt. First of all, the beautiful ambience, the food, the music, pool basketball, pool volleyball, and of course, the beautiful ladies in bikinis. It’s literally like what you would imagine paradise to be like. It also wouldn’t be a complete pool party without a DJ. From celebrity DJs to locally hired DJs, it all depends on how your crowd is and what kind of dancing vibes you want to rock to for the party.  

Cartagena specializes in VIP services in the capability of handling big, small or medium-sized groups with ease. VIP treatment involves arrangement of limo services or other means of transport to and from your pool retreat of choice, arrange top notch bottle services for your group, and get you exclusive access to private VIP areas, booths, cabanas, and adult-only pools as well. The fun doesn’t stop with impeccable service, your drinks will always be full, food will be readily available for you and your group of friends, spa treatments and massages can be arranged, and you’ll be treated to some awesome live music from renown DJs and possibly be able to catch some celebrities hanging out by the pool as well.

Did we mention the adult-oriented pools? Well these aren’t where you can just see some sexy bodies in skimpy bikinis; these watered bodies are where the party gets a little more risqué for everyone. Topless swimmers and gorgeous women are abundant and everyone can just hang loose and relax in comfort. If you can imagine poolside attractions at their finest while still being able to experience the sheer entertainment and excitement that is Cartagena, then booking one of many types of pool party packages may be right up your alley.

Yacht Party

You know you are rolling in luxury when you have a yacht party with your mates. Nothing can be as grand as this, and Cartagena offers the best state-of-the-art yachts to suite all your accommodation. Whether it’s the day charters, luxury yachts or party boats, Cartagena have got you all covered. Whether you are in the mood for an intimate evening of dinning and cruising or something a little more fun and wild, there will be services to help you organize the perfect Cartagena bachelor yacht party.

The party boats are fully designed to entertain you and your guests and offer a large menu selection for you to choose from. Most of the boats are fully equipped with state of the art sound system that can be heard to the other side of the continent. If it’s something a little more intimate in nature, any of the Luxury boat rentals or Private Yacht Charters will be value for your money. All vessels are fully crewed and remember, what happens on the Yacht, stay on the Yacht!

Golf Tours

Maybe you are more of a fancy, classy guy looking to have some good time in Cartagena. All that and more is included in this tantamount beautiful city. With golf bachelor parties, you can have your own grand tour and what better way to hit those 9 holes in one?

Imagine spending the whole day on the leafy grounds then heading over to the barbeque section for some classic steakhouse surrounded by beautiful Colombian women from the sunny Caribbean beaches in striking bikinis? Sounds like your idea of fun? Well, look no further because the famous Karibana Golf Club has got you all sorted.

There are many venues to look at, even for the budget-minded golfers, there’s always a package for everyone to celebrate in style. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, Cartagena is the place to be.


Do you really want to enjoy the bachelor party? Are you looking for a vacation spot or do you want to have a night worth to remember? Do you want a VIP reservation at the best club or restaurant in Cartagena for your bachelor party? Then you have found the exact place because the nigh comes alive in Cartagena. There are many nightclubs in Cartagena. Some have the old, beautiful, thematic colonial style while some have the new, modern look to it. Here are 6 cool nightclubs that offer VIP Bachelor Parties that you should definitely look into;

La Movida

If you are looking to make some acquaintance with the IT crowd of Colombia, head on to La Movida every weekend, for a classy meet up with the city’s upper echelon.

This is where you will get the city’s fashionable society and hooked up gringos (it’s the word they use), sorting the early evening thirst with a truly fruity Hendrick’s G&T or revving it all the way up with a couple of shots of Don Julio.

The music vibe usually encompasses of breezy beach house music, and it is almost traditional for the DJ to play a popular trumpet playing sidekick. The back end has a cool restaurant and more local reggaeton vibe while the front has an international spicy touch.

Packed to the rafters on Fridays and Saturdays, the only way to get ahead of the queues is to reserve a table and dress to kill. Colombians are classy and would never dream of donning a shorts and flip flops combo on a big night out, especially for the VIP lie you!

Café Havana

This is the epitome of Colombian culture. Mojitos and Salsa is the order of the day at Cafe Havana, which was here long before you existed. If hot, sweaty vibrant salsa is what you desire to have, the world critically acclaimed Café Havana is all where you need to be.

This nightclub pulls crowds from all over the world. Even presidents have been here. Like former president of the United States Bill Clinton with his aspiring wife Hillary Clinton. This is a club of the heavyweights, and if you are looking at heavy some VIP treatment and raising your clout, this is a place to be at.

A seriously salsa ambience is filled i this club and live band comes on an hour just before the clock hits midnight which gives you ample time to get some dangerously potent Mojitos or smooth whiskey down your gullet before you start getting your groove on at dance floor.


If you like that old colonial style ambience, then Demente is the right club for you and your team. It is popular for its pallet that mostly includes delicious plates of tapas, brilliant drinks, and upscale design. The nightclub is often of a cool vibe. Cool music, cool people, cool furniture with cool designs and finishes, and oh, did we mention the food?

This place has a very nice quiet vibe but vibrant at the same time. The bar has literally no roof and you can have a good time at night gazing at the stars above. When you get there, or rather, if you ever get there, make sure to try the sour green mango margaritas, stone baked oven pizzas and cultured soundtrack, all best enjoyed under the stars of the hidden outdoor terrace out back.

Bourbon Street

If you are looking for a place to feel more at home, then Bourbon is the place for you. It is a French quarter inspired old saloon style that reminisces that New Orleans look. Even the pallet here is a bit Americanized. The menu includes burgers, chicken wings, fries and ribs and the music is definitely upbeat owing to the young crowd that keeps the party going from sun up to dun down.

Crazy Salsa

This is a one of a kind jazz haven. VIPs who like the jazz ambience will never be disappointed with this venue. Famous celebs have been seen one or few times at Crazy Salsa maybe because of the great dancing spirit in this club.

Every Thursday night the salsa kings come out in their numbers at Crazy Salsa to rock their jazz hats and host a fabulous night filled with music, dancing and good times with the talented Zarabanda orchestra.

Proving popular with locals and foreigners alike, these guys have upped the game with the lineup that keeps coming, inviting some renowned international guests over for the fun.


If you are not sure what kind of a night you want to have, or your team has different opinion on the kind of music and environment they want to be around with, then why not go to Fragma? A mixture of parties under one roof.

It is popular and located near Café del Mar and just upstairs from Restaurante Plaza Las Armas. The club has three different rooms to choose from. Each one of them plays different music, from Vallenato, Reggaeton to house music.

Cartagena has so much to offer. The culture makes it one of the best places to meet, exchange and interact with the friendly, beautiful and hardworking people of Colombia. You never know, you might just be meeting your life partner who is also there for a bachelorette party.

Yeah! You thought they only have services for bachelors alone? I’m telling you, Cartagena is the place to be! Come check it out!

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Celebration Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 5 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Istambul
  • St Johns
  • Round-trip airport transfers in a spacious SUV
  • Dedicated security personnel for your peace of mind during the stay
  • Culinary Delights
  • Concierge VIP Service
  • Indulge in a group massage session
  • Catamaran Excursion: St Johns

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Cool Guys Package

3 Nights
$ 1500 Per Person
  • Group: 15 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Marble Mansion
  • Elegant airport pick-up and drop-off in your choice of a shuttle or limo
  • Dedicated security personnel to provide peace of mind throughout your stay
  • Three gourmet meals daily prepared by a private chef
  • Concierge VIP Service
  • Yacht Excursion: Roma
  • Jet Ski Adventure
  • Relaxation & Leisure
  • Alternative properties: (pricing represents final package pricing choosing these options):
  • 45 Sleeps Mega Mansion= $1833 PPL
  • San Diego= $1400 PPL
  • La Mansion de Cartagena= $1600 PPL

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Host Luxury Package

4 Nights
$ 1500 Per Person
  • Group: 12 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • La Dukesa
  • Dawn
  • Exclusive Transportation
  • Security Detail
  • Gourmet Experience
  • Refrigerator Supply Service
  • Yacht Excursion: Roma
  • Wellness Retreat

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Ideal Package

4 Nights
$ 1571 Per Person
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Davy Jones House
  • House party with food alcohol and dj
  • 2 Daily meals prepared by our professional Chef
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 Concierge VIP
  • Daily maid service
  • 1 Round of Massages
  • City tour
  • Yacht day with food alcohol and DJ
  • Yacht Cuna
  • All necessary transportation

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Cartagena & Medellin Package

9 Nights
$ 2156 Per Person
  • Group of 16 Guests
  • Cartagena Segment:
  • Accommodation: Celeste Blue House
  • Airport pickup and drop-off in Cartagena via shuttle or limo: Celeste Blue House
  • Additional transportation for city tours and activities
  • Daily breakfast prepared by a private chef, with options for local and international cuisines
  • One day yacht excursion around the Rosario Islands with food alcohol and dj
  • Yacht Viking 70
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP concierge service for restaurant and nightclub reservations and extras
  • 24-7 Onsite Dedicated security detail to ensure safety throughout the Cartagena stay
  • Medellin Segment:
  • Accommodation: The Cult 444
  • Access to local nightlife and cultural spots
  • Transfer from Cartagena to Medellín (flight not included in the base price)
  • Airport pickup and drop-off in Medellín via shuttle or limo
  • Daily breakfast by a private chef, showcasing Medellín’s rich culinary traditions
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP concierge service for planning exclusive experiences, including coffee tours, city tours, and nightlife access
  • Private city tour highlighting Medellín’s transformation and vibrant culture
  • 24-7 Security
  • Pablo Escobar /City tour
  • ATV Tour

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Itinerary Package

3 Nights
$ 1299 Per Person
  • Group: 22 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Celeste Blue House
  • High House
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off: SUV
  • 24-7 Security
  • Professional Chef Meals: two meals per day
  • Boat Party Excursion: Tyler
  • Food alcohol and Dj
  • Jetski day and Lunch on the Beach

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Groom Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 15 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Marble Mansion
  • House party with food alcohol and dj
  • Private Chef 1 meal per day
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Round Trip Airport Transfers
  • Yacht Party at Roma:
  • Food alcohol and Dj
  • Cigar and rum tour
  • Beach day with transportation chair tent lunch and drinks

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Singles Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 6 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Bruno
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • Concierge VIP 24-7
  • 24-7 Security
  • Round-trip airport transportation
  • Yacht Party:
  • Jim Yacht
  • Beach day with lunch on the beach, sun loungers and transportation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily cleaning service

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Beach Day Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 6 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Bruno House
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • 24-7 Vip Concierge
  • 24-7 Security
  • Airport Transportation
  • Yacht Party:
  • Jim Yacht
  • To the islands with food alcohol Beach day with lunch on the beach, loungers and transportation

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Caribbean Package

5 Nights
2125 Per Person
  • Group: 8 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • El Che
  • Zeus Temple
  • Chef Services: Yes, for 2 meals per day
  • Concierge VIP Services
  • Boat Party Excursion: Yes (Boat type)
  • Killer Chicken Fights: 5 duels
  • Cigar/Ron Tour: Yes
  • Golf Day
  • Fishing Tour
  • Island Tour
  • Alternative housing options:
  • Fortress Mansion= Total package Price $2000 PPL

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Epic Package

6 Nights
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Accommodation Choices:
  • Casa Luz Quero
  • Casa Isabel
  • The Sparrow
  • Airport Transfers
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Gourmet Experience
  • 24/7 Concierge
  • Yacht Extravaganza:
  • Yacht Cuna
  • Round of massages

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King Package

4 Nights
$ 2071 Per Person
  • Group: 8 Guests
  • Bachelor Parties Rentals:
  • King George V
  • Emperatriz
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • Daily cleaning service
  • 1 Daily meal prepared by Chef
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • 24-7 Security
  • 2 Chicken fight
  • Cholon Party Island Catamaran Tour:
  • Atlantis
  • Food, Alcohol and DJ
  • Beach day with tent rental, chair and massage
  • Transportation during your stay included for our group to go to bars, restaurants, clubs and back home within the city
  • Transportation to the boats is included

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Roma Package

4 Days / 3 Nights
  • Group: 16 Guests
  • Your choice of the following Accommodations:
  • Marble Mansion
  • Skycraper
  • The Mansion od Cartagena
  • Airport transfer
  • 24-7 Security detail
  • 24-7 Onsite VIP Concierge
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Daily professional Chef breakfast and dinner
  • Pre-stocked property with premium alcoholic beverages
  • Pool party
  • BBQ with dj and premium alcohol
  • Guided City Tours
  • 24/7 Transportation
  • VIP Club Access
  • Luxury yacht island hopping
  • Yacht Roma
  • Your choice of the following additional activities:
  • Golf, paintball, Jet Ski, mud volcano, and $2k PP
  • Smaller Property- $2-4k

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Islands Package

4 Days / 3 Nights
$ 1299 Per Person
  • Group: 10 Guests
  • Transportation: SUVs for airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Accommodation: Bachelor Party Friendly with in the old city:
  • Casa Crypto
  • Concierge VIP Service: Included for personalized assistance and event planning
  • Boating Excursion:
  • Catamaran Day Trip: Aboard the Lagoon 440
  • Destination: Day trip to the islands
  • Inclusions: Food, alcohol, and a DJ onboard for an exclusive party experience
  • Water Activities:
  • Jet Ski rentals for 1 hours for 8 guests
  • Beach Activities:
  • Lounge Chair and Tent Rental
  • Beach Massages
  • Lunch on the beach
  • This package offers the ultimate bachelor party experience with a high-end catamaran trip, complete with a DJ, food, and drinks, ensuring a memorable and exciting trip in Cartagena!
  • Additional property options ( prices below represent total package pricing with specific property):
  • Cascade House
  • Dawn
  • Mansion Amanda
  • Casa del Sultan

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Greek Package

4 Nights
  • Group: 10 Guests
  • Accommodation: Greek House
  • Day 1: Arrival and Welcome:
  • Arrival at Rafael Núñez International Airport; transfer to the Greek House
  • Check-in and welcome lunch
  • Evening relaxation; dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 2: Leisure and Pool Party:
  • Breakfast at the Greek House
  • Pool party with food, alcohol, and DJ
  • Dinner at the Greek House
  • Day 3: Yacht Excursion:
  • Breakfast and departure for yacht excursion
  • Yacht excursion to islands with Cartagena Yacht Rentals
  • Return and dinner at the Greek House
  • Day 4 : Relaxation and Nightlife:
  • Breakfast and leisure time at the Greek House
  • Massages and lunch at the Greek House
  • Night out in Cartagena
  • Killer chicken duel and lunch
  • Farewell dinner at a local restaurant
  • Day 5: Adventure and Farewell: Additional day
  • Breakfast at the Greek House
  • Check-out and airport transfer
  • Additional Services:
  • Daily maid service
  • 24-7 Concierge Service
  • Alcohol included for house party and yacht day, food included for meals at property
  • Restaurants and nightclubs are to be paid by you

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Cartagena Yacht Package

4 Nights
$ 1285 Per Person
  • Group: 7 Guests
  • Bachelor Party House: Casa Luz Quero
  • Daily breakfast prepared by our professional Chef
  • 24-7 Security
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Daily cleaning service
  • A round of Massages
  • City Tour
  • Day on a Catamaran with food, alcohol and DJ
  • House party with food, alcohol and DJ
  • All necessary transportation

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