planning a bachelor party in cartagena

If you are here, it is because you are planning a bachelor party in Cartagena, and I tell you that you have come to the best place to find out about everything, to know about all the packages we have for you. You will be able to know the best places to get to know this emblematic city full of colored magic and quite friendly with foreigners who want to come to know it, so don’t stop reading until the end and fall in love with Cartagena.

At this point we assume that you are the best man at the wedding, the best friend of the groom, or you are the person who is going to take that important step in his life, in any case, you are about to plan an epic bachelor party.

Bachelor parties in Las Vegas have already become monotonous, therefore many people from the United States are exploring other more eccentric and competitively priced options, for this reason the old city of Cartagena is the best option.

Plan ideal accommodations for stag Cartagena bachelor party

planning a bachelor party in cartagena

The first thing you will need on your itinerary is accommodation, which is somewhat spacious, with a lot of privacy with a VIP service not only for the groom, but for all the guests to the private event.


These places have amenities such as; security, a Chef to prepare delicious meals, a DJ who will bring the party to life and obviously those beautiful friends who will make the night memorable for the guests.

What do you think of an assistant?

planning a bachelor party in cartagena

A well-planned bachelor party should have an assistant who will fulfill your wishes and be available to the group. This person will manage an itinerary about the outings to know the city, the trendy restaurants, the most vibrant nightclubs.


This person will give them a very personalized attention and will fulfill all the wishes of the participants.

Pool party?

planning a bachelor party in cartagena

A bachelor party without a pool, great music, and beautiful friends is not an epic party.

The pool is included in the house with the greatest privacy for guests to the rhythm of urban music, techno music. Generally the Houses, Penthouse or Villas mostly have a pool or Jacuzzi, these amenities are included in the plans at competitive prices, and if we include the barbecue? Nothing more perfect.

You can combine your party in a beautiful house, or rent a Yacht and sail the beautiful beaches of Cartagena, aboard a ship with all the comforts and with the hottest company, Enter here to learn more.

Tours around Cartagena in your bachelor party?

planning a bachelor party in cartagena

This is an emblematic city in Colombia, full of history, flavor and its people are very friendly, so if you come to Cartagena, it is worth scheduling tours to get to know the city.

On the other hand, know beautiful beaches, beautiful girls, go to the rivers etc.

If you want to go further and make your visit more memorable, we recommend the following attractions; Jet Ski rides, ATV races or cross motorcycles, jet skis, ecotourism, and better yet, Helicopter rides. Epic right?

Remember that if you come to Colombia you can do a multi-city tour and get to know the most beautiful and main cities of Colombia, one of them is the beautiful Medellin, the city of eternal spring.

In the bachelor party plans, how about seeing the nightlife?

planning a bachelor party in cartagena

Impossible to go to Cartagena and not know its nightlife, enjoy the view, seeing beautiful women, visiting the beaches at night and endless attractions.


Here you will find a number of nightclubs, pole dance, private rooms with VIP treatment, erotic shows and all kinds of unimaginable fun for adults.


Here we have shown you the best for you to plan your bachelor party in the beautiful city of Cartagena, and we know that you will make the right decision and we will see you here soon. Ask us what you need to know and want something additional, tell us and we will fulfill your wishes.

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