luxury colonial houses in cartagena

The Luxury Colonial Houses in Cartagena

The luxury colonial houses in cartagena are true architectural jewels, silent witnesses of the time of the Spanish colony in Cartagena de Indias. colonial jewel of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, contains in its cobbled streets and centuries-old walls an architectural legacy that evokes the greatness of bygone eras. These majestic residences, carefully restored and converted into true jewels of contemporary luxury, offer a unique experience that combines history, elegance and comfort, perfect for gatherings of friends.

History and Architecture

luxury colonial houses in cartagena

The luxury colonial houses in Cartagena stand as living witnesses of the city’s history. Built during the 17th and 18th centuries, these mansions were home to the wealthiest and most powerful families of the colonial era. Inspired by European architectural styles, such as baroque and neoclassical, these residences stand out for their imposing façade, exquisite ornamental details and large interior patios, which served as oases of freshness in the tropical climate.

Restoration and Conservation

luxury colonial houses in cartagena

The restoration of these colonial houses has been a meticulous and careful process, carried out by experts in historic architecture and heritage conservation. Special attention has been paid to the preservation of original elements, such as clay tile floors, high wooden beams and wrought iron balconies, which give each residence its unique charm and distinctive character.

The Charm of Colonial Luxury

luxury colonial houses in cartagena

Converted into exclusive accommodations, these luxury colonial houses offer an incomparable experience for those looking to immerse themselves in the splendor of the colonial past together with their friends on a getaway to Cartagena. Decorated with antique furniture and original works of art, its rooms transport guests to a time of elegance and sophistication. The interior patios, adorned with lush vegetation and refreshing pools, invite you to relax and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

Exclusive Experiences

luxury colonial houses in cartagena

In addition to its exquisite architecture and historical atmosphere, in our luxury colonial houses in Cartagena we offer a wide range of exclusive experiences for its visitors. From private dinners in ancient halls decorated with candles to guided tours through the narrow cobblestone streets of the old city, every moment becomes an opportunity to discover the magic and charm of this unique destination.

A Legacy of Luxury and Tradition

luxury colonial houses in cartagena

In short, the luxury colonial houses in cartagena represent a bridge between the past and the present, uniting the grandeur of the colonial era with contemporary luxury. Beyond being mere historic buildings, these residences are guardians of the city’s identity and heritage, perpetuating its legacy of elegance, opulence and tradition for future generations. If you want to see our extensive catalog and make a reservation, call us and we will prepare a personalized itinerary for you.

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all inclusive bachelor party package cartagena

All Inclusive Bachelor Party Package Cartagena

An all-inclusive bachelor party package in Cartagena is the best option that we know you are looking for for your best friend’s big party and we know that the anticipation of a wedding deserves to be celebrated in a memorable and exciting way. What better way to say goodbye to being single than with an unforgettable getaway in a vibrant city like Cartagena, Colombia with everything included? With the “FiestaLoca” all-inclusive bachelor party package, we guarantee an unparalleled experience full of fun, excitement and unforgettable moments.

Exclusive Destination

all inclusive bachelor party package cartagena

Cartagena, a colonial gem located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable bachelor party. Its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and crystal-clear beaches create the perfect environment to celebrate this unique moment in a man’s life.

The "FiestaLoca" All-Inclusive Package

all inclusive bachelor party package cartagena

Our all-inclusive bachelor party package has been designed to provide unparalleled comfort, excitement and entertainment. From the moment you arrive in Cartagena, we take care of all the details so that you and your friends only have to focus on enjoying yourself.

What does our package include?

all inclusive bachelor party package cartagena

Luxury Accommodations: We partner with the best hotels and resorts in Cartagena to offer you first-class accommodations. From luxurious suites with sea views to charming colonial residences, we have options for all tastes and budgets.

Private Transportation: From the airport to your accommodation and for all scheduled activities, we provide you with private transportation so you can move around the city in comfort and style.

Personalized Activities: We organize a variety of exciting and personalized activities for you to enjoy with your friends. From boat tours of nearby islands to exciting diving or snorkeling excursions, we make sure every moment is unforgettable.

Private Parties: What would a bachelor party be without an epic party? We organize private parties in the most exclusive clubs in Cartagena, where you can dance all night and enjoy the best drinks and music.

Exquisite Gastronomy: Cartagena is known for its delicious Caribbean cuisine. We take you to the most acclaimed restaurants in the city, where you can enjoy authentic local flavors and exquisite gourmet dishes.

24-Hour Personalized Assistance: Our team is available 24 hours a day to attend to all your needs and ensure that your experience is perfect from start to finish.

Celebrate the Beginning of a New Stage with "FiestaLoca"

all inclusive bachelor party package cartagena

Our all-inclusive bachelor party package in Cartagena “FiestaLoca” is made to understand the importance of celebrating life’s special moments. With our all-inclusive bachelor party package in Cartagena, we assure you an experience that will exceed all your expectations and leave unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Get ready to experience a bachelor party like no other with “FiestaLoca”!

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top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Top 10 Attractions in Cartagena Colombia

Let’s clarify that there are more than top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia, a treasure of history, culture and natural beauty. With its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture and vibrant energy, Cartagena captivates visitors with its unique charm. From historic fortresses to dream beaches, here we present the 10 best attractions that you cannot miss in this jewel of the Caribbean.

1. The Walled City (Historic Center)

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

The heart of Cartagena beats in its Walled City, a labyrinth of narrow streets adorned with wrought iron balconies and colorful facades. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this area is home to impressive churches, lively squares and elegant colonial mansions. Don’t miss emblematic places such as the Plaza de Bolívar, the Cartagena Cathedral and the Casa del Marqués de Valdehoyos.

2. Castle of San Felipe de Barajas

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

This imposing fort, built in the 17th century to protect the city from pirate and enemy attacks, is a masterpiece of military engineering. Situated on a strategic hill, Castillo de San Felipe offers panoramic views of Cartagena and is an impressive testament to the region’s military history.

3. The Walls

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

The imposing walls that surround the Old City are a distinctive feature of Cartagena. Built to defend the city from invasion, these walls have stood the test of time and are a tangible reminder of Cartagena’s glorious past as a fortified port.

4. Popa Convent

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Located on top of a hill, the Convento de la Popa offers a spectacular view of Cartagena and the Caribbean Sea. Founded in the 17th century, this convent is a sacred site and an important religious destination for locals and visitors.

5. Rosario Islands and Playa Blanca

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Just off the coast of Cartagena are the beautiful Rosario Islands, a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters and coral reefs. Take a boat trip to explore these paradise islands and relax on the white sands of Playa Blanca.

6. Getsemaní

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

The vibrant neighborhood of Getsemaní, located next to the Walled City, is a hotbed of art, music and culture. Its colorful streets are filled with graffiti, murals, and restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. Don’t miss Plaza de la Trinidad, a popular meeting point for locals and tourists.

7. Palace of the Inquisition

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Immerse yourself in Cartagena’s dark history at the Palace of the Inquisition, an impressive colonial building that once housed the feared Spanish Inquisition. Today, the palace houses the Cartagena Historical Museum, where visitors can learn about the colonial era and the inquisition in Colombia.

8. Zenu Gold Museum

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Discover the region’s rich cultural heritage at the Zenu Gold Museum, which displays an impressive collection of pre-Columbian artifacts from the Zenu culture. From gold jewelry to finely crafted pottery, this museum offers a fascinating insight into the life and traditions of the region’s ancient inhabitants.

9. The Rafael Nunez House Museum

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Visit the Rafael Nunez House Museum, the home of the former Colombian president and author of the lyrics of the Colombian national anthem. This charming museum offers an intimate look at the life and times of Núñez, as well as a sample of the architecture and lifestyle of 19th century Cartagena.

10. Bocagrande and the Beach Area

top 10 attractions in cartagena colombia

Finally, you can’t stop exploring Bocagrande and its golden beaches. This modern coastal area offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants and shops, as well as beaches perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the warm Caribbean climate.

In short, Cartagena de Indias is a destination full of charm and diversity, where history and culture are intertwined with the natural beauty and the hospitality of its people. Whether exploring its historical monuments or relaxing on its idyllic beaches, Cartagena awaits you with open arms to offer you an unforgettable experience in the Colombian Caribbean. Come and discover the magic of Cartagena!

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colonial houses in cartagena

Colonial Houses in Cartagena

There are many colonial houses in Cartagena de Indias, the colonial jewel of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, which is a destination that captivates visitors with its historic charm and well-preserved colonial architecture. In the middle of cobbled streets and cobbled squares, the Colonial Houses stand as silent witnesses of the rich history of this city.

A historic city

colonial houses in cartagena

The historic center of Cartagena, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is home to an impressive set of colonial houses dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. These homes, built with architecture influenced by the Spanish colonial era, show the skill of local artisans and their ability to merge European elements with native details.

Walking through the narrow streets of Cartagena is like immersing yourself in a journey through time. Vibrantly colored facades, wrought iron balconies and hand-carved doors capture the essence of the colonial era. Each house tells a unique story, from the opulence of the merchants’ residences to the modesty of the workers’ homes.

Cultural Tourism and Our Company

colonial houses in cartagena

In this historical setting, local companies play a fundamental role in the preservation and promotion of Cartagena’s architectural heritage. Among them, Cartagena Bachelor Party stands out, an entity committed to the conservation and restoration of Colonial Houses in the city and which, thanks to our partners, house modern luxury.

Cartagena Bachelor Party has become a benchmark in the preservation of Cartagena’s architectural legacy, working in close collaboration with specialized architects, partners and local authorities. Our focus is not only limited to restoration, but also includes initiatives to raise awareness among the community and visitors about the importance of keeping the history of these houses alive.

Unique Experiences for Visitors

colonial houses in cartagena

In addition to our commitment to conservation, Cartagena Bachelor Party offers unique experiences for those who want to immerse themselves in the history of Cartagena. Tours guided by our experts allow visitors to fully enjoy these homes, discovering architectural details, antique furniture and fascinating stories hidden behind the doors.

Likewise, Cartagena Bachelor Party offers the opportunity to stay in some of these restored colonial houses, giving guests the authentic experience of living in the heart of the historic center. This initiative not only offers unique accommodation, but also directly contributes to the continued preservation of these architectural treasures.

The Future of Colonial Houses

colonial houses in cartagena

The commitment of the Cartagena Bachelor Party and our partners not only ensures the preservation of the Colonial Houses in the present, but also lays the foundation for their legacy in the future. Collaboration between the private sector, government authorities and the local community is essential to ensure that these architectural gems remain an integral part of the unique charm of Cartagena, and an important ally when organizing our bachelor parties.

In conclusion, the Colonial Houses in Cartagena are much more than bricks and mortar structures; They are witnesses of the history, culture and identity of a city that has stood the test of time. Thanks to companies like Cartagena Bachelor Party, this architectural heritage is kept alive, offering visitors an authentic and enriching experience. Schedule a video call and we’ll tell you our itinerary for all the kids.

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is cartagena safe for bachelor party

Is Cartagena Safe for Bachelor Party

Do you think Cartagena is safe for a bachelor party? Bachelor parties are joyful and memorable events that mark the end of a close friend’s singlehood. In the search for ideal destinations to celebrate this special occasion, Cartagena, with its historical charm and picturesque beaches, presents itself as a tempting option. However, the crucial question arises: Is Cartagena safe for a bachelor party?

A Friendly Environment

is cartagena safe for bachelor party

Cartagena, located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is known for its rich history, colonial architecture, and vibrant culture. The city has seen an increase in tourism in recent years, attracting visitors from all over the world. The presence of security forces and investment in improving tourism infrastructure have contributed to a generally safe environment and its recent visitors in recent years have left this beautiful city delighted.

Controlled Amusement Centers

is cartagena safe for bachelor party

Tourist areas such as the Walled City and Bocagrande are known for their lively nightlife and variety of restaurants and bars. These places are, for the most part, safe, with a visible police presence. However, as in any tourist destination, it is crucial to remain alert and take basic precautions to avoid unwanted situations.

Enjoy Responsibly

is cartagena safe for bachelor party

United Group: It is recommended that the bachelor party group stay together and avoid separating in unknown places. Group strength increases overall security.

Know the Surroundings: Before venturing out, it is useful to know the location of the nearest embassy or consulate and local emergency numbers.

Avoid Excesses: Excess alcohol can increase vulnerability. Consuming in moderation and knowing your limits is essential.

Choose Trusted Establishments: When selecting bars or clubs, opting for well-known and recommended places can reduce risks.

Safe Transportation: Using our reliable transportation services and avoiding accepting rides from strangers is essential.

Cartagena, a Safe Election with Adequate Precautions

is cartagena safe for bachelor party

In short, Cartagena offers a safe environment to celebrate a bachelor party, as long as the proper precautions are taken. The city presents a unique blend of culture, history and entertainment, but as with any destination, it is imperative to enjoy it responsibly.

The key is awareness and common sense. By following basic safety guidelines and maintaining a responsible attitude, it is possible to fully enjoy the beauty and fun that Cartagena has to offer during a bachelor party.

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cartagena skydiving

Cartagena Skydiving

Cartagena, a city full of history and charm on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is known for its impressive walls, golden beaches and colonial architecture, a perfect place for adventurers. However, there is an exciting experience that raises the adrenaline of those seeking thrills: skydiving in Cartagena. This extreme activity allows adventurers to explore the skies of the walled city and its surroundings, providing a unique and exciting perspective.

The Leap of Adventure: Preparations and Emotions

cartagena skydiving

The skydiving center in Cartagena is a vibrant place full of enthusiasm and adrenaline. Before taking off towards the heights, the intrepid skydivers go through a brief but complete training, where they are taught everything necessary to make a safe jump. Highly trained instructors guide participants, explaining equipment, landing techniques and safety measures.

After the training, the crucial moment arrives: the plane ride. As the plane ascends, skydivers can enjoy panoramic views of Cartagena, its beaches and the glow of the Caribbean Sea. Excitement mixes with anticipation as they approach the altitude from which they will make their jump.

The Roar of the Wind: Free Fall

cartagena skydiving

The most exciting and dizzying moment is, without a doubt, the free fall. Once skydivers jump from the plane, they experience the feeling of speed and pure freedom. During this high-speed descent, the roar of the wind and the feeling of being suspended in the air are indescribable. It is a moment of pure euphoria that creates lasting memories.

The Sweet Deceleration: Parachute Descent

cartagena skydiving

After the incredible free fall, it is time to deploy the parachute. The transition from extreme speed to a smooth and calm descent allows adventurers to enjoy the beauty of Cartagena from a more relaxed perspective. The vibrant colors of the city, the blue of the sea and the Caribbean breeze create a stunning scene as the skydivers glide gently towards dry land.

An Experience to Remember

cartagena skydiving

In short, skydiving in Cartagena offers an exciting way to experience the city from a completely new perspective. For those looking for an adrenaline rush and memories that will last a lifetime, this exciting skydive is an unparalleled option in the beautiful Caribbean city of Cartagena.

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las vegas bachelor party vs cartagena

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Vs Cartagena

Las Vegas bachelor party vs Cartagena! Which is better? Organizing a bachelor party is an exciting and somewhat complicated task that involves selecting a suitable destination to create unforgettable memories in what would be the most important party of your life. Two popular options that are often considered for this purpose are Las Vegas and Cartagena. Both destinations offer unique experiences, but differ in terms of culture, atmosphere and activities. Below, we explore the distinctive features of Las Vegas and Cartagena to help you decide which could be the perfect destination for your bachelor party.

The City of Unlimited Entertainment

las vegas bachelor party vs cartagena

Bright lights, glitzy casinos, and endless parties are just a few of the reasons why Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world. Here, extravagance is the norm, and the city offers a wide range of options for a fun-filled bachelor party (but it’s also pretty expensive).

24/7 Entertainment: Las Vegas never sleeps, and its vibrant nightlife is second to none. From world-class shows to parties in the best clubs, you will find options for all tastes.

Casinos and Games of Chance: If you like the risk and excitement of games of chance, Las Vegas is your paradise. From the famous Strip to out-of-town casinos, you’ll have access to a wide variety of gaming options.

Extravagant Experiences: From dining at celebrity chef restaurants to limousine rides and world-renowned shows, Las Vegas offers luxurious and glamorous experiences.

Colonial Charm and Exotic Beaches

las vegas bachelor party vs cartagena

For those looking for a relaxed yet wild experience, with touches of history and natural beauty, Cartagena, Colombia, is a fascinating choice. This coastal city combines colonial architecture with pristine beaches, a vibrant cultural scene and exciting nightlife.

History and Culture: Cartagena is rich in history, with its old town declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore cobblestone streets, visit historic forts and immerse yourself in local culture.

Paradisiacal Beaches: Cartagena’s beaches, such as Playa Blanca and Islas del Rosario, offer crystal clear waters and white sands, providing a calm and relaxing environment.

Tropical Nightlife: Although it cannot compare to the glitz of Las Vegas, the nightlife in Cartagena has its own charm with beach bars, Caribbean music and the opportunity to try the famous Colombian rumba (There are not so many rules here to a bachelor party like in Las Vegas).

Ultimately, the choice between Las Vegas bachelor party vs Cartagena will depend on the style of bachelor party you are looking for. Las Vegas is ideal for those looking for a glamorous experience, full of parties and emotions and people who have a lot of money, while Cartagena offers an authentic, natural environment with touches of history and beauty as well as sensuality. Whatever your choice, we choose Cartagena as it has something unique to offer, guaranteeing that the bachelor party is unforgettable. Let the celebration begin!

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medellin bachelor party

Medellin Bachelor Party

When it comes to celebrating a medellin bachelor party is the ideal destination for those looking for an exciting and fun-filled experience, and we are at the forefront of these celebrations. This Colombian city, famous for its vibrant culture and beautiful green and natural surroundings, offers a wide range of options for brides-to-be and their friends to celebrate their last singles night in a truly unique way. In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting ways to enjoy a bachelor party in Medellin.

1. Electrifying Nightlife

medellin bachelor party

Medellin is known for its lively nightlife, and the Zona Rosa in the El Poblado neighborhood is the perfect place to start the party. Here, you will find a large number of bars, clubs and discos that guarantee an exciting night. You can start with a few drinks at one of the local bars and then move to a club to dance the night away (We give you the VIP passes). Parque Lleras is another nightlife hot spot in Medellin, with a wide variety of entertainment options for all tastes.

2. Outdoor Adventure

medellin bachelor party

If the groom and his friends are adventure and adrenaline lovers, Medellin offers a wide range of exciting outdoor activities. You can opt for a paragliding or hang gliding experience from the town of San Felix that will take you to the heights to enjoy stunning views of the city and the surrounding region. Another option is paintball, a competitive activity that is sure to generate laughter and lasting memories.

3. Coffee Tour

medellin bachelor party

Colombia is known around the world for its high-quality coffee, and a visit to a coffee farm is an educational and delicious experience. You can explore the coffee production process, from harvest to cup, and taste some of the best coffee varieties in the country. Plus, learning about Colombian coffee culture can be a unique way to celebrate a bachelor party.

4. Spa and Relaxation

medellin bachelor party

After a night of partying or a day of adventure, we also offer relaxation and rejuvenation options. Our accommodations provide massage services, steam baths and spa treatments that will help you relax and revitalize. It’s a great way to recharge for another exciting night on the town.

5. Local Gastronomy

medellin bachelor party

The food in Medellín is delicious and varied. Be sure to try some of the region’s typical dishes, such as the bandeja paisa, the sancocho, or the arepa. You can also explore the city’s high-end restaurant scene if you’re looking for a more sophisticated dining experience. Additionally, and if you don’t want to go out, we add a private chef to cook something delicious for the whole group.

In short, Medellin offers a wide variety of options to celebrate an unforgettable bachelor party. From exciting nightlife to outdoor adventures and spa relaxation, this Colombian city has something for everyone. It’s no wonder Medellin is becoming one of the most popular destinations for bachelor parties in Latin America!

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cartagena colombia travel guide

Cartagena Colombia Travel Guide

Welcome to this cartagena colombia travel guide. If you are looking for a destination that combines history, culture, dream beaches and vibrant nightlife, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, is the perfect place for you. This coastal city, located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, has enchanted visitors from around the world with its colonial beauty, rich history, and warm, welcoming atmosphere. In this travel guide, we’ll take you on a tour of Cartagena’s highlights, from the historic walled neighborhoods to the crystal-clear beaches and delicious local cuisine.

Discovering the Walled City

cartagena colombia travel guide

The heart of Cartagena is its Walled City, a historic center declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here, you will feel transported back in time as you walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, surrounded by colorful colonial houses, wrought iron balconies, and beautiful squares. Some of the places you can’t miss include:

Plaza de Bolívar: This is the nerve center of the Walled City, where the statue of the Liberator Simón Bolívar is located. It is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the surrounding architecture and watch local people and tourists.

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas: This imposing colonial fort is one of the greatest achievements of military engineering in the colonial era. Explore its underground tunnels and enjoy panoramic views of the city from its walls.

Convento de la Popa: Located on a hill, this convent offers spectacular views of Cartagena and the bay. In addition, you will be able to learn about the religious and colonial history of the city.

The Walls: The walls that surround the Walled City are a distinctive feature of Cartagena. Walking through them at sunset is a magical experience, and you will also find small parks and viewpoints along the way.

Enjoying the Beaches

cartagena colombia travel guide

Cartagena has some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. To relax in the sun and take a dip in Caribbean waters, visit:

Playa Blanca: Just an hour by boat from Cartagena, Playa Blanca is famous for its white sand and crystal clear waters. It offers the perfect opportunity to sunbathe, practice water sports and enjoy local food at the many beach restaurants.

Rosario Islands: This archipelago of 27 islands is located about two hours by boat from Cartagena. The Rosario Islands are a paradise for diving and snorkeling lovers, with coral reefs full of marine life.

Bocagrande: If you prefer to stay in the city, Bocagrande Beach is a convenient option. Although not as idyllic as Playa Blanca or the Rosario Islands, it is a popular spot for tourists and offers a variety of amenities and activities.

Gastronomic Delights

cartagena colombia travel guide

The food in Cartagena is a mix of Caribbean, African and Spanish flavors. Be sure to try some traditional dishes:

Ceviche: Cartagena ceviche is a delicious mixture of fresh fish marinated in lemon juice, onion, cilantro and hot chili. It is a refreshing and delicious option.

Egg Arepas: These are popular snacks in Cartagena. These are arepas filled with egg and meat, ideal for a quick snack.

Rice with Coconut: Rice with coconut is an essential dish in Caribbean cuisine. Accompany your meal with this tasty rice cooked with grated coconut.

Nightlife and Culture

cartagena colombia travel guide

The night in Cartagena is lively and full of energy. Music and dance are fundamental in local culture, so don’t miss:

Nightclubs and Bars: The Getsemaní area is known for its bars and nightclubs. Enjoy live music and Caribbean rumba at places like Café Havana or Bazurto Social Club.

Cartagena International Film Festival (FICCI): If you are a film lover, consider visiting Cartagena during FICCI, one of the oldest film festivals in Latin America.

Cartagena de Indias is a destination that offers a unique experience. With its colonial charm, beautiful beaches and rich culture, this Colombian coastal city is the perfect place to immerse yourself in history, relax on the beach and enjoy vibrant nightlife. Get ready to explore the jewel of the Caribbean!

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group travel to cartagena colombia

Group Travel To Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, a Colombian city that combines historical richness with the beauty of the Caribbean beaches, is a destination that attracts travelers from all over the world. To live an enriching and fun experience in this charming corner of Colombia, there is nothing like a group trip, whether for bachelor parties or business groups. In this article, we will take you on a tour of the benefits of joining a travel group to Cartagena, where you can explore the history, culture and natural wonders of this city with fellow enthusiasts and with us as special hosts for your arrival in this perfect city.

The Magic of Cartagena de Indias

group travel to cartagena colombia

Cartagena de Indias is a place brimming with history and culture. Founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, the city has witnessed numerous historical events and has preserved its colonial architecture over the centuries. The cobblestone streets, squares filled with colorful colonial houses and the impressive walls that surround the old town will transport you to a fascinating past.

Advantages of a Group Trip to Cartagena

group travel to cartagena colombia

Sharing experiences: Traveling in a group means sharing unforgettable moments with people who share your interests. You can enjoy cultural excursions and leisure activities together, which will enrich your experience.

Discounts and offers: We offer special discounts for groups, which can help you save money on our luxurious accommodations, meals and activities that we have for you.

Expert Guides: Tour groups are usually accompanied by experienced local guides who have a deep understanding of the history and culture of Cartagena. This will allow you to obtain valuable information and explore the city in a deeper way and we have bilingual professional experts who will be with you at all times.

Safety: Traveling in a group also provides a greater sense of security, especially in foreign destinations. Having travel companions can help address any potential problems more effectively. Likewise, our tourist packages have security guards if you wish.

Diversity: Travel groups often include people of different ages and nationalities, which enriches the experience by giving you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures.

Activities in Cartagena

group travel to cartagena colombia

During your group trip to Cartagena, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting activities:

Visit to the old town: Explore the cobblestone streets, charming squares and museums that will immerse you in the history of the city.

Walk along the beaches: Enjoy the sun and the sea on the beautiful beaches of Bocagrande, Castillo Grande and the Rosario Islands.

Tasting of local gastronomy: Try the delicious Cartagena food, which combines African, indigenous and Spanish influences.

Walls Tour: Discover the imposing military architecture of the walls that once protected the city from pirates.

Excursions to nearby places: Take advantage of the opportunity to visit nearby places such as the city of Barranquilla or the Ciénaga de la Virgen Lagoon.

A group travel to cartagena colombia is the perfect way to experience everything this city has to offer. From its rich history to its spectacular beaches and delicious food, Cartagena is a destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Join our travel group and get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Cartagena alongside fellow enthusiasts and expert guides. You will not regret this adventure in the Colombian Caribbean!

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