cartagena party villas

A Luxury Cartagena Party Villas

As the title says, we have cartagena party villas perfect for any type of celebration, be it a business trip with lustful overtones, getaways from the monotony of work and routine, or our favourites, bachelor parties. Cartagena is a Colombian city near the Caribbean Sea, full of good vibes, perfect, where young people come looking for adventure both day and night.

Our villas date back about 200 years, and have been little renovated just to adapt them to the new times. Without taking away that essence, entering this house is going back to the year 1800. Additionally, these villas have been equipped with swimming pools, jacuzzis and spacious bedrooms.

Our trusty concierge included

cartagena party villas

Our three packages, whichever one you choose, include a concierge. This person will be in charge of being attentive to everything you need, from taking you to the most exclusive places (bars, discos, restaurants) and getting beautiful hostesses if it is a single party. The concierge will be a faithful ally so that at your party or meeting you don’t have to take care of anything on your own.

Cartagena party villas & Boat rentals

cartagena party villas

We have in our catalog of villas and boats, a wide range, from small villas to isolated islands to fully rent and at an excellent price, I assure you that it is more expensive to go to Las Vegas. And we also have a fleet of yachts, catamarans and boats to explore the Caribbean Sea of Cartagena in style, with good music, delicious drinks, and girls in bikinis.

A bodyguard

cartagena party villas

We also offer this bodyguard service, you can request it here.

If you want more peace of mind, get crazy when you drink or just want to be like Axl Rose when he goes on tour, this bodyguard service is for you. We offer you a qualified and well-prepared staff to stop any situation, they are quite responsible and very discreet people. You can request them to be armed, or unarmed, as you wish.

Beautiful masseuses

cartagena party villas

We offer this service for those who like comfort, highly recommended after spending a whole night celebrating in style. Our masseuses are professionally trained to fulfill your wishes.

Transportation in luxury cars

cartagena party villas

We pick you up at the airport as soon as you arrive in the car of your choice, it can be a luxury car, a limousine or a van, with perfect VIP treatment. You will not have problems getting a taxi or getting on an UBER, our chef will be there for you at all times when you need it. He will also be in charge of taking them on a tour of all the places of interest, and on the last day he will take them to the airport.

You will have cartagena party villas available for all tastes, huge gardens, private pool or jacuzzi parties and large spaces with a DJ. Schedule a call with us now, we will be planning your itinerary right now.

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party houses in cartagena

A Place To Party In Cartagena

We offer party houses in Cartagena, we have a wide portfolio of approximately 120 properties ready for you to come celebrate your bachelor party with total freedom, or simply escape from the monotony of everyday life. We have houses for all tastes, from small and luxurious apartments for two people, to beautiful villas to accommodate 45 people.

These properties are located in areas that are perfect for tourism, close to emblematic places in Cartagena such as the Great Wall, the Getsemani neighborhood, and exclusive nightclubs.

Our properties are perfectly equipped for private parties, from swimming pools and jacuzzis, to comfortable rooms with a private bathroom each and with all the comforts to rest after the celebration. There is no doubt that our party houses in Cartagena have something for everyone.

party houses in cartagena

A vibrant and sexy city

Cartagena is a city that everyone falls in love with, and rightly so, since it is one of the few cities in Latin America that still preserves that essence of the colonial era mixed with the present time. As you walk you will find horse-drawn carriages, 19th century-style stone streets, small balconies of colorful houses with many stories to tell.

You will find bars and nightclubs both colonial and modern. Dance to the Latin music and blend in with the locals, and meet some sexy singles who just want to have a good time.

They are not only party houses in Cartagena

party houses in cartagena

Cartagena has it all, and it has been the point of arrival for thousands of tourists from all over the world since it was declared a UNESCO heritage site in the 80s. This city was one of the first in America founded by the Spanish and has retained that romantic Caribbean charm that has made more than one fall in love. In fact, many who have come from North America and Europe have stayed to live here, the living proof of that is me, who arrived more than 15 years ago and ended up staying in this paradise.

There is definitely no better place to stay, these party houses in Cartagena will make you fall in love and make your stay the most comfortable and fun of all. Call us or schedule a video call that will organize everything for you, whether you just come for a getaway, or want to celebrate your bachelor party.

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party houses in cartagena

Best Bachelor Party Houses in Cartagena

It goes without saying that we have the best party houses in cartagena, a unique selection of houses for all tastes, from modest apartments but without giving up luxury for 2 people, large mansions and beautiful villas dating from the 19th century. we have perfect isolated spaces in each house to enjoy a party without limits. In these houses we offer a 24/7 service with a concierge included who will be attentive to all the requests of your group. Our staff, which is quite discreet, will serve you in the best way.

Our catalog of houses has approximately 120 properties, which will make it difficult for you to choose since all the properties are charming, fully equipped with perfect comforts and clean. You will not have to carry your bags because once you arrive at the airport, we will carry your bags, you just have to enjoy yourself. Our driver will take you wherever you want, before arriving at your perfect accommodation. What matters to us is that you enjoy 100% of your stay in Cartagena. Don’t forget, we have the best party houses in cartagena.

A sample of our party houses in Cartagena

Luxurious accommodation packages

Apart from our party houses in cartagena, we have a fleet of rental boats to make your trip in Cartagena totally unforgettable. We are the best logistics partner for your bachelor party.

This private tour comes fully prepared, with a perfectly qualified and discreet crew to give you the best service. This trip of approximately 6 hours will take you to see the best islands near Cartagena, as well as activities on the high seas that you cannot miss, and best of all, you can bring beautiful girls as guests.

Our party houses in cartagena and our fleet of yachts will make your experience the most memorable in Cartagena, fill out our registration form and in this way you will organize your itinerary. If you want us to call you, schedule the call right now and we will be in touch with you immediately.

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party houses in cartagena

Catalog of Party Houses in Cartagena

We have an immense number of party houses in cartagena, a great selection of villas and mansions adapted not only for a good rest, but they are also perfect houses to have a private party without being disturbed by anyone. These isolated spaces will allow you and your squad to celebrate the most impressive bachelor party in Cartagena, with all the comforts, and with everything you need.

Our service staff in these houses will be 24/7 at your disposal for anything you need. This ranges from beverage services, music, meal preparation, cleaning and anything else you can think of, our concierge will fulfill it for you.

Each of these party houses in cartagena has its charm, luxury and privacy, which is what we know you want for your bachelor party. So once you arrive at the airport, drop your bags and our staff will take care of everything, until the day you return home. With our VIP package you will have tranquility, adrenaline, lust, wild partying and many, many alcoholic drinks.

All step by step

To plan your big party, the first step is to reserve the house, and it is the first recommendation we make, because if you agree to a reservation with time, you will not only access the most luxurious house in our catalog, but at a more favorable price than will fit your budget.

Choose a perfect party house in Cartagena with the luxuries that you like the most, with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and play areas for adults. Stay in the best houses in Cartagena.

A sample of our party houses in Cartagena

To access the best party houses in Cartagena, do not forget to contact us in time, our agents will call you back if you wish, and will have the best properties available for you. No matter the size, we have houses for 45 people so you don’t have to worry about space.

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planning a bachelor party in cartagena

About Wild Nights In Cartagena

You are already planning a bachelor party in cartagena, if you are here it is because you are really doing it, not because I have guessed it. And since it is a bachelor party, it is in your interest to know what the nightlife in Cartagena is like, how safe it can be and what are the best areas to celebrate.

In this article we will talk about all the information you need, I will share tips to enjoy Cartagena’s nightlife to the fullest, I will give you suggestions for bars, the best nightclubs. Stay until the end.

Cartagena nightlife

Cartagena is the most popular destination in Colombia along with Medellin, due to the known preferences of local and foreign citizens. As an excellent international destination, there are many options to enjoy the nightlife, from relaxed bars, terraces to have a beer, places to walk and see beautiful single girls, and the best clubs.

We can start talking about prices, which for locals or Colombian citizens are usually expensive because it is a place with a powerful tourism industry. But if you are a citizen of North America, or you come from Europe, this will not be expensive for you at all. If we compare the prices of the best nightclubs in Cartagena that are nationally famous, I dare to say that these places are cheaper than any nightclub in the United States.

As for the entrance to the bars, nightclubs or restaurants, we have everything under control, since our packages include VIP entrance to the best places with the right to drinks and without having to stand in line, which is why it is the best option that you have with us if you are already planning a bachelor party in Cartagena.

Good to have safety tips

In Cartagena, as in any city in Latin America, there are bad people, individuals who are dedicated to stealing and doing evil. If you’ve never heard of a drug called scopolamine, I advise you to take a few minutes to Google it.

Although this drug is very rare in Cartagena, some individuals use it to subdue their victims at will, therefore we advise you not to lose sight of your drink, and you should not accept drinks from strangers either. For example, there are women who pretend to be interested in a man so he must be alert and not lose sight of his drink.

In our VIP packages we include a plan that is especially liked by those people who want to drink until they can’t take it anymore, and that is the security guard service. These people will be attentive to the group at all times and will accompany them to any place they wish to go, they will be armed if you wish, but if they are unarmed, they are perfectly prepared to neutralize any situation that occurs.

It's good to wear the right clothes

Colombians and the Latin culture are like peacocks, they dress to impress, this applies to both men and women. We recommend wearing clothes that are quite fresh, we are talking about t-shirts, shorts and comfortable walking shoes, due to the tropical climate.

There are some nightclubs that have and enforce a dress code but not so much that you have to walk into this place dressed as George Bush Sr. Here men can enter with shorts, sneakers or sandals.

It is not about going unnoticed dressing like the locals, depending on your style, I think you will not like their way of dressing, also as foreigners it is difficult to pretend not to be a tourist, when you open your mouth to speak, everyone will know that you are not Colombian.

But let's talk about the best places

Many places that were good in the past had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of my favorite places when I went to Cartagena are closed, places like Fragma or Bazurto Social Club that I used to love to have a beer there no longer exist .

In our work as party planners and stag party planners, it is vital to know the hot spots, their menu and the nightlife, before including these places in our packages.

Next, I will mention what for me are the best places of the moment to come and celebrate.

1. El Arsenal

Many places that were good in the past had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of my favorite places when I went to Cartagena are closed, places like Fragma or Bazurto Social Club that I used to love to have a beer there no longer exist .

In our work as party planners and stag party planners, it is vital to know the hot spots, their menu and the nightlife, before including these places in our packages.

Next, I will mention what for me are the best places of the moment to come and celebrate.

2. Ron and Cigars

An excellent place to try a good cigar is a special place. They carry different brands of cigars, including Cuban cigars and Colombian brands that are less expensive. It is a quite cozy place to enjoy a good Whiskey and a Cuban Cigar.

3. Caponera

It is located in the famous neighborhood of Getsemani, a few steps from the Clock Tower. Here you will get elegant cocktails and quite reasonable prices without being pretentious for being located in the most exclusive neighborhood of Caracas. This place is frequented by many tourists.

4. Donde Fidel

It is also located in the Getsemaní neighborhood, Donde Fidel is a well-known place not only in Cartagena but throughout Colombia. It is an excellent place if you want to listen to salsa and enjoy a delicious drink. To start the night, it is a place that we recommend.

5. Cafe del mar

This place always appears on someone’s list when it comes to nightlife and bars. And it is a place that has a well-deserved reputation for the good attention to the delicious drinks that they offer us. Its location is quite privileged and most of the cocktails are handmade, which is why we recommend it.

If you are already planning a bachelor party in cartagena and you are the groom’s best man or the best friend, we know that this article will be very helpful, so we hope you find it useful.

We invite you to browse our website and see everything we have for you.

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bachelor parties in cartagena

Our VIP Bachelor Parties in Cartagena

For bachelor parties in cartagena we are without a doubt the best in the industry. We have been hosting and organizing the best party in the life of a single person for 15 years,

We care a lot about luxury, adventure, lust and all the fantasies that the group can come up with. So stay until the end of the article and fall in love with Cartagena.

Why are bachelor parties in Cartagena good?

200 years ago Cartagena was the cradle of wealth in Colombia, this city founded by the Spanish in colonial times was the commercial epicenter of South America, and Spanish aristocrats took land, built beautiful villas that to this day are maintain (Some of these Villas are owned by us).

With its cobblestone streets full of history, Cartagena is quite friendly and any foreigner who comes falls in love with the color of this beautiful city. The structure of the old city remains the same since the times of the Spanish, in fact in the great wall you can see the cannons that protected this city.

But is it all history?

Although the story is quite romantic and interesting, but enough of nonsense, let’s get to what really interests us. Cartagena manages a powerful tourist industry at the national level, since the most important hotel chains worldwide such as Hilton, Marriott among others are based in this place, in addition to that, the most luxurious and impressive mansions in all of Colombia.

We do not want you to come and stay in a very expensive hotel that will only give you the right to rest and a breakfast in the morning, we offer the entire accommodation for you and your friends, where you will not only have the right to eat what you want, but You will have the right to 100% of the property and you can make the noise you want.

But the most important thing about Cartagena is not only its stories, cobbled streets and our wonderful mansions, Cartagena is the paradise of the most beautiful women in the country. On the other hand, there are plenty of nightclubs, strip clubs and girls who just want to hang out.

And the best of all is that Cartagena has the Caribbean Sea as a spectator in the front row, crystal clear waters, white sands and yachts of our property so that you can take bachelor parties in Cartagena on the high seas.

How expensive can Cartagena be?

At the level of South America, Cartagena is somewhat expensive, for tourists within Colombia or people from the region such as Brazil, Peru or Argentina it is really expensive, but if we compare the prices in Colombian pesos together with the dollar or the euro, Cartagena is cheap, in fact it is 10 times cheaper than Las Vegas, but 10 times more luxurious and full of adventure. So don’t worry about the prices, you don’t have to save too much to come here to celebrate.

In recent years, Colombia has become a tourist destination par excellence, leaving behind those stories about drug trafficking and terrorism for which it became famous worldwide. But now, the fact of celebrating bachelor parties in cartagena, many singles made the decision to come here for their big celebration, in fact many canceled their party in Las Vegas and saved a lot of money by coming to Cartagena with us.

You’re ready? We have the perfect itinerary for every taste. We will wait for you!

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bachelor party in cartagena

Best Destination In The World

Will you have your bachelor party in Cartagena? Then you have chosen the best tourist destination in the world. In this place, the brides and grooms have come to celebrate their big party before getting married, since its beautiful landscape, a relaxing Caribbean atmosphere that takes away worries and good activities, make it the perfect setting to enjoy your bachelor party. .

We know that you are looking for more than a crazy night, you want the complete weekend package where things will go 100% crazy but we also assure you a break from your normal life.

So without further ado, it’s time to prepare your bachelor party and we’ll show you everything we have prepared for you in this article.

We have private villas

Cartagena is a tourist destination par excellence not only for national travelers, but also for people who come from other parts of the world, especially from the United States and Europe. Here there are well-known hotel chains such as Decameron or Hilton, but these places, apart from being quite luxurious and expensive, have excessive rules and are not ideal for celebrating bachelor parties.

In that aspect we are well prepared, we have impressive houses, and we are not talking about just any house, we are talking about beautiful Villas that date from the 19th century and have been renovated preserving that ancient essence. But best of all, these houses have no rules so you can have a big celebration.

Our houses are adapted with all the comforts so that your bachelor party in Cartagena is perfect. We offer you a private Chef to enjoy exotic meals, and I am talking about local and international cuisine. Additionally, a staff that will be on the lookout for cleaning and will make sure that everything is perfect for all the guests.

Do you want to relax? You will have at your disposal professional masseuses who will leave you so relaxed that you will want a massage every morning. Additionally and if it is of your interest, we have bodyguards available to take care of you at all times.

A private island is ideal

It is an option that may seem like a whim, but it is undoubtedly a whim that cannot be missed if you come to Cartagena. These private islands are an hour from Cartagena but they will be spectacular, and to celebrate your bachelor party here, it is the best possibility you will have.

These beautiful private islands are surrounded by coral reefs and crystal clear waters, they are perfect places if what you are looking for is the greatest privacy without being disturbed by anyone. We recommend this option 100% since these accommodations can receive up to 10 guests and you can bring beautiful girls if you wish, which we are sure it will be.

Imagine naked girls bathing in the sea with you, everything will depend on your ability to conquer, and we are sure you can. We will take care of the rest for you.

Party on a Yacht in Cartagena

It’s a legendary entertainment idea when it comes to hanging out with friends, but at a Cartagena stag party, going out for a drink goes beyond drinking yourself crazy.

Cartagena has a vibrant nightlife, the walled city lights up at nightfall and all its clubs dress up to receive all their guests with the greatest cordiality and attention.

Places like Alquimico, or Havana Club have national recognition and are the meeting point not only for tourists but also for celebrities and politicians. Obviously the girls who come alone to look for some company should not be missing, so put on some perfume and go hunting.

Let's have some dinner

But first things first, before ingesting indecent amounts of alcohol, you have to have something to eat and we will reserve you in the most exclusive places in Cartagena.

In your bachelor party you will also experience a unique gastronomic experience with a Colombian flavor, or international flavors if you wish. But we also have more options if what you want is a simple informal dinner. In a great way we have VIP passes so that your money is well spent in these exclusive restaurants.

Do you want to know more about what your bachelor party will be in Cartagena? Get in touch with us right now and we will tell you more about the best party of your lives.

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cartagena bachelor party

The Elite of Cartagena

Do you know what your cartagena bachelor party will be like? Let me tell you, Cartagena is the most dreamed of party tourist destination for foreigners who come to Colombia, convince your friends to come to this impressive adventure full of alcohol, nightclubs, and horny women wanting to meet someone like You to say goodbye to his single life, that and more is Cartagena de Indias. And so it will be, a team of girls will accompany you wherever you need them to light up the party.

Your bachelor party in Cartagena will be extraordinary, so tell us what else you want us to do for you, we will make your wishes come true. you will return home with good memories.

What are we going to include in your bachelor party?

With us, your bachelor party will start from the moment you pick up the phone to communicate with us, since we will give you all the steps to follow so that you can start all the preparations, so that you do not waste time, and so that you can access the best prices.

Once arriving in the city of Cartagena, a beautiful car will wait for you outside with a few girls and many drinks to officially start the most epic party. After this, our VIP package will start to work magic and it is there where you will meet the luxurious villa where you will stay with your friends, here we will include a chef who will be waiting for you with delicious food, a Dj will play your favorite music, and our faithful concierge will be attentive to get you everything you ask for. Obviously our VIP package goes further, with impressive activities for you to do during the day, as well as at night.

What more benefits will you have?

For a cartagena bachelor party with all the luxuries, a tailored service is what you will want from us. A great vacation to recharge yourself with good energy.

If you don’t speak Spanish we will help you with our concierge who is not only bilingual and will help you with the language, but will also show you the magical places of Cartagena. This person will book in the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Cartagena, and will get the girls that you will like the most, but do not forget something, remember that you must get married so do not fall in love.

The best bachelor party planners

This moment is undoubtedly fundamental in your life before getting married, a bachelor party must be planned without losing sight of every detail. So we have designed every detail in each of our packages for you to join the elite of Cartagena parties.

Come to our villa to have fun with the most beautiful cheerleaders in Cartagena, obviously they are not one of those typical blonde cheerleaders that you are used to, we are talking about hot women with brown skin and an authentic smile that you fall in love with. Secure your pass to the party elite in Cartagena with us and you will have these girls for yourself.

These girls will be able to accompany you on a yacht tour throughout the Caribbean Sea and will take a tour of the best islands, some of these islands are lonely, perfect for going crazy.

True luxury villas

If something is left over in Cartagena, they are luxury villas, true colonial houses that date back 200 years and have been renovated to modernize them, but preserving the magic of the colonial era. The best news of all is that these houses are owned by us, so if it is for a celebration, these houses are adapted for you to celebrate like never before in your life.

Luxurious yachts to celebrate

Coming to Cartagena and not getting on an impressive yacht is not having come to Cartagena. So come and enjoy a wonderful sunny day to get a little tan and a couple of girls to spread oil on your body, how about that my friend? A true and exciting experience.

Choose a luxury yacht, a fast boat or a perfect catamaran. We will provide everything, from the towels for you to dry off, the alcohol and the music, to some jet skis to have fun like never before.

Join the elite cartagena bachelor party right now, we know that you like exclusivity and comfort, and we will provide you with everything you want to add to the VIP packages, from a special meal, to closing a nightclub alone. for you. Let’s celebrate right now.

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bachelor party in cartagena

Bachelor Party In Cartagena Tips

Come to your bachelor party in cartagena, this hidden paradise but well known worldwide, without a doubt a pride of Colombia not only for being the first city founded, but for being the political and tourist epicenter of the country, receiving thousands and thousands of tourists a year, many of whom get caught up in its charm and end up staying.

This hotbed of history lessons has a lot to tell, and a lot to teach, because if there is something left over in Cartagena, it is nightclubs, villas for parties, and beautiful women, beyond that, the immensity of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

We have the best villas

One of the things that most worries tourists from North America and Europe when traveling is where they are going to stay, if it will be a safe place for you and your friends, and if it will have the luxury you want, we will answer all these questions . Our accommodations in Cartagena are usually colonial-style villas, since many of these houses date back more than 200 years and were restored by new owners. The houses retain their colonial style quite prominent, but mixed with this modern era.

The houses are perfectly equipped for the enjoyment of the groups that stay, starting with comfortable rooms for groups of up to 50 people, landscapes for private use and enjoyment, and swimming pools and Jacuzzis to organize the best party. The kitchen and dining room are usually quite large places to organize catering and the structure in general is perfect for not disturbing the neighbors, nor being disturbed by anyone.

A great advantage of the accommodations we have is that they are located in the most exclusive places in Cartagena, in these places are most of the bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

With us you will take advantage of the time

The Caribbean Sea, modern Cartagena and colonial Cartagena is a perfect symbiosis if we talk about bachelor parties, this city is too partyy so getting bored here is impossible. The beautiful Caribbean Sea offers crystal clear waters that will invite you to take a refreshing swim with your friends and beautiful girls. Best of all, you will experience aquatic life while snorkeling.

But if it is not your desire to get into the water for a while, sailing is a fun option aboard a luxurious yacht with live music on board. The tour will be through several islands, many of them uninhabited to have a lot of freedom with all the privacy that a bachelor party in Cartagena deserves.

A hot nightlife

As we have already mentioned, Cartagena has an impressive nightlife, so we assure you that you will not regret coming to this place. But what about nightclubs? Unlike nightclubs in the United States or Canada, in Cartagena there is no formal dress code, so suits or ties and leather shoes can be left at home, here you can wear jeans, comfortable shoes and a t-shirt, more casual than you want.

Bocagrande has an outstanding nightlife, it is a very popular area where beautiful women go night after night to have fun and meet new people, it is a good tip to keep in mind if you want to meet girls.

Start planning your bachelor party in cartagena right now, no Las Vegas, no Atlantic City. Cartagena is the best option if you want to get crazy with your friends and some girls. In Cartagena everything is valid.

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bachelor party in cartagena

Bachelor Party In Cartagena Or Medellin

When talking about a bachelor party in cartagena, or Medellin, sexy women, tremendous parties and beautiful natural landscapes always come to mind. We are here to clarify things, because these two cities have many good things and other regular ones, but both share the good vibes of people for foreign visitors.

We know that making a decision about both cities is quite difficult, and we are here to tell you a little about the pros and cons, so stay until the end.

Bachelor party in Medellin

A city that has always been on the map of public opinion since the 80s and 90s, but it was for issues related to terrorism and drug trafficking. But today the situation is totally different, it is still in the world public opinion, but now for issues of industrial development and innovation.

Additionally, it has become a powerful tourist industry, since thousands of people are attracted to Medellin not only because of its past history, but also because of its natural environment, its nightlife, and most importantly, a number of beautiful women, who have fallen in love. to more than one who comes to this city.

Thanks to these changes in the city, the crime rate has decreased considerably in the last 15 years, historical figures that make foreigners very happy, but even more so the country people who love this city so much.

Pros and Cons of Medellin

  • Beautiful women
  • Spring weather all year round
  • Outdoor activities of all kinds
  • Epic views from anywhere in the city
  • Famous nightclubs in Colombia


  • does not have a beach
  • You’ll find pimps around town

Bachelor party in Cartagena

Cartagena par excellence, is the first city in Colombia, a city full of history wherever you look at it and that has preserved its historical part for more than 4 centuries. But the true reality is that those who come to celebrate their bachelor party in Cartagena, are not attracted by the stories of the war of independence or by Simón Bolívar, but rather by the exotic islands that surround it, and by the vibrant nightlife.

Each place in Cartagena is worth visiting during your bachelor party, here you will party until you drop and you will meet beautiful cinnamon-skinned girls that you will love.

Pros and cons of Cartagena

  • Yacht Parties
  • More restaurants
  • American nightlife
  • Islands


  • Some things are very expensive
  • It’s crowded with tourists

To celebrate your bachelor party in cartagena or Medellin, both places are unique. Medellin is a very authentic metropolis, without seeming like a tourist city, therein lies its charm, while Cartagena, being a historic city, attracts more tourists each year.

Both destinations are chosen to celebrate bachelor parties, see beautiful women and spend unforgettable nights.

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We’ll contact you to know more about your crew, your desires, likes and dislikes so we can create a tailored epic party trip and give you a free custom quote!