party houses in cartagena

Booking Party Houses In Cartagena

In our last article we talked about party houses in cartagena, and in other previous articles we have discussed the steps to follow to start planning your bachelor party in Cartagena or Medellin. On this occasion we will collect information so that you can put together your well-organized bachelor party package. So stay until the end single friend.

So let’s start from the beginning, we are going to start with the best times to visit Cartagena to take a quality tour and our houses to stay.

Let's all get together

Getting together is easy when it comes to friends, but when it comes to organizing a party as important as a bachelor party, it can be quite complicated, especially when it comes to money.

If you have many friends, choose the group that fits your budget, and above all, a thirst for adventure in the beautiful natural settings of Colombia. Our recommendation is that you avoid groups of more than 20 people, so that the development of the task, the tours does not become stressful for anyone.

Best dates

The dates between November and March are high season, since those are the dates when Colombians are on vacation and usually choose Cartagena to rest. We recommend booking at least 3 months in advance, with this you will not only save money, but you will also have access to the best party houses and luxury yachts.

Calculate the budget

Party houses in Cartagena will not be as expensive as a suite at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, but much larger, more luxurious and more private, and I know why I tell you! Before stepping on the State of Nevada you will have spent a few thousand dollars.

Accommodation in the city of Cartagena can cost $2,000 a night, but we are talking about a beautiful luxurious villa that can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably. On the other hand, you cannot visit Cartagena without sailing the Caribbean Sea aboard a luxurious yacht, a capybara that you will not be able to have in Las Vegas, that is a desert!

Party houses in Cartagena

On our website you will find more than 100 comfortable accommodations and a great variety, from small luxurious apartments for 4 people, to impressive mansions that can accommodate 45 people comfortably. These are undoubtedly excellent VIP packages.

Tell us how many people, what amenities you’re looking for, and your travel dates, and within minutes we’ll have at least 10 options ready for you to choose from.

How many activities do you want to do?

Our VIP concierge will have a list of the best things to do in Cartagena during your stay, and it’s not just going to the casino or seeing a couple of girls, but an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Our suggestion is always to get to know the city up close, which is why I suggest tours such as ceviche, rum and cigar tasting, and bike tours are among the most popular. And these are the smoother routes, if you are more adventurous, there is also for you.

This scheme is not only party houses in cartagena, but an entire expedition that we will include in your bachelor party and that the memory will last a lifetime.

Get in touch with us right now, we will have a pleasant chat and we will start organizing your big party.

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top 10 bachelor party destinations

Cartagena a Top Destination

Speaking of top 10 bachelor party destinations, Cartagena is a beautiful and mysterious city, but for a few years now, it has been rediscovered by Europeans and North Americans, which has caused the growth of a tremendous tourism industry and of world-class entertainment, far above cities like Las Vegas, Benidorm and Kuala Lumpur. Many celebrities such as Will Smith, Leonardo Di Caprio, Barack Obama and Carles Puyol (Former FC Barcelona Footballer) have helped put Cartagena on the world map.

My purpose in this article is to show you how impressive this city is, and how ideal it will be for your bachelor party in Cartagena.

Finding a house to rent is very easy

In Cartagena there is no shortage of available rentals and beautiful houses available, we and thanks to our partners, have approximately 100 houses and all of them in most beautiful mansions from the Spanish colonial era, there are properties for any number of people, and for all budgets.

We have from small apartments for 4 people, up to 45 people easily accommodated in these beautiful houses.

Is Cartagena 100% safe?

Cartagena, together with Medellin, is one of the safest metropolises in Colombia, so if we ask about security, here you will find it on every corner. And it is that thanks to the efforts of local governments and the union of the locals, in Cartagena the crime rate has dropped substantially and there is a special police unit to protect tourists.

However, it is very important to maintain a basic precaution, since petty theft such as stealing wallets still persists.

Transport services in application

Services like Uber and Cabify exist in Colombia and are highly recommended if you want to transport yourself in Cartagena. But the negative side of this is that there are rivalries between transport by application and taxis.

But knowing this, we always recommend our own transportation service, since we have luxury cars, trucks, vans and limousines, all available and adapted for you to celebrate and go wherever you want.

Police authorities

In Colombia, to date, quite strict codes of conduct have been approved, and therefore police surveillance in each point of the city is quite rigid. Some police officers are quite corrupt, but we are talking about a small part of the police population, the rest and the ones we have generally come across, are quite friendly and helpful towards foreign nationals.

But the best way to spend unforgettable days in Cartagena is to behave with respect and self-control, and do not carry anything illegal with you.

Of the 10 best destinations for bachelor parties, Cartagena has always been the most desired destination and this is because of its party atmosphere, its impressive women, the beautiful houses and yachts of our property, the tours and the security that this city offers for everyone. visitors from North America and europe. Without more to say, this destination will make you fall in love as it has done with many people, I assure you that you will not be the exception.

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World Top Bachelor Party

World Top Bachelor Party

It’s time to book your next flight for your Cartagena bachelor party, as this is one of the most desirable destinations for singles worldwide. Cartagena is a very popular coastal city in Colombia, and it is not for less, this place offers a magical Caribbean atmosphere. So get ready to enjoy the most incredible bachelor party of your life.

In Cartagena you will find a wonderful climate, quite sexy women, and a perfect nightlife for parties like yours.

For our part, we will give you all our experience to organize the best party of your life. Pack your bags immediately, get in the car and go to the airport, where our driver will be waiting for you in Colombia. If you want a VIP experience, check out our packages.

What to do at your cartagena bachelor party

This exciting destination has perfect activities to do from day to night. And there is something in the beach atmosphere of this city that every tourist falls in love with, even many of them have ended up living in this beautiful city, as was the case with us 15 years ago.

Wherever you walk you will feel the joy of this city, happy music in every corner while you go for a walk, incredibly sexy women and local people who will always have a smile for you.

Cartagena has many possibilities to do the best activities, and during the day they will be quite exciting like; spend a pleasant time on the beach, take a ride on our luxurious boats, walk through the walled city, parachute among others.

let's relax on the beach

This picturesque city is in front of a beautiful Caribbean coast with crystal clear waters and white sand that combined with seeing beautiful women walking you will feel as if you were in paradise,

And it is that in terms of beaches there are many options to choose from, for example; Playa Blanca, Bocagrande, Baru among others. To relax these beaches are perfect where you will spend the day swimming, diving and enjoying a drink. So do not forget to fill the cooler and some goodies to come and relax for a while at your Cartagena bachelor party.

A boat ride

This is a fairly complete city as far as activities are concerned, since you will not only have walks in the city but you will also walk in the immense Caribbean Sea aboard a luxurious yacht.

You can rent a private tour with us for you and the boys, and go on a tour of the best islands. You will have the perfect view of Cartagena while enjoying drinks on the boat. We will especially take you to Cholon, which is a meeting place for various ships where people go to party.

The old walled city

This is quite a popular place and it is perfect for your Cartagena bachelor party, as it is the colonial part of Cartagena, full of history, culture, vibrant colors, small streets that make it perfect for long walks and mixing with local people.

The walks in the walled city can be done day and night, it is a quiet safe place where you will definitely enjoy the nightlife. Here you will find emblematic places such as Plaza de Bolívar, El Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, among other historical places.

Nightlife in cartagena

Your Cartagena bachelor party will be all about drinking as much as you can, and partying like a rock star. Cartagena, like Medellin, is known for its excellent nightlife and many visitors from other countries come here to experience it. So if you have chosen Cartagena for your big party, you have made a great choice.

Night clubs

The locals of Cartagena love to dance, rumba and women, this makes Cartagena have the best nightclubs in Colombia. Here you will find exciting places where you will have a good time, with good drinks, trendy music and beautiful girls who come alone to have a good time.

The old city is the central axis of the festivities. Here you can go from bar to bar so as not to stay in one place and enjoy the variety. You can have fun until dawn in clubs like the taboo disco and Eivissa.

Taboo Disco Club is one of the best rated clubs in the city. It is the best place to go if you are looking to dance. Grab a table, order bottle service and get ready for lots of fun.

Eivissa is one of the biggest nightclubs in Cartagena. It has three levels with a huge dance floor on each one full of hot girls ready to have fun with you. You can dance the night away with views of the old city from the roof terrace.

Strip clubs at your Cartagena bachelor party

Colombia is famous for having beautiful and sexy women, and this over the years has attracted many singles to meet them. So if you come to celebrate your bachelor party you will find many places to see beautiful girls that will leave you breathless, you must have your wallet ready to fulfill all your fantasies. Feel free in these places and have a couple of dollars in your hands.

The Pley Club is a must visit for all singles, as it is world famous for preparing erotic style events. For example, former President Barack Obama’s secret service men were in this club, so take note of the place I’m talking about.

On the other hand, Club Isis is a popular strip club that remains in the walled city. Her beautiful girls adorn this place with sensual dances in the best style of Demi Moore in her movie Striptease. A perfect place for your Cartagena bachelor party.

Your Cartagena bachelor party will be hard to forget when you return home, this popular destination of international fame is made for parties and when you come you will realize what I am talking about. Cartagena and Medellin have the most vibrant and exciting atmospheres when it comes to parties and women.

It is not difficult to find the best places to party and enjoy your trip. And the lower cost of living means you won’t have to watch your budget too much as you live out your last days as a single man.

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cartagena party villas

The Best Luxurious Villas

Imagine cartagena party villas for your big bachelor party? Obviously all your friends will be there celebrating the most important party of your life along with a few beautiful girls partying with you. This together with a DJ playing the music of his choice, liquor everywhere, will be the perfect balance for your bachelor party.

Whether you leave Miami, Los Angeles or New York, a perfect party villa in Cartagena will be waiting for you with all the comforts. We have all the options of party villas in Cartagena for you to choose to your liking.

Let's plan right now

Let’s begin to capture those good ideas that you have in mind for your bachelor party, and we will add all our 15 years of experience to organize your party, I promise you that we will be a perfect symbiosis.

Our cartagena party villas are houses approximately 200 years old that have been renovated with a fairly modern luxury but preserving that architectural romanticism of the colonial era.

We have the best options for you

We offer a variety of packages where you will have everything you need to make the party something memorable, a memory that will last a lifetime. From lodging in luxurious mansions, transportation to wherever you want and tickets to the most exclusive clubs in the city. You deserve the best attention so schedule your bachelor party in Cartagena with us, you don’t have to think about it anymore.


You will arrive at the Rafael Nuñez International Airport, where our concierge will be waiting for you. This person will serve as a local guide, translator, will take you to the most exclusive restaurants in the city, and will give you the best recommendations. so that your trip to Cartagena is everything. an adventure.

We have the best cartagena party villas

We have plenty of cozy places to receive you, and it is that getting these places in a place as touristy as Cartagena is usually difficult to find an excellent place, and it is even more difficult to find a place where you can have a party without the risk of being kicked out. With us you will enjoy beautiful houses of our property repaired especially for large groups where luxury and party atmosphere will always be present during your stay.

What would a pool party be like?

These villas in Cartagena are perfectly equipped not only to hold bachelor parties, but also to rest after a night of partying in style, with enough rooms so that they can sleep comfortably, whether they sleep alone, or accompanied, it depends on you. All our houses are equipped with swimming pools and Jacuzzis to have the most illuminated party of your life. Can you imagine your pool party with the sexiest women in bikinis? We have it for you.

Our cartagena party villas are really perfect for your bachelor party getaway, we leave nothing to chance when planning a party, and our 15 years of experience back us up. So stop thinking about it so much and schedule a video call with us so you know more about what we’re talking about. We will wait for you!

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An Incredible Bachelor Party In Cartagena

We know that you are looking for ideas for your bachelor party in cartagena, and we tell you that you are in the right place. We are the leading company in organizing parties, getaways or bachelor parties par excellence in Colombia, with more than 15 years of experience. And what is it that distinguishes us from others? The originality, VIP plans for all budgets, and luxurious parties.

There is a way to throw an epic and wild party with all your friends in beautiful Cartagena, and it’s our way. So keep reading.

Memories forever

Something that makes Cartagena de Indias incredible is its climate, we practically have summer throughout the year and that is what makes it ideal when thinking about summer vacations. And it is that the good thing about Cartagena is that the whole year is summer vacation, with sporadic outbursts of rain.

The festive atmosphere, it’s quite friendly people and emblematic places that contrast with modernity, make a bachelor party in Cartagena the best of all. Its charming history and charm are well preserved while maintaining its position as an internationally modern playground.

Varied options for bachelor parties

In terms of gastronomy, Cartagena is presented as an ideal destination to taste not only local food, but also from the whole world. From traditional Caribbean-Colombian food, with a fusion of Italian and Asian food, they delight the most demanding palate.

You can also taste street food. typical homemade food if you feel like enjoying flavors different from what you are used to at home.

As we have said in other articles, bachelor parties with us are more varied, and if you are looking for much more intense emotions, what would it be like to go on a helicopter tour through the Colombian jungle? We know adventure seekers don’t mind this idea, and it’s the smoothest activity we have for those adventurers.

But if what you are looking for is total relaxation, book with us a luxurious boat to take you to the most beautiful paradisiacal islands such as Isla del Rosario, Cholon, Isla Barú and Playa Blanca. Here you will find crystal clear waters and white sands where you can practice activities such as snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing and rowing.

Bachelor party night in Cartagena

But what about nightlife? That is something that is left over in Cartagena. The night in this city is quite vibrant, famous nightclubs where you will enter with VIP passes, and beautiful women wanting to meet you and share a nice rare. Mix in the Getsemani neighborhood with other travelers, and locals who come to this place to have a good time.

Before formalizing your marriage union, celebrate your bachelor party in Cartagena like a king alongside your closest friends.

I tell you that there is no more beautiful destination than Cartagena to celebrate the most important party of your life, and we fulfill your most intimate wishes.

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Let’s Get Tanned in Cartagena

Gathering your friends in some cartagena party villas is the best plan we can prepare for your bachelor party in this beautiful walled city of Colombia. So before saying “I do!” Let’s plan 4 crazy days full of adventure in this Caribbean paradise called Cartagena with our hands and with all the comforts and luxury. Our staff is already waiting for you to start the best party of your life.

Once you leave your country of origin, whether it is from Europe, Canada or the USA, our driver and concierge will go to the airport to wait for your arrival to give you a warm welcome and receive you with refreshing drinks in the best VIP style. We are prepared to receive large groups of people so do not worry about the size. Keep reading.

Where do we start?

In our experience as foreigners living in Colombia and with our years preparing bachelor parties, we can tell you in a broad way that Cartagena is a city that has it all, in every corner you find a story, beautiful places, vibrant nights and local people who are quite friendly with you. foreigners, that was what did not fall in love with this magical city, not to mention the women, natural, beautiful and sexy wherever you look at them.

So let’s make the best bachelor party come true in the beautiful  Cartagena party villas that we have for you. Houses that date back 200 years and that were reformed over time, but preserving the luxury and glamor of the colonial era.

For us it is important that your stay of 4 wild days be in the best VIP style. Our concierge will be in charge of keeping the house always ready, so you do not have to worry about the mess you leave, he will take care of it.

But let's know more about Cartagena

This beautiful city is recognized worldwide for its romantic history, since it was one of the epicenters where part of the independence of Colombia and 5 Latin American countries was planned. Recognized by UNESCO in the 80s as a World Heritage Site. And to this day it continues to be recognized for preserving its heritage, such as its streets, castles and colonial houses.

Other places in Cartagena that tourists and locals fall in love with are its beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands, as well as visiting remote islands on our ships, they are among the favorite activities of many of our users.

On the other hand, strolling through the old walled city, sitting down to have a beer on a terrace, is one of the activities that has enchanted many of the people who have come to this beautiful paradise called Cartagena.

Our Cartagena party villas

Like any tourist place in the world such as Benidorm in Spain or the Bahamas in the Caribbean, it is often difficult to find comfortable cheap accommodation that can accommodate many people, and this is the case of Cartagena de Indias, getting accommodation at a good price is quite complicated. Many take as an option to get it through Airbnb, but if your goal is to celebrate your bachelor party, this would be a bad decision, since these houses have a regulation that does not make them suitable for parties, and the worst of all is that they can kick them out of the house without the right to reimbursement of your money.

How are we different? Our party villas in cartagena are perfectly adapted for parties, without noise problems, without the risk of being kicked out, and best of all, they are luxurious villas so you can stay like a king with the guests you want. In this case we recommend that you start the process of organizing your itinerary to access the best villa. We have 100 properties including luxurious apartments, villas and private islands, so take a look at our houses.

All aboard!

One activity that we highly recommend is renting a boat to include in your bachelor party. We have 34 ships in our catalog, and this thanks to our partners who have opted to give your bachelor party one more experience to take home as a souvenir.

These boats have all the comforts for large groups of people, approximately 80 people accommodating our Tyler catamaran. Here we can include in our crew a DJ, a Chef and our concierge who will be aware of anything you need.

Although it is true that our Cartagena party villas will be waiting for you with all the luxury and comforts, so nothing will be missing here. Can you imagine an amazing party with alcohol, food, DJ and many girls in Bikini? We have all this for you and we are waiting for you to schedule your appointment to communicate immediately with you.

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party houses in cartagena

Best Bachelor Party Ideas 2022

Party houses in cartagena overflow with luxury and a lot of glamour, and it is one of the many things that tourists who come to this beautiful Caribbean city of Colombia look for. A bachelor party in Cartagena is so hot and vibrant that it can easily be compared to cities like Miami, and they are much better than the parties that are held in Las Vegas, and why? Cartagena is authentic, nothing is artificial, its climate, its landscapes and its women are quite authentic.

Another thing that Cartagena has and that these cities do not have is freedom, you can make noise and give free rein to your imagination and with our help it will be a lot because we assure you that you will not get into trouble.

An excellent destination for 2022

Since 2017, a documentary made by Lonely Planet cataloged Colombia as the second best destination in the world to visit, just behind Canada, in terms of bachelor parties. For example, the party houses in Cartagena are the best, we are talking about villas that date back 300 years and that are completely adapted to our times with great luxury and glamour. On the other hand, the city of Cartagena is vibrant, with a festive atmosphere throughout the year. Its biodiversity is unique and authentic, that puts it ahead of large metropolises such as New York, Las Vegas or Toronto, the hospitality of the people in Cartagena is the best.

Cartagena is a city quite mixed with the Spanish race and the African culture giving it a special unique contrast that makes you feel comfortable with them. This influence is noticeable not only in the people, but also in the gastronomy, the musical rhythms and their religious beliefs, it is something that you will see in every corner of the city.

In a few words, Cartagena is a playground for adults, where you will have a good time in every corner of the city, a memory that will stay for your whole life. Colombian women are really beautiful, and mixed with the night life they make this city a complete VIP package.


If there is one thing that is clear to us, it is that your last party as a bachelor before taking the big leap to a wonderful married life. We make sure that VIP passes to the best nightclubs are on hand and that every night you are here is completely unforgettable.

And if you want to enter one of these clubs like a true rock star, we can provide you with security guards.

Private party in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

If we can provide you with something if you want to take your party to the highest level, it is our luxurious yachts with the capacity to comfortably accommodate all your friends. Nothing more grandiose than a complete ship with its crew and music at full volume without disturbing the noise.

Whether it is a one-day charter, and touring the islands of Cartagena such as Cholon, we give you the complete package where we will not only include the crew, we also include a chef, a dj, jet ski adventures and much more. but a lot of alcohol, all for sure. We promise that you will return home as new and with many unforgettable experiences.

We and our partners from Bachelor Parties Colombia offer you not only the party houses in Cartagena, we offer a great experience in everything, from the arrival at the airport where we will receive you in a luxurious car, to activities such as throwing yourself in paracity, what do you think? The best and we know it.

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cartagena bachelor party

Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Ideas

Cartagena is one of the best destinations in the world where brides and grooms can celebrate freely before giving the “Yes I do!” Beautiful landscapes, a Caribbean atmosphere and climate all year round like the summer holidays, a quite vibrant nightlife and many activities to do during the day or at night.

If you are looking to have a crazy night with your friends, Cartagena has everything to offer you the best service since it is a fairly friendly city with foreigners.

If you are ready for your bachelor party in Cartagena, or your bachelorette party, here we will talk about the best activities to have a great time.

Our party houses

Cartagena, being together with Medellin as the most touristic cities in Colombia, has many hotels and large 5-star franchises such as the Hilton hotels and the Decameron hotels, but obviously in these places there are many restrictions that do not coincide with the celebration of a bachelor party in Cartagena.

We on our own have a better, more discreet and private alternative, and the most important thing is that you will not have to give up luxury compared to a 5-star hotel. We have exquisite luxurious villas dating back to the 19th century with private pools for parties, Jacuzzis, BBQ areas, and fully comfortable rooms. As I told you, in our houses you will also have your 5-star service.

For your Cartagena bachelor party you will have a VIP concierge who will be attentive to everything you need, and will show you the best places, a private Chef who will keep the plates full of delicious national and international delicacies, a staff that will keep the place so that everything is perfect, and if you wish, you will have a bodyguard at your disposal.

Private islands

We are talking about a whim that goes far beyond conventional parameters, beyond luxury hotels. The option of renting a private island with us is possible and for a very reasonable price if it is a bachelor party.

Here you and your group will have totally solitary beaches where you will enjoy your bachelorette party or bachelorette party in a much more intimate way and in total contact with nature. These islands are located approximately one hour from the city of Cartagena, with its white sands, crystal waters and beautiful sunsets.

Undoubtedly this is the best option of all, during your stay the site is only for you and you will feel that nothing else matters, here you will not worry about the noise, about the outdoor parties, and apart from everything you can practice Kayak or dive, really what you want.

Cartagena Boat Rental

This is one of the favorite activities for our clients, and if it is about enjoying, a way to complete the tour of every corner of Cartagena, renting a yacht or a catamaran is undoubtedly one of the best activities you are going to do. So go surfing!

Cartagena is a city full of contrasts and quite complete in terms of natural environments. Sailing through paradisiacal islands such as Isla del Rosario, Cholon, or Playa Blanca is an activity that you cannot miss.

With us you don’t have to think about preparing the food, serving the drinks or putting on the music, since this service comes with our most special packages so you don’t have to do anything else, just celebrate.

Let's go partying

Drink and enjoy life at your Cartagena bachelor party! or your bachelorette party. The nightlife of Cartagena de Indias is famous, and the nightclubs are quite interesting and nationally recognized. Here you will have delicious craft cocktails, beers, and enjoy even more beautiful people.

Cartagena has nightclubs for all tastes, from current music, to Rock and Pop classics. The Havana club, for example, is one of the most recognized personalities such as Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Leonardo Di Caprio, among others, have come here. .

On the other hand, with us you will have no problem making a reservation and entering these places, since our VIP concierge has special passes so that you do not have to stand in line but go directly like a rock star.

In your Cartagena bachelor party you will have each of the experiences that this beautiful city offers, from walks through the walled city, to tours of nationally recognized restaurants.

So everything ready for your bachelor party, or your bachelorette party in Cartagena, it’s time to schedule a call right now and in moments we will not be communicating with you to give you more information, itineraries and better dates. We wait for you!

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planning a bachelor party in cartagena

Another Hot Destination

Are you already planning a bachelor party in cartagena? If you are here right now it is because you are looking for new ideas and new destinations to celebrate your bachelor party as it should be. Don’t be like everyone else who goes to Las Vegas to finish their single days, this is the destination that everyone chooses, but for us it is an artificial destination with nothing more to offer.

Although it is true that Las Vegas is an eccentric city full of luxury, it is still a cliché, and we say it because it has been offering the same thing for 70 years; Casinos, incandescent lights and night clubs. We at your bachelor party offer you that, but we add beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, paradisiacal islands, yacht tours, true luxury colonial houses, and truly beautiful women.

The bachelor party experience in Cartagena will surprise you enormously, so stay until the end of this article to show you what we have for you.

Cartagena and Cholon Island

As you are already planning a bachelor party in Cartagena, it is important for us that you know the most important destinations that this beautiful city of Colombia has, and that is why I want to talk to you about Cholon.

This island is one of the most popular places in Cartagena, this is an excellent option to take a ride on one of our private yachts.

Generally Cholon is a meeting point for boats and yachts that come to join in the celebration. In front of the small beach area there is a double line of huts in the water with palm roofs, making it a perfect place to have fun and meet girls from other yachts.

A bachelor party planning guide

A step-by-step guide of what you should take into account before you start planning a bachelor party in Cartagena in an exceptional way and without leaving anything out.

This fairly organized itinerary will guide you where to start, so it is important to complete all the steps without skipping any, after this you will be ready to arrive in Cartagena in style.

The best houses

A place to stay is the most important part of the itinerary, but not every accommodation is suitable for parties. If you rent a house with Airbnb, the regulations are quite strict since most of these houses do not allow parties or guests, so if you rent a house from these, you run the risk of being kicked out and without a refund.

Therefore, your getaway to Cartagena must be with us, since we have houses that are not only adapted for rest, but also equipped with gadgets to make a perfect party with the guests you want.

Boat rentals

We have the best yachts, catamarans and speedboats to hit the waves of Cartagena as it should be. Our crew will serve you like kings and will give you a tour of the most important places, among which are Isla de Cholo and Isla del Rosario, among others.

Have the most epic party of your life aboard an all-inclusive luxury ship on this weekend that will be unforgettable for you.

Ideas and things to do

As you are already planning a bachelor party in Cartagena, it is important that you know well in advance what you can do in this city, thus preparing your budget with your friends.

We have activities to do in the day as they are; parachute, ATV tours, or conventional motorcycle, walks through historic places, among others. And at night, we have VIP passes to the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs, where you will meet the most beautiful women in Cartagena.

Bachelor parties in Cartagena have already become a religion for those who are about to get married, as this Colombian destination has boomed in recent years, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Many singles say that this is the smartest option to choose compared to Las Vegas, Nevada, and this thanks to the authenticity of Cartagena, nothing is artificial, everything is real, it is waiting for you.

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cartagena party villas

Villas For Stag Parties

Our cartagena party villas will enchant you, these colonial houses mostly date from the 17th century and belonged to rich Spanish landowners. Today these villas continue to preserve that eclectic colonial style but adapted to modern times, with enormous luxury.

These beautiful villas are perfectly adapted to accommodate up to 50 people comfortably, depending on the number of people traveling with you, but believe me they will be perfectly comfortable, even for receiving visitors, maybe some girls to celebrate with you.

In this article I will tell you a little about it and I will be showing you the most beautiful houses we have.

Azzurra House

Cartagena party villas introduce you Azzurra Centro Histórico is a 4-story colonial house in the heart of the San Diego neighborhood. Our houses are rented “FULL HOUSE”. Historic Center has a maximum capacity of 11 people, breakfast is included in the price per night, 1 chef and 2 housekeepers who will be in charge of the house services and available to cook lunches, dinners or others (ingredients must be provided by guests).

Casa del Cid

Beautiful house in the old town, excellent for all kinds of parties and meetings, especially for bachelor parties with large groups. Its colonial style of this villa makes everyone who wants to stay in it fall in love, so it is a house that we highly recommend. Here 16 guests can be perfectly accommodated as it has 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and an impressive swimming pool.

Casa del Sultan

This newly renovated 7,000 foot mansion is fully equipped and puts you in the middle of the Old City and all the delicious restaurants the city has to offer. The house comes with a full time butler, cook and security. You’ll love the private pool, rooftop hot tub, and air-conditioned living room!

La Zarzuela

In addition to the perfect location in front of the famous Mall, La Serrezuela. During the stay, guests will have staff at their disposal, a service employee who will make their breakfasts and a handyman to help with whatever they require during their vacations.

Villa Town

House in front of the beach and next to five star Hotel las Americas. It has 4 bedrooms with air conditioner in each. 3 terraces and one parking space. We have a heated jacuzzi to relax, enjoy the sun in the jacuzzi while drinking a piña colada 🍹 The kitchen is fully stocked and has a coffee maker, gas stove, oven and microwave. 24/7 Butler Is also included, Daily maid service is included as well. Cook is included (just pay for the groceries). Ps. DJ System is for rent.

In our Cartagena party villas you will feel like a 17th century landowner, these houses are available at excellent prices and adapted to make all the noise you want. Schedule with us right now and we’ll show you a little more than what we’ve shown you here.

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