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Do you know what your cartagena bachelor party will be like? Let me tell you, Cartagena is the most dreamed of party tourist destination for foreigners who come to Colombia, convince your friends to come to this impressive adventure full of alcohol, nightclubs, and horny women wanting to meet someone like You to say goodbye to his single life, that and more is Cartagena de Indias. And so it will be, a team of girls will accompany you wherever you need them to light up the party.

Your bachelor party in Cartagena will be extraordinary, so tell us what else you want us to do for you, we will make your wishes come true. you will return home with good memories.

What are we going to include in your bachelor party?

With us, your bachelor party will start from the moment you pick up the phone to communicate with us, since we will give you all the steps to follow so that you can start all the preparations, so that you do not waste time, and so that you can access the best prices.

Once arriving in the city of Cartagena, a beautiful car will wait for you outside with a few girls and many drinks to officially start the most epic party. After this, our VIP package will start to work magic and it is there where you will meet the luxurious villa where you will stay with your friends, here we will include a chef who will be waiting for you with delicious food, a Dj will play your favorite music, and our faithful concierge will be attentive to get you everything you ask for. Obviously our VIP package goes further, with impressive activities for you to do during the day, as well as at night.

What more benefits will you have?

For a cartagena bachelor party with all the luxuries, a tailored service is what you will want from us. A great vacation to recharge yourself with good energy.

If you don’t speak Spanish we will help you with our concierge who is not only bilingual and will help you with the language, but will also show you the magical places of Cartagena. This person will book in the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Cartagena, and will get the girls that you will like the most, but do not forget something, remember that you must get married so do not fall in love.

The best bachelor party planners

This moment is undoubtedly fundamental in your life before getting married, a bachelor party must be planned without losing sight of every detail. So we have designed every detail in each of our packages for you to join the elite of Cartagena parties.

Come to our villa to have fun with the most beautiful cheerleaders in Cartagena, obviously they are not one of those typical blonde cheerleaders that you are used to, we are talking about hot women with brown skin and an authentic smile that you fall in love with. Secure your pass to the party elite in Cartagena with us and you will have these girls for yourself.

These girls will be able to accompany you on a yacht tour throughout the Caribbean Sea and will take a tour of the best islands, some of these islands are lonely, perfect for going crazy.

True luxury villas

If something is left over in Cartagena, they are luxury villas, true colonial houses that date back 200 years and have been renovated to modernize them, but preserving the magic of the colonial era. The best news of all is that these houses are owned by us, so if it is for a celebration, these houses are adapted for you to celebrate like never before in your life.

Luxurious yachts to celebrate

Coming to Cartagena and not getting on an impressive yacht is not having come to Cartagena. So come and enjoy a wonderful sunny day to get a little tan and a couple of girls to spread oil on your body, how about that my friend? A true and exciting experience.

Choose a luxury yacht, a fast boat or a perfect catamaran. We will provide everything, from the towels for you to dry off, the alcohol and the music, to some jet skis to have fun like never before.

Join the elite cartagena bachelor party right now, we know that you like exclusivity and comfort, and we will provide you with everything you want to add to the VIP packages, from a special meal, to closing a nightclub alone. for you. Let’s celebrate right now.

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The Elite of Cartagena
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The Elite of Cartagena
Do you know what your cartagena bachelor party will be like? Let me tell you, Cartagena is the most dreamed of party tourist destination for foreigners who come to Colombia
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Cartagena bachelor party
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