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For bachelor parties in cartagena we are without a doubt the best in the industry. We have been hosting and organizing the best party in the life of a single person for 15 years,

We care a lot about luxury, adventure, lust and all the fantasies that the group can come up with. So stay until the end of the article and fall in love with Cartagena.

Why are bachelor parties in Cartagena good?

200 years ago Cartagena was the cradle of wealth in Colombia, this city founded by the Spanish in colonial times was the commercial epicenter of South America, and Spanish aristocrats took land, built beautiful villas that to this day are maintain (Some of these Villas are owned by us).

With its cobblestone streets full of history, Cartagena is quite friendly and any foreigner who comes falls in love with the color of this beautiful city. The structure of the old city remains the same since the times of the Spanish, in fact in the great wall you can see the cannons that protected this city.

But is it all history?

Although the story is quite romantic and interesting, but enough of nonsense, let’s get to what really interests us. Cartagena manages a powerful tourist industry at the national level, since the most important hotel chains worldwide such as Hilton, Marriott among others are based in this place, in addition to that, the most luxurious and impressive mansions in all of Colombia.

We do not want you to come and stay in a very expensive hotel that will only give you the right to rest and a breakfast in the morning, we offer the entire accommodation for you and your friends, where you will not only have the right to eat what you want, but You will have the right to 100% of the property and you can make the noise you want.

But the most important thing about Cartagena is not only its stories, cobbled streets and our wonderful mansions, Cartagena is the paradise of the most beautiful women in the country. On the other hand, there are plenty of nightclubs, strip clubs and girls who just want to hang out.

And the best of all is that Cartagena has the Caribbean Sea as a spectator in the front row, crystal clear waters, white sands and yachts of our property so that you can take bachelor parties in Cartagena on the high seas.

How expensive can Cartagena be?

At the level of South America, Cartagena is somewhat expensive, for tourists within Colombia or people from the region such as Brazil, Peru or Argentina it is really expensive, but if we compare the prices in Colombian pesos together with the dollar or the euro, Cartagena is cheap, in fact it is 10 times cheaper than Las Vegas, but 10 times more luxurious and full of adventure. So don’t worry about the prices, you don’t have to save too much to come here to celebrate.

In recent years, Colombia has become a tourist destination par excellence, leaving behind those stories about drug trafficking and terrorism for which it became famous worldwide. But now, the fact of celebrating bachelor parties in cartagena, many singles made the decision to come here for their big celebration, in fact many canceled their party in Las Vegas and saved a lot of money by coming to Cartagena with us.

You’re ready? We have the perfect itinerary for every taste. We will wait for you!

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For bachelor parties in Cartagena we are without a doubt the best in the industry. We have been hosting and organizing the best party in the life of a single person for 15 years
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