The nightlife of Cartagena de Indias is not as great as that of Bogotá or Medellín. Still they are not far away. Cartagena is smaller than these two cities but its enormous tourist attraction contributes to the fact that there are a good number of places to go out on the rumba. Along with the night of Bogotá and Medellín, the night of Cartagena de Indias is the best of Colombia.

The good thing about going out for drinks in this city is its atmosphere, the security at night, and how easy it is to feel comfortable and have fun going out. It is a city very focused on tourists where the visitor is very well received by the locals.

How is the nightlife in Cartagena de Indias

In a typically Colombian nightclub it is advisable to reserve a table, and if you go out in a large group, the better. The European concept of a typical bar or nightclub with a bar and dance floor is also present and is becoming increasingly popular.

The great advantage of going out to rumba in Cartagena de Indias is that there are many places adapted to the western style in addition to the purely Colombian one. On the other hand, the coastal character is very cheerful and outgoing so it is very easy to socialize wherever you go.

The party schedules are quite similar to the Spanish. He leaves late. The typical thing is to go out to dinner, then have a few drinks in a terrace or bar, and later to a more lively place to dance. In discos you will rarely see the atmosphere before 11 at night, and they are usually open until 4 in the morning.

The strong days are the weekend and to a lesser extent on Thursday. The rest of the days the gait level drops considerably. The streets of the city are always packed and both terraces, restaurants and bars are lively. However, to continue the party until late during the week things get a bit complicated.

How is the nightlife in Cartagena de Indias

The places to go out in the Walled City are scattered throughout the area, while in Getsemaní they are concentrated in Calle del Arsenal. On this street that overlooks the dock there are a good number of gambling dens next to each other, including Mr. Babilla, one of the ones I like the most.

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