medellin vs cartagena bachelor party

How about we do a Medellin Vs Cartagena bachelor party competition? It would be quite fair for our users if you know the pros and cons of each city, and it is that each city has a unique charm, and this will depend on your tastes, Medellin is a city in the middle of the mountains with a fairly cool climate, for On the other hand, Cartagena is always summer throughout the year.

These two destinations in Colombia have become over 15 years as preferred destinations for many people from North America, Europe and Asia. Many have come here and have ended up staying, because these cities are very charming.

Cartagena de Indias

medellin vs cartagena bachelor party

Let’s start with the Medellin Vs Cartagena competition for bachelor party. Cartagena is known as the first city founded in Colombia, and to this day it continues to retain that eclectic style of 200 years ago, with its colorful buildings and cobblestone streets, and which makes a beautiful contrast with modernity and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. .

Many people come every year to enjoy this beautiful city. The walled city is a perfect place for long walks at sunset and taking photos. On the other hand, its nightlife is quite vibrant, full of quite famous nightclubs, and quite friendly cinnamon-skinned women.

Other options you have in Cartagena is to rent one of our Yachts and go partying in the Caribbean Sea, to make your bachelor party the most unforgettable.

Medellin, the city of Eternal Spring

medellin vs cartagena bachelor party

Medellin is the capital of Antioquia, after Bogot√° the capital of Colombia, Medellin is the most important in Colombia and the main economic source of the country.

This city does not have beaches, it has artificial reservoirs such as Guatape, 90 minutes from Medellin.

One of the most vibrant things about Medellin is its nightlife, and its nightclubs that are more than in Cartagena are quite well known nationally. And its women, in my opinion, are the most beautiful in the country, kind, sexy and voluptuous women.

It seems to us that a bachelor party competition is quite fair for you to choose from, and if I am sure of one thing, it is that you will love both cities for your bachelor party.

Our VIP packages have the option of moving around both cities and enjoying the magic that each of them houses. For our part, we do not have a favorite city, each of them has things that we like.

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How about we do a Medellin Vs Cartagena bachelor party competition? It would be quite fair for our users if you know the pros and cons of each city
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