Bachelor Parties In Cartagena Colombia

A Bachelor Party in Cartagena, the excitement and adventure kickstarts right at the time of your arrival to Colombia and continues until the last possible minute before your return trip.

Each event is perfectly planned for the greatest enjoyment in a short period of time.

Our experience planning Bachelor Parties in Cartagena of all sizes is second to none.

If this is the first time you plan a bachelor party, the Cartagena Bachelor Party Experience can provide the ultimate experience for this type of event.

We also highly recommend you to visit Medellín City to experience our amazing Bachelor Party Experience in Medellín as well.

Our clients often comment on how memorable their bachelor parties were in Cartagena and Medellín. None of them left without a smile uppon their faces… Well, except for that guy that left crying because he had to take that flight back. Get in touch with us today to give you a VIP treatment in your Bachelor Party Experience in Cartagena Colombia.

We’re going to plan an epic bachelor party for you.

We will take care of everything for you and your group with services and experiences that would otherwise not be available to you.

The bachelor party in Cartagena is different. We specialize in weekend getaways, and bachelor parties designed to catch the senses.

Your arrival in Colombia will be received by our staff of Bachelor Party Colombia. You will be taken by private transport to a Luxury Hotel or Apartment Suite, where after unpacking and refreshing you can chill out in the lobby.

While you wait, you can try making the first contact with the girls around, until the time comes for the first leave in the afternoon.

Scheduled events include private parties, bars, nightclubs and other hot spots of the night, massage and spa saloons, live shows, pool parties with friends, barbecues and gourmet cuisine by a private chef, a DJ just for you and much more.

We can offer you from luxurious suites in a hotel, exclusive houses, and penthouses, a mansion, a perfect country house, or whatever you wish for your group in Cartagena Colombia.

Finding a house that allows these types of parties and events by yourself is not an easy task. Let us deliver the best of the best with total efficiency and overall safely!

We can make reservations in VIP rooms in Cartagena Colombia and we will prioritize your access to the best clubs every night in the walled city of Cartagena, no queues or waits.

Needless to say, if you are a tourist from another country you will get very good attention wherever you go. We can also take care of your drinks services for you and your group in these clubs.

You will experience the very best of Cartagena’s nightlife.

Private entertainment is guaranteed, coordinated with the itinerary and duration of your trip, taking care of your safety and enjoyment, with guides available for you at all times.

The private adventure tours for you and your group will make you enjoy exclusive fun only seen in eccentric music videos. Picture something amazing, because you’ll have everything for this luxury vacation.

Our bachelor party services will make you and your group squeeze extra time to continue the ride.

Bear in mind that any and all of your special requests will be attended by our 5 Star Team in making the best Bachelor Parties experiences in Cartagena.

With Bachelor Party Cartagena, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

By the way, we will not require you to be an actual groom, who is about to mess u-… Sorry, I meant to say ‘about to get married’. You can be a single, free soul, and have the exact same bachelor party experience, with no equal in Colombia. Here you will be the lucky bachelor and no one needs to know otherwise.

Our Bachelor Party Experience includes it all. Everything you can eat and drink, all the women you can enjoy/handle. We have planned every inch to the smallest detail. From fine Cuban cigars, premium liquor, limousines, games to break the ice, erotic shows and much, much more… It will all be part of your experience.

Our staff will be with you or around you all day. Whenever you need them, they will be there. From the moment you arrive in Colombia, to the sad moment when you have to leave this wonderful country.

The women are handpicked and invited personally, they are our friends and their friends. For your safety and security each woman in attendance has been screened – we have on file their identification and personal profile.

Private accommodation!

You will stay in luxury accommodation, apartments, penthouses, mansions, farms, (depending on the location of the event), where you will have everything you need, comfort and privacy is our priority for your bachelor party in Cartagena Colombia.

When we say everything included, we mean it.

You can literally arrive in Colombia after having chosen your all-inclusive package, and there will be no additional fees. The only way to spend additional money would be so if you wanted to buy gifts or walk around on your own. For the rest of it, you will not need money anymore!

All bachelor party packages in Cartagena Colombia, include premium private accommodations, drinks, food, entertainment,
night parties, daily visits to local spas and entertainment centers,
Private transportation by land (and air tickets within the country for multi-city events) an exclusive concierge that will guide activities such as
guided tours to nightclubs, bars, casinos, private pool parties, DJ with a full audio system, private chef, entertainment, a cell phone to keep in touch with the company, family, and friends.

Concierge services. What do you need? Tell us that, and he will be there to help.

Time on your own, with or without a guide, if you wish.


Many may wonder, why Colombia? After all, the name is still largely synonymous with drug trafficking for many Americans who watched Hollywood movies in the 90s. In recent years, truth is, international press have celebrated the return of Colombia to peace.

Cartagena Colombia is today a safer city to travel than many other cities in the world. Do not hesitate, have your bachelor parties in Cartagena Colombia!

With 45 million people, 75 percent of whom live in the five major cities, Colombia is almost twice the size of Texas. It contains three mountain ranges, peaks overcoming 16,000 feet, some of the most diverse bio habitats in the world, and entire regions of the untapped Amazon rainforest.

In addition, Colombians love to party. And better yet, they like to meet men from other countries. Unlike other destinations where you will be a local, in Colombia you will be a tourist so you will call more attention, do not hesitate, Bachelor Party Colombia is the best destination for that last trip you will be doing as a free guy.

Call us or Whatsapp us now to plan it, so we can offer you the Best Accommodations, Women, VIP, Yachts, Everything!

+573004678389 or +13052804185

Learn more about our services, plans, and packages for your bachelor party in Colombia, by visiting our main website below.

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