Gathering your friends in some cartagena party villas is the best plan we can prepare for your bachelor party in this beautiful walled city of Colombia. So before saying “I do!” Let’s plan 4 crazy days full of adventure in this Caribbean paradise called Cartagena with our hands and with all the comforts and luxury. Our staff is already waiting for you to start the best party of your life.

Once you leave your country of origin, whether it is from Europe, Canada or the USA, our driver and concierge will go to the airport to wait for your arrival to give you a warm welcome and receive you with refreshing drinks in the best VIP style. We are prepared to receive large groups of people so do not worry about the size. Keep reading.

Where do we start?

In our experience as foreigners living in Colombia and with our years preparing bachelor parties, we can tell you in a broad way that Cartagena is a city that has it all, in every corner you find a story, beautiful places, vibrant nights and local people who are quite friendly with you. foreigners, that was what did not fall in love with this magical city, not to mention the women, natural, beautiful and sexy wherever you look at them.

So let’s make the best bachelor party come true in the beautiful¬† Cartagena party villas that we have for you. Houses that date back 200 years and that were reformed over time, but preserving the luxury and glamor of the colonial era.

For us it is important that your stay of 4 wild days be in the best VIP style. Our concierge will be in charge of keeping the house always ready, so you do not have to worry about the mess you leave, he will take care of it.

But let's know more about Cartagena

This beautiful city is recognized worldwide for its romantic history, since it was one of the epicenters where part of the independence of Colombia and 5 Latin American countries was planned. Recognized by UNESCO in the 80s as a World Heritage Site. And to this day it continues to be recognized for preserving its heritage, such as its streets, castles and colonial houses.

Other places in Cartagena that tourists and locals fall in love with are its beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands, as well as visiting remote islands on our ships, they are among the favorite activities of many of our users.

On the other hand, strolling through the old walled city, sitting down to have a beer on a terrace, is one of the activities that has enchanted many of the people who have come to this beautiful paradise called Cartagena.

Our Cartagena party villas

Like any tourist place in the world such as Benidorm in Spain or the Bahamas in the Caribbean, it is often difficult to find comfortable cheap accommodation that can accommodate many people, and this is the case of Cartagena de Indias, getting accommodation at a good price is quite complicated. Many take as an option to get it through Airbnb, but if your goal is to celebrate your bachelor party, this would be a bad decision, since these houses have a regulation that does not make them suitable for parties, and the worst of all is that they can kick them out of the house without the right to reimbursement of your money.

How are we different? Our party villas in cartagena are perfectly adapted for parties, without noise problems, without the risk of being kicked out, and best of all, they are luxurious villas so you can stay like a king with the guests you want. In this case we recommend that you start the process of organizing your itinerary to access the best villa. We have 100 properties including luxurious apartments, villas and private islands, so take a look at our houses.

All aboard!

One activity that we highly recommend is renting a boat to include in your bachelor party. We have 34 ships in our catalog, and this thanks to our partners who have opted to give your bachelor party one more experience to take home as a souvenir.

These boats have all the comforts for large groups of people, approximately 80 people accommodating our Tyler catamaran. Here we can include in our crew a DJ, a Chef and our concierge who will be aware of anything you need.

Although it is true that our Cartagena party villas will be waiting for you with all the luxury and comforts, so nothing will be missing here. Can you imagine an amazing party with alcohol, food, DJ and many girls in Bikini? We have all this for you and we are waiting for you to schedule your appointment to communicate immediately with you.

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Gathering your friends in some Cartagena party villas is the best plan we can prepare for your bachelor party in this beautiful walled city of Colombia.
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