Cartagena is the paradise for bachelor parties, and without a doubt the Coronavirus changed everyone’s lives a lot, but this has already ended in Colombia! As you are reading it, the management of the mayors and their policies have helped this pandemic to decrease in the old walled city by drastically lowering the contagion and giving a break to the singles who want to come to celebrate their bachelor party.

COVID-19 continues to hover in Cartagena in a less lethal way as a few months ago and that is that this Sunday, September 26, the city added 49 new infections, levels much lower than what this virus already had us used to.

The Ministry of Health did not report people who died from the virus today, which is positive for both locals and foreigners. However, we cannot stop taking care of ourselves and follow all biosecurity indications.

With these data, the city reached 122,719 infected since the beginning of the pandemic. Of these, 120,088 recovered, 2,109 died and 522 are active.

So you can celebrate your bachelor party in Cartagena?

If you have already planned a bachelor party and want to come to Cartagena, you can do it without problems with us, since we have all the care to start the party without risk of contagion. Dare to have your bachelor party before saying yes!

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Cartagena and the Coronavirus | Bachelor Party
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Cartagena and the Coronavirus | Bachelor Party
Without a doubt, the coronavirus has affected the whole world and changed our lives, in this article we will talk about Cartagena and how it is going with the Pandemic.
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Cartagena Bachelor Party
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