Cartagena bachelor party 2023 awaits you …… The news that the groom has delivered the engagement ring and is soon to get married will make the closest friends already want to plan the bachelor party. While he and his partner attend to decoration issues, such as which wedding centerpieces go best with the style of the link, what flowers will they bring in the ceremonial aisle and if they will match the bridal bouquet and boutonniere, his family and companions of school, work or childhood can organize a day or weekend that is unforgettable for the future husband. These ideas are some very original alternatives.

All men are different, but surely the vast majority like to go on a trip with their lifelong friends, brothers, uncles and cousins. If you are an adventurous fiancé, spending a weekend in Cartagena Colombia, with outdoor activities and luxury homes will be the best. Those who want to combine rest and party will prefer an all-inclusive package on the most beautiful beaches of Cartagena.

On the other hand, the calmer ones will opt more for a bohemian night to the rhythm of guitars and good food in the old walled city. Any of the options will make them forget the wedding candy table for a moment and the talk turns into anecdotes, memories and experiences of how they are carrying this stage.

You will be amazed at the most popular restaurants where you can expect charcoal roast beef or soy burgers if you are vegan. By the way, will there be a pool? Make a playlist with the favorite music of the next newlywed and prepare the sauces of your choice. Drink cannot be absent! Be it beers, tequila or your favorite wine. If they are encouraged, organize games, challenges and competitions. It will be hours of fun!

In more than one conversation, did the boyfriend express his desire to jump from a parachute or fly paragliding? Or maybe drive a race car? It is time for him to fulfill it together with you! It will be an experience that he will keep forever in the memory of him and his friends as well. Look for group packages, in addition to being cheaper, you can organize something special for the fiancé and enrich the moment. Include a photoshoot and buy what you need to make the most of it.

For your Cartagena bachelor party, you may not have time to make more than one plan, but one will be enough to express the appreciation between you, since men tend to express their thoughts of love in different ways. Just as there are times to go shopping for the wedding dress or suit, ideally the bachelor party should be two or three weeks before the wedding. Do you have time to plan it?

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Best Bachelor Party Cartagena 2023
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Best Bachelor Party Cartagena 2023
Cartagena is an authentic paradise, a luxurious paradise and our houses for rent for bachelor parties even better, I invite you to read this article and you will see the most incredible houses.
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