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We have the best party houses in cartagena, and for a perfect bachelor party, a temple to celebrate in a big way is of vital importance. We know that the hotel rooms in Las Vegas are quite well equipped, the hotels in this city are truly world famous. But these houses that we will present to you below have a more special touch than a hotel room in Las Vegas, most of these houses date back to the 18th century, and continue to preserve that colonial touch mixed with the modern era that we are living in.

Then stay until the end and get to know these party houses in Cartagena.

How are our houses?

These incredible temples are capable of hosting up to a maximum of 50 people comfortably without any problem, with luxurious rooms with comfortable beds. Depending on the type of event you need, they are usually bachelor parties, in these houses you will find ample spaces to celebrate, with Jacuzzi and swimming pool for large groups, beautiful well-lit gardens to take advantage of any corner, common areas such as living room, balconies and places to take a nap.

In addition to that, it includes sound so that the DJ plays all the favorite playlist of the groom and his friends, a place to prepare barbecues by the hand of our professional Chef, and perfect disco lights to turn on at night and dance with the girls.

Do you think you need more?

Our attention is totally VIP, to treat you like a true Rock star. Once you arrive in Cartagena, a luxury van will be waiting for you at the airport exit to start what will be the best bachelor party of your life. This VIP package not only includes the driver to pick you up at the airport, but also to take you to any point in the city, to the best and most exclusive points in the city.

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Bachelor Party Temple
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Bachelor Party Temple
We have the best party houses in Cartagena, and for a perfect bachelor party, a temple to celebrate in a big way is of vital importance.
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