A Bachelor Party in Las Vegas, Panama and or Costa Rica is really played out that’s is what all of my clients say after booking with us. You won’t find the quality, quantity and experience anywhere else than in Colombia for a bachelor party. Seriously a bachelor party in Las Vegas, Panama and or Costa Rica is child play when it comes to a Bachelor Party in Cartagena, Colombia.

Our goods are so serious that the President’s team couldn’t resist. What is a bachelor party? It’s not just going to a shady strip club with drinks. In Cartagena it’s all about being in the best surroundings a majestically four hundred year old city with luxury houses perfectly suited for your bachelor party needs. Our properties in Cartagena are bachelor party friendly.

What does a bachelor party in Cartagena usually consist of? Well, I will tell you as much as I can here on the internet. You arrive and we pick you up, you don’t have to look for anyone we are waiting for you in the Cartagena Airport. Our Bachelor Party friendly properties in Cartagena are no more than fifteen minutes form the Cartagena airport.

Some guys opt for the special Bikini and champagne pick up which really need no explanation. If not that can be waiting for you when you arrive to your amazing private bachelor party friendly villa in Cartagena’s premier old city ciudad amurallada. If you are hungry our premier chefs can prepare any type of meal for you and the crew. Catering your bachelor party in Cartagena is not a problem. If not the restaurants in Cartagena are as good as or better than New York. Cartagena has many restaurants the Ceviche in Cartagena is the best in the world hands down! If you are a meat lover, the beef in Colombia is all natural no antibiotics, no hormones because they penalize farmers for using those chemicals so the taste is amazing. I can go on and on about the food in Cartagena, whether you’re coming down for a bachelor party or stag party in Cartagena you will be satisfied on all counts.

Other than food….. The highlights of the bachelor party in Cartagena are the Yacht Parties, House Parties and Clubs. Yacht Parties are on Cartagena’s best; the top option is a eighty person wild cat catamaran its my favorite because there is enough room for everybody to lay down and get some sun at the same time, enough room for a dj and full equipment, three bedrooms for when you and your new friends need to spend some special time togetherJ. We have the best Catamaran for bachelor parties in cartagena! Then there are high powered yachts like the Azimut 75 footer which fits up to 35 people. This has two rooms, dining area and is really fast , James bond style!



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