and has been in operation for eight years now infact we are the first operator here in Colombia. We have been featured on television in America and Europe.

When I first saw elite cartagena as you can see here as confirmed the internetwaybackmachine snapshot in 2013, when the site when up they were not even advertising cartagena in 2014 they changed their text to actually focus on Cartagena.

My business has been in existance for eight years and running! 100s of satisfied customers 90% say it was the best bachelor party they have ever had, some come back after they get married to the girls that I introduce.

Over the past six months I have recieved emails and calls from and pretending to be customers asking me to make them packages and then realizing it was them!! EliteCartagena deliverately stole my content, my emails, my packages and then post slander on the internet about me!

We are a legal US and Colombian company    please call if you have any questions 305 280 4185 or in colombia +57 3004678389 or +57 4 266 6838 thats right we have a colombian land line because we live here!!!!!!!!!!!

FACT    Elite Cartagena offered hunted down my designer, OFFERED HIM 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT to build them a webpage

FACT    Elite Cartagena offered to pay my designer to hack and take down my website

FACT   none of the two staff members of Elite Cartagena live in Cartagena, they live in New York. All they do is call different existing businesses and put the puzzle together

FACT we offer our own accomodations, yachts, girls and more!

FACT we have recieved customers from Elite cartagena

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